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Comfrey Root Benefits

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Comfrey Root Benefits
Comfrey roots are extensively used for medicinal purposes. They can increase cell growth, heal blood clotting and soften body tissue.

A perennial herb that belongs to borage family, comfrey is botanically called Symphytum officinale. Comfrey roots are extensively used for medicinal purposes. They can increase cell growth, heal blood clotting and soften body tissue. They usually grow in moist ground valley and meadows. They are commonly used in cases of conditions like bruises, dislocations, wounds, sprains and strains.

Comfrey root benefits

Comfrey roots encourage healthy and faster re-growth of damaged tissues. They appear to be black from outside, with fleshy glutinous juicy substance in it. Primary compound mucilage and allantoin present in it are responsible for accelerating tissue healing and closing of wounds. Comfrey root causes wounds to contract and heal faster by preventing any infections. When applied to the skin, it minimizes scars.

Comfrey root has various nutrient benefits when consumed as a tonic. Various beneficial nutrient components are protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin, B Complex Vitamins, Mucilaginous fibre, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Sulfur, Copper, Zinc, Selenium and Germanium.

Comfrey root extract are used as ointments for the treatments of acute upper and lower back pain. They are used in gel format for the treatment of ankle pain.

Comfrey root tea

Comfrey root can be boiled to make tea. This can be drunk to cure the bruises, dislocations, muscle pulls, swelling, wounds and sprains.

Comfrey root powder

Comfrey root powders are organic, used as infusion, decoction, tincture and poultice. Comfrey herb contains both nutritive and medicinal values. They are an excellent form of food source. Comfrey root powder can be used with milk for a therapeutic bath. Comfrey root contains ten times the concentration of pyrolizidine alkaloids than the leaves.

Comfrey root oil

Comfrey root oil can be mixed with olive oil to treat spider bites. It can be directly applied on skin for speedy recovery from shallow wounds, scratches and diaper rash.

Comfrey root uses

  • Comfrey root can be used as an effective mouthwash.

  • It can be used to gargle the throat inflammations and hoarseness

  • Comfrey root tea is effective for digestion, stomach problems and menstrual problems.

  • Comfrey root tea is used to treat lung cancer and whooping cough.

  • Comfrey can be used as an external remedy for healing.

  • Comfrey root can be added to bath water to improve skin tone.

  • Comfrey root pulp when heated can be used as effective external poultice for bronchitis, pleurisy and pulled tendons.

  • Comfrey decoction can be used to treat dysentery, diarrhea and stomach ulcers.

  • Comfrey root oil can be applied for healing shallow wounds, scratches, diaper rash or wind burned skin.

  • Comfrey root powder can be consumed during pregnancy for necessary nutrients.

  • Comfrey tonic can be used during pregnancy for proper growth of the embryo.

Comfrey root is used in folk medicine as a first aid remedy. Although comfrey root has many medicinal values and is most commonly used, it is advisable not to take comfrey root internally for longer period as it contains hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA's)

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