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Homeopathy comes from the Greek words - homoeo (similar) and pathos (suffering). This system of medicine attempts to stimulate the body to recover itself. Homeopathy seeks to correct 'like with like'. Samuel Hahnemann described this principle by using a Latin phrase Similia Similibus Curentur, which means, "Let likes cure likes." While this system of medicine has been around for about 200 years, it is receiving considerable attention now as a popular form of alternative medicine. Staunch believers in conventional medicine attribute homeopathy medicines as placebo effect.

This ancient system of medicine has gained in popularity all over and considers the totality of symptoms. Samuel Hahnemann was the pioneering physician who developed this theory into a usable practice. Homeopathic remedies use natural ingredients and do not contain chemically active ingredients.

The main focus of homeopathy is that it does not suppress the body's natural immune system. Instead it works in harmony with the body's attempt to restore itself to health. Homeopathy works as a holistic medicine - it addresses the cause and not the symptoms.

The homeopathic practitioner considers the totality of symptoms of a given case. The Materia Medica is a homeopathic dictionary that contains a list of symptoms and homeopathic remedies. A homeopathic remedy is based on when the symptoms appear and the other associated symptoms that are also experienced.

Homeopathic medicines seek to recognize and remove the underlying cause for the symptoms. While conventional medicines try to suppress a symptom such as cough or fever, homeopathy seeks to look for remedies that will cause similar symptoms in a healthy person. Conventional medicine seeks to dry up the mucus, reduce the histamine level and aid in comfortable sleep. Homeopathy medicine will differ for persons suffering for a barking cough or dry cough in the evenings.

Homeopathy medicine
Homeopathic medicines appear to be small white sugar pills. The medicines are usually alcohol based or can be diluted in water. Most of the homeopathy medicines are derived from vegetable and plant materials. They are prepared in concentrated form and then undergo a process of dilution to a potency that is sufficient as treatment for a particular ailment.

Potentization is a process of diluting the homeopathic medicine in alcohol or lactose so as to make it more palatable. A homeopathy medicine is more effective and powerful as it gets diluted. This is because homeopathy medicine is based on the premise that dilution enhances the curative properties of a substance.

Since homeopathy is safe, homeopathic remedies can be taken by babies and pregnant women. They are prescribed in small doses, that undergo a specific process of dilution of ingredients (potentization) and vigorous shaking (succussion). A homeopath tries and observes the patient, his body posture, breathing patterns, voice quality and expression. When you are taking homeopathic medicines, you might be asked to avoid coffee, nicotine, camphorated products and mentholated products.

Stress can lower the resonance of homeopathic medicines. While some conventional drugs can be taken along with homeopathic medicines, it is necessary to inform both your doctor and homeopath about the medicines taken. Homeopathy medicines are popularly used for ailments in children, as they do not need any injectable. Homeopathy medicines are not known to cause side effects such as lowered resistance, allergic reactions and digestive problems.

But many physicians agree that there are no alternatives to surgery and conventional medicine for many ailments. Homeopathy medicines work well where there is no immediate risk of mortality or irreversible damage to the tissues. Homeopathic remedies are known to be effective in chronic conditions such as headaches, migraine, arthritis, PMS and irritable bowel syndrome.

Homeopathy software
Homeopathy software packages are available for practitioners and laymen too. Practitioners can use homeopathy software to maintain case history and personal details of patients. Prescribed medicines, their potency and repetition can be recorded.

Homeopathy software allows you to look up remedies by symptom, therapeutic index or through the Materia Medica. Look up charts and glossary for instant reference. Homeopathy software for laymen explains symptoms and remedies in simple language.

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