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Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy, an ancient Indian practice has significant followers the world over for its holistic benefits. You can develop a fit body in a calm mind that can stand the rigors of modern day stress.

Yoga - an ancient system of physical and psychic practice can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization in South Asia. This ancient Indian practice is popularly followed the world over for its holistic benefits. Yoga therapy brings balance and harmony to the body and mind. This goes a long way in determining your overall wellbeing. Yogic postures or asanas practiced with correct breathing patterns can go a long way in renewal and rejuvenation.

Yoga breathing

Correct breathing practices aid the brain and other cells in receiving proper oxygen. This in turn allows better communication between the brain and the nervous system. Stress- the modern day ill is best managed with the power of Yoga therapy. Deep breathing and yogic postures such as forward bends, gentle twists and inversions help you unwind and relax. A well-balanced endocrine system ensures optimum hormone levels and this results in good health. Practicing yoga can help you improve your concentration and focus your mind. Yoga therapy can help with hyperactive kids too. It helps channelize their need for sensory and motor stimulus.

Pranayama is intrinsic to yoga practice. It involves breath control with certain breathing exercises. Fast and shallow breathing is one of the causes for many modern-day ills. Shallow breaths do not allow the lungs to function to full capacity, thereby leading to reduced immunity and premature aging.

By practicing this form of yoga breathing, you can use your complete lung capacity and gain inherent self control and concentration. Yoga breathing exercises help eliminate toxins from the body and aid metabolism. When oxygen-rich blood reaches the brain, you are better empowered to gain control. Pranayama when practiced over time, increases muscular stamina and endurance.

Pranayama is never performed after asanas or hastily. The idea of pranayama is to bring your body and mind to a relaxed state. One of the first steps towards yoga breathing is to breathe through the nose and gaining control over one's breath.Yogic breathing exercises consist of long and short inhalations and exhalations. Deep smooth inhalations and correct continuous exhalation help relax tensed muscles. Yoga therapy involves an integration of asanas and pranayam. When also accompanied by healthy diet and meditation, yoga therapy is said to show remarkable healing qualities. Create good health and wellness with yoga practices.

Regular practice of yoga for about 20 minutes a day can yield long lasting benefits. Beauty fitness is possible with yoga - a flexible and agile body. You can rid yourself of abdominal fat and obesity. Eating disorders can also be tackled with suitable Yoga practices. Yoga is not a religion but a simple yet powerful practice that has answers to many modern-days ills. Our section on Yoga will capture some of the essential features of this ancient system. We also understand the various yogic systems such as hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and kundalini yoga.

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