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Candle Making Tip

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Candle Making Tip
Look up this detailed guide for tips on candle making. Find out how you can turn this creative hobby into a lucrative business venture.

Candle making is a versatile craft and is one of the lucrative home businesses that can be started with very minimal investment. With sound technical advice on candle making fueled with your imagination and ideas, you can create exotic candles - colored candles, artistically shaped candles, scented candles, candles embellished with beads, shells and other baubles.

Candles can be created through different processes, be it dipped, molded, rolled, fused, layered or sculptured. Decorative candles have a vast market potential. They are bought as gifts and used at home as decorative elements. Scented or aromatherapy candles are increasingly used to relax and revitalize the sprit after a long and hard day. Look up our informative guide on the process of candle making and various associated aspects such as supplies, kits, and molds and pick up some useful tips.

Candle Making Equipment

While candles can be made at a relatively low cost, candle making is a time-consuming process and may require some space and basic candle making equipment or tools. You can procure candle-making equipment from the Candle making supply shops either by mail order or through the Internet. The essential supplies for candle making include:

  • Paraffin Wax: Wax is very essential for candle making. This can be purchased at a candle making supply store and comes in the form of granulated wax. Ensure that you buy it from quality suppliers, as it can have a bearing on the final product.

  • Melting system: A melting system helps you to melt the wax. There are several types of melting systems including double boiler, presto kitchen kettle and burco system.

  • Double boiler: This is best suited for novice candle makers. It has two saucepans, one inside the other. Place wax on the top pan and fill the bottom with 1/3rd water. It is essential to keep a watch on the boiler since the wax can catch fire once the water in the outer pan evaporates.

  • Presto Kitchen Kettle: This is the most common melting system used in USA. It is thermostatically controlled and can melt large amounts wax in shorter time periods.

  • Burco System: It is the bigger version of double boiler. It comes with a temperature control, which needs to be monitored for melting wax.

  • Thermometer: Temperature is vital to the candle making process and a thermometer will help you measure the temperature of your melting wax. Opt for candy thermometers, which cover a scale of 38-177C (100-350F). You cannot use your household thermometer, as it cannot measure such high temperatures.

  • Scales: Scales are required to measure the amount of wax and other materials you are using.

  • Ladle and Spoons - Use handy metal spoons or ladle to stir the wax and pour it out.

  • Wick: There is a wide range of wick types and sizes available in the market. Choose a wick that is suitable for the size and shape of candle you are making. The most common candle-making wick is braided cotton that has been treated chemically to improve the quality of burning. If the wick is too small, the candle will not burn well whereas a large wick will cause a smoky flame.

  • Color Dyes and Stearic acid: Use stearic acid to harden the candle. It also helps the candles release from their molds by causing the wax to shrink as it cools. Apply your creative ideas and use different or blended colors to your candles. You can get color dyes from the candle making supply stores and the use of these dyes depends on the size of your candle. You can find these dyes in block, chips and liquid form. Color dyes are highly concentrated and must be used sparingly.

  • Moulds: Shop around to find out different designs of candle making moulds. Moulds come in all shapes and sizes and you can put them to best use by your creative efforts. You are limited only by your imagination.

Candle Making Tips

Paraffin wax melts at 130 degrees. While the wax melts, measure the size of wick required for your mold. Tie the wick to the center of the pencil or dowel. Suspend the wick in the center of the mold with the help of small weight on the other end. Add stearic acid and color in another pot and allow them to dissolve. Once the temperature reaches 190 degrees, combine the mixture into the pot with the paraffin wax. Stir and blend them together completely while maintaining the temperature at 190 degrees.

Finally pour the contents into the mold and let the mixture cool. As the wax cools, it will contract and a small well will form around the wick. Touch the candle; if it is cold it is time to remove it from the mold. Safety is critical in candle making especially when it comes to wax melting. Wax melting is one of the dangerous aspects of candle making. Keep attending to your pans once you heat wax. The characteristics of a good candle are absence of bubbles or lines and long and even burning of the flame. The color must be well distributed and the fragrance it emits must be pleasant without being overpowering.

Candle Making Supply

Candle making supply stores offer most candle supplies for candle makers at different levels of expertise. Pick up wax, additives, fragrance, containers and molds from candle making stores or online suppliers. Ensure that you purchase quality materials. Novice candle making enthusiasts would do well to go in for candle making kits. These kits contain wax, molds, containers, additives, color dyes, wicks along with suitable instructions. If you want to start your own candle making business, start out with a candle making kit. This will help you understand the nuances of the process as well acquaint you with the finer points. Wholesale candle supply stores are ideal when you are going in for professional candle making.

Candle Making Mold

Candle making molds provide shape to your candles and can be procured in plastic, metal, rubber, latex and glass. Readily available candle making molds are relatively inexpensive and the best to start with. However, you cannot use these molds at high temperatures. metal molds are best suited for high temperatures, but they are more expensive. Highly crafted and decorative candles with intricate details are generally made with rubber or plastic molds. Rubber or latex molds come at moderate prices and are preferred for flexibility and ease of use. But they have a limited lifespan. Many a time you can use your kitchen pots or other equipment as good candle making molds. You can work wonders with your imagination!

The Candle making machine was invented by Joseph Morgan in 1834. He designed a machine that allowed continuous production of molded candles with the use of a cylinder, which featured a movable piston that ejected candles. This led to the production of nearly 1,500 candles per hour. Candle making machines are used for manufacturing candles on a large scale.

Aromatherapy Candle Making

Aromatherapy candles are pleasant to smell and can go a long way in uplifting your mood. The essential oils that impart the fragrance can revive and refresh and soothe and stimulate. You can get aromatherapy candle making supplies from candle making supply stores. Most scented candles are made with essential oils such as Chamomile, Ginger, Jasmine, and Lemongrass, to name a few.

Candle- making supply stores offer kits with essential oils and fragrances required for making aromatherapy and scented candles. These kits come with instructions to help you create scented candles. Choose from refreshing rosemary or relaxing lavender or stimulating lemongrass. Keep yourself well informed about the properties of the essential oils used in aromatherapy candles. Some oils do not impart a pleasant smell when heated.

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