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Money Management

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Money Management
The money section contains in-depth articles that will be of immense help and guidance to women seeking information on money matters. Find out how to earn and save money. Learn to manage your money effectively.

It is essential for the woman of today to be well equipped to manage her money wisely. This informative section on money will serve as a guide to all women seeking advice on making their money work for them. Astute money management calls for understanding money market funds and other options for saving money. We will bring you information on various savings schemes that are available today. Don't go by the myth that women always need financial management advice and are more likely to splurge on shoes and jewelry than put away something for a rainy day.

Our articles will bring you tips on the money market. If you are seeking information on the money exchange rate and money transfer, you can find it here. It is noticed that many a time women delegate their financial planning and financial security to the spouse. It is important for women to get comfortable talking about money.

Do not hesitate to ask questions when you are seeking more information from your financial advisor or friends. Assess your financial needs as the years go by. Build an emergency fund. This becomes even more imperative in todays times where you can lose your job or source of income due to economic trends. Find out how comfortable you are at taking calculated risks. Not all investing is mired in risk. Every year you lose purchasing power due to rising inflation. To hedge yourself against it, you need to invest wisely weighing risk and return potential.

Looking for different ways of making money online? We bring you the various options available. There are myriad opportunities to make money from home, working from home being one of them. Making money on the Internet is possible but it is not without its inherent problems. You need to beware of con schemes and frauds that enroll people under false claims.

Women and money statistics

Nearly 60% women worry that they might not have money to last them through retirement years. Women have a life expectancy slightly higher than men. According to recent statistics from the Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 50% of all women 75 years and older are living alone. Prepare yourself for it!

Women are more likely to be single parents and nearly 15% women spend their working years caring for elderly parents and children. In the middle years of 45- 75, nearly 80% women are likely to experience situations like job loss, serious illness, death of spouse or divorce.

Go through our in-depth information on money and cash management. Find out ways in which to earn money, save money and even win money. Money is associated with power, control and independence. Take stock of what it means to you. Saving is different from Investing. Work out your individualized comprehensive financial plan to take care of your financial needs at different stages of life. Putting aside about a quarter of your annual salary is a prudent estimate. Build a diversified portfolio.

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