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Perfume Oil

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Perfume Oil
Look at different categories of perfume oils and how they react differently with different people to come up with a unique personal fragrance. Check out more on selecting perfume oils.

Fragrances with perfume oil are created to lend a pleasant smell to the human body or even living areas. You can choose a perfume or fragrance based on your individual preference. While some love the floral group of perfumes, others prefer the woody scents like sandal and cedar.

Pure perfume oils leave a lingering and gentle fragrance, one that is not overpowering. Perfume oils are never used in their pure and concentrated form for fear of causing injury or allergy. Choosing the right perfume to suit a personality is much like choosing the right dress, one that blends well with the body chemistry.

Perfume oil groups

The concentration of perfume oil decides the price of the perfume or fragrance product. While eau de toilette and aftershaves have lower content of perfume oil, eau de parfum has higher concentration of perfume oil. A fragrance is a unique thing in that it can smell differently on different people. It is a result of the chemical makeup of a person’s skin and body and the particular perfume oil category. The perfume oil in the fragrance blends with the smell of the skin and produces a new and unique fragrance. Choose a fragrance that makes you feel good.

The top note of a fragrance refers to the scent that a perfume lends immediately on application. This fragrance is usually lighter. The Heart note is the middle note and this follows as soon as the top note evaporates. The base note is the fragrance that lasts the longest – after about half an hour of application. This is the time you can check how the particular perfume oil reacts with the skin.

Floral group: These perfume oils may carry the fragrance of one flower or a group of flowers. Examples of floral perfume oils include rose, lavender and jasmine or blend of flowers. Such perfume oils are usually sweet and strong.

Citrus group: Such perfume oils have a tangy fragrance that is usually preferred in soaps, face scrubs and other skincare products. They include perfume oils such as lemon, grapefruit and mandarin.

Oriental group: Perfume oils that usher in the heady scent of spices and amber, vanilla and musk belong to this group.

Woody group: Perfume oils such as sandalwood and cedar, patchouli or camphor lend a typical woody fragrance, one that brings to mind visions of dense forests and mountain slopes.

Leather group: Perfume oils that lend fragrance of wood, tobacco or honey are primarily used in men’s perfumes and after shave products.

Fougère group: This group of fragrance oils includes lavender, coumarin and oakmoss.

Do not store perfume exposed to direct sunlight. Do not subject perfume to extreme heat or cold. Apply it to your pulse points – inside the ankles, behind the knees, stomach, throat, behind the ears and inside the wrists and elbows.

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