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With vacations and holidays round the corner, its time to get your travel plans in place. Look up tips on travel packing. Learn how you can travel light and check out essentials that must find place in your travel kit.

Travel packing

Making a good travel packing list eliminates the need for repacking later. Your destination decides the kind of clothes you need, be it a beach vacation, winter holiday, religious pilgrimage or family outing. The weather forecast will give you an idea of what to expect and what to pack along. When buying luggage, look for features such as retractable rollers and removable straps. Choose the right bag of the proper size to make for a comfortable trip. Its best to carry along only that which you can carry yourself. Don't forget a small collapsible or expandable bag for the mementos and souvenirs.

  • Wallet

  • Travel tickets

  • Cash/ Travelers Checks/ Credit cards

  • Passport

  • Medications

  • Extra batteries and film for cameras

  • Flashlight

  • Watch and alarm clock

Take along maps and guidebooks if you are exploring new territory. A dictionary can help when you are traveling abroad. Packing for toddlers and little kids needs some planning too. Don't miss out food items, formulas, baby food jars. Take along travel games and a favorite toy to keep toddlers happy and secure. For slightly older kids, you can consider a small bag for each one. This gives them flexibility to carry what they want.

Travel packing tip

  • Learn to fold right so that you can make maximum use of space. This will also reduce creases. A piece of tissue paper between some of the better clothes will prevent wrinkling.

  • Make good use of available space. Pack tightly so that clothes and other items sit snugly.

  • Roll up small pieces like undergarments and socks and wrap them around the fold line of the bag.

  • Zip all zippers and button all the buttons before packing your clothes.

Light travel packing

  • Select clothes that can be coordinated well together. Clothes of a similar color palette can be mixed and matched. You can opt for a pair of well-fitting slacks that can double for work and evening out too.

  • Avoid single-use items.

  • Keep jewelry items to the minimum.

  • Take along travel-sized toiletries in a travel kit. In fact you can keep a travel kit with essential toiletry items always ready so that it is ready for use anytime.
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Travel Packing Tip

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