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List of Beauty Articles for Women

Different HairStyles

Asian Hairstyle Take a brief look at Asian hairstyles and how they are created to flatter Asian hair color and type. As is the case with women all over, Asian women experiment with hairstyles, perms, hair colors to keep with changing trends.

Bob Hairstyle Be it the traditional bob hair style or one with geometric cuts, the bob still remains a favorite. Read on and find out how you can play around with the bob hairstyle.

Braid Hair Style An informative guide on braid hair styles. Maintenance tips for micro braids hair style and black hair styles with braids.

Celebrity Hairstyle Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have created waves with their alluring hairstyles. Current hairstyles usually draw inspiration from the way celebrities wear their hair. If you are looking for the hot hairstyles

Curly Hair Style A peek into curly hairstyles - for naturally curly hair or permed hair. Curly hairstyles need good hairstylist and hairstyling products to keep the frizz in place.

Easy Hair Style This summer toss you hair into a ponytail or try braids or twists. Try out easy summer hairstyles that are non-fuss and relatively maintenance free.

Hair Perm An informative guide to hair perms - spiral perms, volumising and soft gentle curls. Learn to select the right perm hair style and pick up valuable tips.

Interactive Hair Style Gallery A virtual hair gallery is like a changing room- try out different hairstyles to select the one that goes with your hair color, texture and face shape.

Hairstyles for Long Hair Long hair offers plenty of creative options for hairstyles. Check out long hairstyles and long hair cuts.

Kid Hair Style This guide to kid hairstyles can give you vital pointers when deciding on an appropriate hairstyle for your kid. Braids, bobs and crew cuts continue to be popular kid hair styles.

Medium Length Hairstyles Medium length hairstyles, formal hairstyles, wavy hairstyles, trendy hairstyles and elegant hairstyles - how to choose hairstyle that best complements your personality and suits your lifestyle.

Punk Hairstyle Punk hairstyles may appear bizarre and outlandish but they find many takers. Similarly emo hairstyles too dont follow strict rules for the hair cuts and styles.

Updo Hair Style A peek into various updo hairstyles, French knots and classic buns. Look into prom updo hairstyles and wedding updo hairstyles.

Virtual Hairstyle The virtual gallery provides you with various hairstyle pictures to choose from. Find out whether the trendy hairstyle this season suits your face shape and hair texture. Choose a hairstyle that flatters you.

Hair Color

Blonde Hair Long Whether you are a natural blonde or sport dyed blonde hair, find out what hairstyles you can sport. Wear blonde hair long or twist it into a sleek updo.

Brunette Hair Color Brunette hair color need not be drab and boring browns. Look at various warm and rich brunette hair highlights.

Hair Highlighting Hair highlighting involves playing around with hair colors to best effect by creating strands or bands of lighter shades. Hair streaking and frosting are also popular hair coloring treatments.

Red Hair Color We take a look at tips to red hair highlights. Red hair is not about fire engine red locks but various subtleties such as crimson and copper to auburn and mahogany.

Hair style Tips

Blow Drying Sleek straight tresses, carefully scrunched waves or beautifully looped ringlets, you can try it all when you blow dry your hair. Pick up tips and tricks for blow drying your style to perfection.

Curling Iron Curling irons can give you seductive and bouncy curls in minutes. Find out the benefits of ceramic curling irons over the conventional ones.

Dandruff Shampoo Dandruff can be irritating and embarrassing. Find out how it is caused and how you can control and treat it with dandruff shampoos and home remedies.

Faster Hair Growth Your hair is the reflection of the overall condition of your body. With the right care and hair vitamins, you can be sure of faster hair growth.

Hair Accessory Use hair accessories to add glamour and style or plain functionality. Pick up wedding hair accessories to set off your gown and hairstyle to best advantage.

Hair Dryer Arm yourself with information on hair dryers and their features. This will help you make a more informed choice when buying this hair product.

Hair Extension Use hair extensions for instant length, volume and new hairstyle. Visit a reputed hair extension salon for fusion hair extensions.

Hair Gel A hair gel is a useful hair styling aid that allows you to maintain your hairdo. Check out interesting facts on hair gels and how you can go about choosing the right one.

Hair Makeover Break free from the boring haistyle and go in for a hair makeover. Choose a haircut and style that brings out the best in you.

Hair Straightening Thermal hair straightening is taking the beauty world by storm. This chemical treatment involves permanently straightening the texture of the hair.

Hair Transplant Hair transplant surgery requires a deft surgeon who can work with finesse to give you a natural look. Find out more on cost of hair transplant.

Laser Hair Brush Collect tips on selecting the right hair brush for your hair style and hair type. Read up on laser hair brushes.

Laser Hair Removal An informative guide to various methods of body hair removal. Take a look at laser hair removal and its comparison with other hair removal products.

Washing Hair Washing your hair right and with the right products can go a long way in maintaining your lustrous mane. Take vital tips on how to wash your hair and how often to wash it.

Human Hair Wig A guide to wigs, either synthetic or human hair wigs. Find out more about African American wigs and wigs specially made for Cancer patients.

More on Beauty

Beauty TargetWoman offers extensive beauty tips ranging from Hair Care to beauty products. Our Beauty section has been carefully created to address beauty related queries

Acrylic Nail Take a look at how artificial nails can lend you long and stylish talons. Acrylic nails and gel nails are popular fake nail options that have to be applied and maintained with care and hygiene.

Body Art An introduction to various forms of body art. This section opens up a vista of body art forms - nail art, tattoo art and more!

Cellulite Treatment The presence of dimpled and bulging layers of cellulite is unsightly. Discussed in this article are various cellulite treatments such as massage and lotions and creams.

Colored Contact Lens Colored contact lens are used for cosmetic purposes - to give you a totally new look. Read up about different types of contact lens and their relative merits.

Cosmetic Surgery Learn all about cosmetic surgery in these articles - from liposuction to breast augmentation.

Eyebrow Shaping Do not underestimate the significance of well-shaped and groomed eyebrows. Read up simple eyebrow shaping tips for brows that frame your face well.

Facial Hair Removal for Women By knowing the cause of excess hair growth, it is possible to have some control over facial hair growth. As the reason for excess hair growth differs for each individual, these hair removal techniques can also react differently on them.

Fish Pedicure Read about the new foot therapy that is gaining popularity - the fish pedicure. This article takes you through the procedure of getting the dead skin and calluses of your feet cleaned by toothless fishes gnawing at them.

Fragrance Our fragrance guide opens up various facets of perfumes and aromatherapy. Read up informative articles that will help you choose perfumes and other aromatic products.

Hair Loss Remedy Falling hair and hair loss seem to be a common woe among most women these days. This article takes you through the entire process of hair loss, its possible causes and how it can be tackled. A truly hair raising experience!

Long Lasting Lipstick Long lasting lipstick and lip gloss can make for luscious lips. Peruse this guide to different types of lip color and choosing one that is right for you.

Makeup Foundation Make up foundation comes in a variety of colors and formulations. Choose the best foundation for your skin tone and type to set off the rest of your makeup.

Manicure Tips Keep your hands smooth, attractive and healthy with regular manicures. Find out more about French manicures and hand care tips.

Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is a new treatment procedure for tackling cellulite and fat deposits. It involves injecting medical extracts into the mesodermal layer of the skin.

Nail Polish Nail polish adds glamour and appeal to your nails. Pick up tips on choosing nail polish shades and taking care of your nails.

Pedicure Don't forget to pamper your feet with a pedicure. Go in for a spa pedicure if you want a pampering experience.

Salon Spa Read up on luxurious salon spas and the various treatments that they offer. A day salon spa is an indulgent experience for the body and the senses.

Skin Care Skin care varies according to skin type and a woman's age. Our skin care segment various factors and products that can help in maintaining and improving a woman's skin.

Tanning Salon Beware of tall claims made by many a tanning salon. Learn more about tanning beds and other tanning products that are known to give you a sunless tan.

Tooth Whitening Product Tooth whitening products provide the convenience of whitening teeth from the comfort of your homes. Check out the various teeth whitening systems available today.

More on Body Art

Body Painting Body painting art uses the human body as a canvas for expression. Read more on various forms of body painting.

Body Piercing This article throws light on body piercing and provides tips on choosing a safe body piercing parlor.

Face Painting Face painting is popular at kids? parties, theme parties and fun events. Find out more about this fascinating art.

Henna Design Henna designs form an intrinsic part of many Asian and Arabic cultures. Intricate motifs leave a temporary design, much like a body tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal This article examines various methods of tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is one such popular and effective treatment to get rid of tattoos though no method can guarantee complete results.

Nail Art With decorative nail art, give your nails a wild and glamorous look. Find out more about this popular beauty trend.

Tattoo Art Tattoo art is an expression of belief and individuality. Learn more about tribal tattoo and popular tattoo designs.

More on Cosmetics

Abdominal Liposuction Abdominal liposuction is one of the most oft-followed surgical processes to contour the tummy. Read on to find out more about the recovery process after a liposuction surgery.

Breast Augmentation This article deals with breast augmentation through cosmetic surgical techniques from an objective viewpoint. You will learn some of the pertinent issues relating to one of the most common ways of breast enhancement including complications of breast a

Chin Surgery A complete guide to chin surgery - be it to augment a weak chin or soften a chin that juts out too much. Understand the surgical procedure involved.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry is gaining in popularity with many people seeking to enhance their smiles and rectify aesthetic problems with their teeth. A cosmetic dentist needs to apply various dental procedures to realign teeth, whiten them or even correct mis

Cosmetic Eye Surgery Cosmetic eye surgery can take years off your face by getting rid of unsightly bags under the eyes and correcting droopy eyelids. This article outlines the surgical procedure as well as the precautions and possible side effects.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery This article takes a look at Rhytidecotomy or facelifts - facial cosmetic surgery that promises younger looking skin. Other cosmetic surgery procedures such as chemical peeling and dermabrasion are also discussed.

Cosmetic Laser Surgery Cosmetic laser surgery is being increasingly resorted to by women seeking to erase laugh lines and minimize wrinkles. Find out more on one of the cosmetic laser surgery procedures - laser resurfacing

Liposuction Liposuction as a cosmetic procedure finds many takers - those seeking to get rid of double chins, flabby abdomens and unsightly thighs. This article throws light on the procedure and the possible complications that may arise.

Liposuction Surgery The surgical process of liposuction has seen many variations - tumescent liposuction, laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction. All of them follow the basic principle of liposuction with an added feature.

Mini Facelift Facing a little bit of droopiness in the jowl area? Does your neck resemble that of a turkey? A mini facelift can do wonders in giving you the youthful look.

Non Surgical Face Lift Take a brief look at various non-surgical face lift procedures that claim to take the years off your face.

Anti-ageing Cosmetic Product If you follow a regular beauty care routine, you can keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Pick up beauty tips that can go a long way in giving you a radiant look.

Rhinoplasty You can get a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery done to enhance the shape of your nose or to correct any functional defect. After all, your nose is a vital element in determining your overall facial looks.

Skin Tag Removalskin-tag.html

Wart Removal Take a look at various methods used in removal of warts. Wart removal methods differ in their success rates and scarring.

More on Fragrance

Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is the ancient process of using the healing power of aromatic essential oils. It has gained in prominence on account of its herbal nature and its role in enhancing physical and psychological well being.

Aromatherapy Massage Aromatherapy baths and massages can provide physical and psychological relief. The power of the essential oils is released into the body, leading to relief from physical ailments and mental stresses.

Natural Deodorant An interesting and informative guide to deodorants and natural deodorants in particular.

French Perfume Women's perfume forms an essential part of her personality. Read up on French perfumes that have always held center stage in the fragrance industry.

Incense Burner The use of incense can be traced back to early times. The fragrance of incense sticks can help in relieving stress and calming the mind. Read about different kinds of incense holders.

Perfume Oil Look at different categories of perfume oils and how they react differently with different people to come up with a unique personal fragrance. Check out more on selecting perfume oils.

More on Makeup

2009 Beauty Trends Following a beauty and makeup trend as a matter of fact without considering how best it suits you is unlikely to work to your advantage. Kick-start the process by gathering information about beauty and makeup trend 2009.

How to Apply Eyeliner Pick up tips on how to apply eyeliner and give definition to your eyes. You can choose from liquid eyeliners, kohl pencils or felt liners or even opt for permanent eyeliner.

How to apply Eye Shadow Learning how to apply eye shadow is a skill that involves finding the right blend of colors to flatter your eyes. Pick up useful eye shadow tips - on selecting the right shades and applying it the right way.

Blackhead Removal Remove unsightly blackheads from your skin with regular cleansing. Use blackhead removers with care, be it blackhead strips or extractors or glycolic peels.

Blush Makeup It is easy to get confused while choosing the right blush for right skin. A vast array of colors of blushers with different formulation is available in the market. Learn to select the right type of blush makeup, be it powder blush or gel blush.

Bridal Make up This bridal makeup guide gives you an insight into important factors that need looking in when finalizing on your wedding makeup styles.

Concealer Concealers, if applied correctly can camouflage redness, blemishes, veins and dark eyes. The watchword is to conceal and not draw attention.

Discontinued Makeup Discovering that a favorite eye shadow, foundation or nail polish has been taken off the market could make the user furious and terribly upset as well. Look for ways to be able to locate your favorite discontinued makeup.

Eyelash Extension Eyelash extensions are a fashion rage that is no longer restricted to celebrities and fashion models. Check out how eyelash curlers can lend a lustrous attractive look.

Eye Makeup Tip Skillful application of eye make up can work wonders - you can achieve the look you want, be it the smoldering one or the innocent wide-eyed look.

Eye Makeup Remover While much has been said about the magic of makeup, not enough is mentioned about the need to remove makeup before retiring to bed. Eye makeup removal needs to be carefully done to prevent the delicate skin from irritation.

How to Apply Blush Simple and effective tricks on getting your blush makeup right. Learning how to apply blush takes some effort and practice.

Hypoallergenic Cosmetic Hypoallergenic cosmetics are less likely to cause skin irritations and allergies. Hypoallergenic jewelry is a boon for women suffering from nickel allergy.

Makeup Brush Guide Read up this informative guide to makeup brushes. Find out what are the must-haves in any makeup kit.

Makeup for droopy eyes With a few simple strokes, you can open out your eyes and let them brighten up your face. Learn about makeup for droopy eyes.

Makeup for dry skin Dry skin looks dull and pale as it cannot retain moisture. Applying the right makeup can give dry skin a fresh lease of life.

Makeup for oily skin Use products that are well suited for oily skin. Pick up valuable makeup tips for oily skin so as to keep the shine out and glow right in.

Makeup for problem skin Though many skin experts may not recommend makeup for problem skin, there may be occasions when you might want to do up your face. The right makeup for problem skin helps in camouflaging the blemishes without worsening the skin condition.

Makeup Tips Simple and effective tips for makeup application, be it for the special Prom night or daytime wear. Learn to wield makeup to enhance your features and put your best face forward.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes Try our makeup tips for blue eyes, experiment with combinations to arrive at a look you like. Match your eye makeup to enhance your natural coloring.

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes Warm and metallic hues are sure to flatter your brown eyes and bring out their sparkle. Get ready to be showered with compliments.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Those with dark skin should aim to highlight skin's natural color and natural glow. Pick up makeup tips for dark skin so that you can experiment with your individual skin tone and makeup products.

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes With the right choice of makeup colors, you can bring out the fire and allure in green eyes. Your eyes are sure to sparkle like emeralds.

Makeup Tips for Redheads Our makeup tips for redheads can surely help in achieving a natural and pleasing look. Don't let the innate energy of redheads be submerged under the wrong makeup.

Mascara Find out how a swish of mascara wand can add magic to your eyes. Learn to apply mascara that will complement the rest of your makeup.

Mineral make up Mineral make up range uses natural minerals and provides the benefits of a natural look that protects the skin too. Learn more about bare mineral make up products.

Mineral powder makeup Applying loose powder on the face is an art by itself. Choose the right kind of powder based on skin type. Mineral powder makeup has many takers as it is gentle on skin and evens the tone.

Organic Cosmetics Organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular these days as the ingredients used are free from synthetic chemicals and thus biodegradable too. Dermatologists often warn against the use of traditional cosmetics that use chemicals most of which ar

Prom Make Up Take a look at some simple yet effective tips on prom makeup. Look your best on one of the most memorable nights of teenage years.

Semi Permanent Make Up Permanent makeup is increasingly being resorted to by women who want to enhance their features or those who want to look their best at all times, sans cosmetics.

Smoky Eye Make Up Get yourself the smoky eye makeup look this festive season. Find out how you can lend your eyes the dramatic look that is sure to be a winner.

Waterproof Makeup Waterproof foundation, sun block, blush, lipstick, lip liner, mascara, eye shadow- apply once and feel fresh, clean and absolutely appealing all through the day on the beach, while at work or hiking in the mountains.

More on Skin Care

Adult Acne in Women While acne is largely a problem with adolescent skin, it is not uncommon to notice adult acne in women. Look up various conditions that can cause or aggravate this skin problem.

Age Spot Though they are harmless, age spots are a cosmetic problem to many men and women. Sun exposure is the main culprit for developing age spots in addition to other factors such as advancing age.

Asian Skin Care Look at skincare tips specially listed for Asian skin. We go through the typical skincare woes of women of Asian descent.

Bath Salt Recipe Pamper your bath with bath salt to rejuvenate, purify, relax, calm, soothe, energize and renew your skin. End your day in a sensuous way by adding bath salt to your bath tub. Read up simple bath salt recipes.

Beauty Care Routine If you follow a regular beauty care routine, you can keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Pick up beauty tips that can go a long way in giving you a radiant look.

Benefit of Aloe Vera This article outlines the curative properties of Aloe Vera that make it a miracle plant. Find out how gels and juices from aloe vera are a panacea for many ills.

Black Skin Care Black Skin Care - tips to keep the black skin healthy and attractive. Look at various makeup products for black skin.

Botox Cosmetic Botox cosmetic involves botox injections to erase frown lines and wrinkles temporarily. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure is seen as a panacea against crow's feet and laugh lines.

Cause Dark Eye Circle What causes the unsightly dark under eye circles? Quick fix tips on combating dark circle around the eyes.

Chapped Lips Learn to keep chapped lips at bay. Hydrate the lips and stay away from the harmful effects of the sun and wind.

Dry Skin Care An informative guide to dry skin care - from identifying dry skin to simple yet effective ways to keep it moisturized and supple.

Excessive Sweating Are you literally swimming in your sweat, even when it is not too hot? You may be suffering a condition of excessive sweating that can be triggered by many factors. Find out more about how to tackle excessive sweating.

Facial Cleanser The right facial cleanser can get your skin looking healthy and fresh. Choose a facial cleanser that suits your unique skin requirements.

Facial Skin Care Facial skin care involves professional facials to revive tired skin. Read more on different methods of facial skin care including simple home care.

Freckle Removal Find out effective ways of removing freckles and reducing them. Learn to camouflage them with right makeup.

Handmade Soap Pamper and care for your skin with handmade natural soap, rich with the bounty of nature. Olive oil soap and glycerine soap are ideal choices for those with sensitive skin.

Homemade Face Mask Face masks must be selected to suit your skin type. Homemade face masks are simple and can perk up dull and lifeless skin in minutes.

Jojoba Oil Harness the benefits of jojoba oil for hair and skin care. Unclog blocked pores and seal in moisture in your skin keeping it supple and smooth.

Men's Skin Care No makeup can camouflage the flaws of the skin which occur due to neglect, indifference and laziness. The right kind of men's skin care can ensure healthy skin.

Oily Skin Care How to care for oily skin? What are the simple home remedies for oily skin? Find answers to this and more!

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips Read essential elements of skin care during pregnancy. Find out how to be a glowing mum-to-be with pregnancy skin care tips.

Rosacea Treatment Find out more about Rosacea - the symptoms of this skin condition and the laser treatments used. Gather useful rosacea makeup and skin care tips.

Shea Butter Benefit The benefits of shea butter make it ideal for cosmetic use - skin care and hair care products. The healing and curative properties of shea butter have been traditionally used for centuries.

Skin Cancer Symptom Take a hard look at skin cancer symptoms and how this form of the big C is treated. We examine signs of skin cancer and understand basal skin cancer and melanoma skin cancer.

Skincare For Aging Skin As we age, our skin loses its ability to produce and retain collagen thus reducing the skin's elasticity causing wrinkles. Get tips on caring for aging skin so that you can retain the youthful glow.

Skincare Tips for Teens Teenage is perhaps the right time to establish a regular complete skin care routine which can go a long way in preventing future skin issues such as acne scarring, sun damage, fine lines or discoloration.

Skin Exfoliation Skin exfoliating products are available either as manual scrubs or chemical peels. Find out how exfoliation aids in revealing younger and smoother skin. But beware of the risks of over exfoliation.

Skin Lightening Tired of tired, dull, dark and discolored skin? Skin lightening creams and lotions can aid in inhibiting melanin production and leaving the skin brighter and lighter.

Skin Pigmentation Understand the different types of skin pigmentation conditions that can result in uneven and blotchy skin tone. Trace the causes abnormal pigmentation and how it can be tackled.

Stretch Mark Removal Removal of stretch marks is more about reducing their appearance and severity. Laser surgery and topical creams with AHA, tretinoin and retinoids are some of the options for getting rid of stretch marks.

Beauty Control - Sunscreen The sunrays wreak havoc on the skin and can cause the deadly skin cancer. Adequate beauty control with sunscreen can help in minimizing its harmful effects on the skin.

Tea Tree Oil Read about the curative properties of tea tree oil, packed with germicidal and antiseptic features. Tea tree oil products are used to heal skin ailments, bronchial problems and fungal infections.

Whiteheads Whiteheads are the bane of many women, especially those with oily skins. Look for ways to remove whiteheads and keep the skin blemish free.

Wrinkle Cream Are anti-wrinkle creams panacea for aging lines on the face or just placebos for gullible women? An informative article on anti aging creams.

Skin Rejuvenation Look at how tired and scarred skin can be rejuvenated. Skin rejuvenation techniques help reduce the effects of aging.

More on Women Hair

Damaged Hair Care Harsh chemical treatments, wind and sun can play havoc on your hair. Damaged hair care is critical to restoring health and shine to your locks.

Female Hair Loss This detailed guide to female hair loss deals with factors that lead to temporary and permanent hair loss. Once the cause for the female hair loss is determined, possible treatment options can be considered.

Hair Care in Winter Appropriate hair care is mandatory during winter to prevent hair damage. Learn how to care for your hair this winter.

Hair Frizz Taming frizzy locks can be quite a challenge. This informative guide to combating hair frizz gives you tips and tricks to overcome hair frizz.

Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Restoration Falling hair and hair loss seem to be a common woe among most women these days. This article takes you through the entire process of hair loss, its possible causes and how it can be tackled. A truly hair raising experience!

Hair Weaving Take a look at various techniques of hair weaving. Find out the suitability of each hair weaving process.

Ingrown Hair Choose skin friendly hair removal method so as to keep ingrown hair at bay. Ingrown hair can be annoying but is not a serious health condition.

Scalp Psoriasis An informative guide to scalp psoriasis and various treatment options. Learn more about this skin condition that can be embarrassing and persistent.


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