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Prepaid Travel Money Card

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Worry not about spending and worry not about the safety of your money while you travel, your prepaid travel card will do this for you. Prepaid travel money card is the current trend amongst travelers. Slump in the economy is taking a toll on the spending capacity of the traveler and not many people would want to increase their debts under these circumstances.

Prepaid cards are cards similar to debit cards in that you can only spend the money that is already loaded in your card. These cards are not linked to any bank account. These cards will not run you into debts as you can spend only within the limit and there is no overdraft or credit facility available.

Prepaid travel money cards have been popular since the past few years. These cards can be used instead of a traveler's cheque and they also give the traveler the freedom of not carrying cash. Each card has a PIN number that makes the card safer for use.

Any person can possess a prepaid travel money card on production of ID and address proof documents. These cards are readily available for use. Each card provider sets a limit for the minimum load and maximum load of money that can be loaded on to the card. Visa and Master prepaid travel money cards have better acceptance across the world when compared to maestro and electron prepaid travel money cards.

Benefits of a prepaid travel money card

  • No tension of carrying foreign currency or traveler's cheque for a holiday. No worry about the safety of the money too.

  • No interest charged on the money you spend as you are spending the money already loaded by you.

  • Prepaid travel money cards are available as Dollar cards, Sterling Pound cards and Euro cards. The exchange rates offered on these cards are pretty attractive too.

  • Prepaid travel money cards can be used to withdraw money from any ATM across the world (as per the rules and regulations of the card provider).

  • You can top up these cards easily, and any authorized person can load your card.

  • These cards are budget friendly as the traveler can spend only until funds are available, so you don't run the risk of over spending.

  • The money you wish to spend on your travel can be separately allocated through these cards and you can use the money exclusively for your travel.

  • In case you misplace or lose your prepaid travel money card, your provider will immediately issue an emergency card or give you the option of cash replacement.

  • Limits the expenditure of the younger members of your family while they travel as they can spend only the money loaded on the card.

  • Easy to load money, and card can be used across various locations in the world. You don't need to produce your passport each time you want to load the prepaid holiday money card.

  • No need to produce ID card every time you wish to withdraw money.

Limitations of prepaid travel card

  • Hiring a car might be a problem with these cards.

  • In USA, advance booking of hotels might be a problem.

  • Operating these cards at ATMs in few foreign countries might lead to operational difficulties.

  • Few card operators charge heavy fees for loading and activating the cards.

  • Transaction fees for foreign currencies are high.

  • As is the case with any kind of online transactions, use prepaid holiday money cards with secure websites when shopping online.
  • You need to be aware of the balance on your prepaid travel cards lest you cut a sorry figure at a store.

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Prepaid Travel Money Card