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Staycation Ideas

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Staycation Ideas
With rising unemployment and high gas prices, staycation ideas are sure to find many takers. Consider a fun-filled staycation instead of pricey vacations this year.

Global meltdown and financial crisis might have affected the tourism industry to an extent. However, the same has not beaten down the attitude of people. Concepts like staycation, a neologism where a family or an individual stays at home for a period to enjoy day trips, stands as proof to this.

In the wake of recession, staycations are considered the best choice to relax and rejoice, since it can be managed within the available budget. A staycation can vary from enjoying a while in the backyard pool, or local parks, museum and or a day out with the family to the local attractions. In short, it is the best way to enjoy your break from work with less money and time.

Benefits of Staycation

The biggest benefit of any staycation program is money and time since it does not require any extensive planning, boarding, and lodging, long stay at airports or packing for that matter. Cost for a staycation may include the local trips, dining and tickets for the local attraction. Few web sites state that staycations are the opportunity to promote go green activities. They let people to explore their backyard and treasure the greenery around. Adults can plan a romantic hideaway with a short stay at a local bed and breakfast or local resort. Treat yourself to a concert or sunset cruise. But to get the best of your staycation, unplug from the daily chores and work.

Staycations are a boon to the local business since they are able to cope with the lost income due to reduced tourist activities. During 2008, the tourism bureaus of many U.S cities started promoting staycations to influence the local residents as a compromising act.

Staycation Ideas

Staycation means different things to different people. For some it might be the time to sit and relax at the backyard with family, and for few it can be a short trip to the local church, park or art galleries of the town.

Carve a detailed plan for your staycation. Identify the places closer to home that could be accessed easily without spending too much. We would have traveled far and wide but tend to overlook what is near to us. A good resource for staycation can be Internet search, or AAA tour book, local libraries, local chamber of commerce, friends, travel magazines, and newspapers. Listed below are few ideas that provides roadmap to your staycation

Green Staycation: Keep being green on your staycation. Try using reusable containers or disposable goods when packing to a local picnic. Relax at your pool, visit the local beach, or try some hiking or trailing activities at the national parks, hiking trails and forests. Check for eco spots of your community like a botanical garden or dine at an eco-friendly restaurant. Use mass transit if your staycation involves traveling for few hours from your place as this might help you lower the carbon footprint. Spend time in your backyard and learn what can be done to treasure your greenery.

Relaxing outdoors: Locate some relaxing spots within your community. This can including camping, hiking, camping at the beach, horseback riding, boating at a local lake, visiting archeological sites or museums, national parks and theme parks. Take a bike ride with the family.

Activities:Try some paintball, bowling, bicycling or wine tasting activities close by.

Home Spa: Ideal way to relax and rejoice, especially during summer. Collect or make spa specific items. Pamper yourself within the comfort of your home.

Kids: If you have kids, plan for a visit to the nearest theme parks, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, science exhibitions or museum and kids sporting club.

Sports: Take a week off and spend time on the grounds. Enjoy ball games, car races, skating clubs, sailboat, golf, and motor races.

Theatre and Shows: Find out plays, concerts, comedy shows or children's movies happening in your town. Also, find out for any special events like parades, fireworks, state or county fairs, carnivals within your community. The local newspaper can help you in this.

History and Art: Spend some time to visit the local ruins, restoration villages, historic museums, art galleries, art studios and museums.

Day camp: Enroll in the local workshops and classes that can be found through your community's Parks and Recreation programs or churches.

Cooking and Eating: Try new recipes at home and amuse your loved ones with different varieties. Dine out with family in the new restaurant or ice cream parlor.

Throw a party for your friends and relatives

Clean your house: Take time to clean your house. Plan some activities like painting a room, gardening, installing ceiling fans, refinishing furniture or planting herbs. You can clean out the garage, get your lawn in good shape or build bookshelves for the kids.

Staycation tips

Staycation can be easy and fun. However, planning for the same can make it much more effective and price worthy. Do not forget staycations have their own risks attached to it.

No alcohol to minors or inebriated guests: While hosting a party ensure not to serve alcoholic beverages to minors as you are subject to criminal prosecution for aiding and abetting the delinquency of a minor. Be careful, the homeowner or the host is liable for negligence of serving alcoholic beverages to guests of legal drinking age that are clearly inebriated.

Swimming pool injuries: While enjoying your staycation at a home or a community pool especially with kids; ensure certain basic safety. The pool should be fully fenced or should be adequately supervised by adults. Remember, the homeowner is liable for unsafe swimming pools and for any injuries suffered by a child who falls into the pool.

Check before you set off fireworks :Many municipalities have strict rules and regulations for crackers and fireworks. Check with your community on the same, since the individual/home owner is responsible for any violation and is subject to criminal prosecution or civil penalties for potential damage to the neighboring property.

Ensure the safety of your home: If you are planning to throw a party during staycation, ensure highest level of safety in you home. Do not expose guests to hazardous or defective areas like rooms with electrical problems, cracked rooms, and deteriorated steps. For any damage in such cases, the homeowner is fully liable to a civil lawsuit. A comprehensive homeowner's insurance can save you from such incidents.

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