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Survival Kits

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Survival Kits
Outdoor or wilderness travel, survival products are powerful companions. A survival kit provides for the survival gear you need, food, and water, shelter, tools and survival equipments when you travel outdoor or into the wild.

There are many reasons why outdoor travel proves to be enticing. The wilderness of nature, the lakes and forests, the mountains, the coasts, the flora and fauna all provide immense freedom to enjoy the beauty in its true glory. Simply put, one can get as close to nature as is possible. However, it also means leaving behind a cozy living atmosphere and moving away from an established routine. A lot of adaptations are essential. It also brings along a great deal of surprise and suspense.

Emergency situations can arise sans warnings or signals. Even a well-prepared, well-organized and well-rehearsed outdoor travel plan can face worse-scenarios. Taking along survival products prepare you for any emergency situation that you may encounter. Basic outdoor and wilderness survival kits or custom-designed survival kits, emergency situations can't catch you unawares. Just carrying along survival kits or a survival pack will not suffice. Not knowing how to use survival tools and equipment often turns disastrous.

Survival products

If totally unprepared, many outdoor wilderness situations can catch you unawares. However, you can make certain basic preparations. Thus, the key to survival in the wild is preparation. Where to start and what are the factors that influence purchase of survival products for outdoors or wilderness travel? Take into account:

  • The place of destination

  • Prevailing climatic/weather conditions

  • The weather forecasts

  • Mode of travel to destination place.

  • Method of carrying.

  • The ease/convenience factor.

  • Proposed outdoor activities.

  • Minimum/Maximum survival period.

  • Your age and health issues, if any.

As is the practice with most enthusiastic outdoor travelers, read or gather information about the destination, the travel route conditions, prevailing local conditions, its inhabitants etc. The information so gathered provides an overall outlook of what to expect and prepare for.

Outdoor or wilderness survival kit

As you venture outdoor, imagine getting injured, or lost or stranded for some reason or the other. Taking along a survival kit serves its purpose during such a scenario. What determines the contents of outdoor or wilderness survival kit is directly related to the geographic area, which you plan to tread along. The contents should provide for an enduring survival outdoor or in the wilderness in case of such an emergency situation.

Opting for multi-purpose, functional items helps to reduce the size and weight of the survival kit. With all the right tools, equipment in a survival kit, you can venture outdoor with confidence. Along with a few basic essentials and certain imperative items specific for outdoor and wilderness travel, you are ready to kick start travel sans any worry.

  • Shelter

    to protect yourself from heat, cold, wind and rain during day or nighttime. If you desire a compact survival kit, look over the conventional tent and explore ways to build emergency shelters with little set-up time. Consider instant body shelters like a tarp, sleeping bag, trash bags and tube tent. You also require a quality foil blanket and a mosquito net. Lightweight blankets are the perfect survival equipment as it prevents body becoming cold and retains body heat.

  • First aid kit

    is most required to meet medical emergencies during any outdoor venture. It helps to be conversant with the contents of the kit as well as how to use it. Get proficient in extending basic first aid. Carry along a waterproof, tear proof first aid instruction material. Consult your health care provider and add prescription or non-prescription medications that you need to take every day in the outdoor survival kit.

  • Direction, signaling and communication

    outdoor survival equipment are most essential to find way, to catch attention and signal for help besides establishing contact. Put a small flashlight, strobe light, laser flare, a mirror, candles, magnifying glass, a whistle, water-resistant printed map of the area, a portable GPS, a small compass, water proof matches, bright plastic tapes to leave a trail for others, cell phone with portable outdoor charger and extra batteries.

  • Food, water and nourishment items

    like instant tea or soup packages, non-perishable food items, salt, freeze-dried food packets, emergency survival food tablets, energy food products, nutritional supplements, high energy bars. Survival food bars high in protein with long storage life take care of normal vitamin and mineral requirement under extreme outdoor conditions. Drinking water tablets are a must for every outdoor and wilderness travel. Drinking water tablets are used as disinfectant and for purification of polluted water.

  • Outdoor or wilderness survival tools

    serve a dual purpose. You are armed to self-defend and equipped to accomplish variety of task. A knife, can opener, pliers, tweezers, saw blade, screwdriver, and tools to start fire such as wax or magnesium stick or a military spark-lite fire. Some of the tools are useful to cut tree limb or clear pathways.

  • Miscellaneous item

    such as paper cups, plates and plastic utensils, paper towels, change of clothing, book, games, rope, warm clothing, additional footwear, hammock, insect repellant, radio, sanitary wipes, sunscreen lotion and cold cream, a tube of lip balm, bath-and-body product, needle and thread etc.

  • Include a laminated identification tag with your name, address, birth date, phone number, emergency contact details and personal medical details.

Prioritize survival kit content

A well-packed, well-equipped survival kit can support a person for a minimum of three days. For the first crucial hours, a survival kit provides for sustenance and safety of an outdoor or wilderness traveler. You can choose a custom-designed survival pack meant for outdoor or wilderness travel. Nevertheless, ensure the survival kit provides for food, water, shelter, tools and survival equipment. Keep a check on the weight. Survival kits that are bigger can be extremely inconvenient to carry. Keep it lightweight with high output.

Well before the scheduled day of travel, set aside time to test the survival tools and equipment. Familiarize with the contents of the survival kit and practice walking with the backpacks.

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