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Natural Deodorant

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Natural Deodorant
An interesting and informative guide to deodorants and natural deodorants in particular.

Sweating is a natural cooling process. Per se, sweat does not smell bad. Body odor is the result of the bacteria that thrives in the hot and humid environment. Underarm odor is the common hygiene issue that can make you a social pariah. In office and other environments, it becomes imperative to ensure that you use the right personal care products so that people don't smell you from a mile afar. It's all about smelling good! What are the natural deodorant options available to you?


A major share of the male deodorant market is captured by Right Guard, Old Spice and Axe. The women deodorant market leaders were Dove and Secret. Top manufacturers of deodorants were Procter and Gamble, Gillette, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive. Deodorants usually come in aerosol spray form as also liquid roll-on form. Antiperspirants are different from deodorants in that they clog and block pores so that they don't release sweat.

On the other hand, deodorants neutralize the smell of sweat and provide antiseptic action against odor-causing bacteria. Anti-bacterial compounds such as propylene glycol and trilosan inhibit their growth. They do not clog pores and interfere with the natural cooling process of the body. They do contain perfume fragrances and alcohol to envelop you in the sweet smell.

There has been apprehension that use of deodorants and antiperspirants leads to breast cancer. Many studies have proved that there is no direct correlation between use of deodorants and breast cancer. But excessive use of antiperspirants is not advised since they contain powerful astringents such as aluminum salts that can accumulate in the brain.

Natural deodorant

Before the advent of deodorants, people in Asia rubbed their armpits with ground crystals of alum. Russians used apple vinegar or lime juice. Baking soda is a natural deodorant that neutralizes the odor of sweat. You can create a natural deodorant with baking soda and cornstarch. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils such as lavender.

Natural liquid deodorants can be made at home by mixing witch hazel extract, aloe vera gel, mineral water, glycerin and antibacterial essential oils. Alum has been used for personal hygiene for centuries. Crystal mineral stones are used as natural deodorants since they create an environment that makes it impossible for bacteria to thrive. They eliminate the odor-causing bacteria and therefore eliminate body odor.

Many natural deodorants are made with alum. Natural deodorants come in various fragrances - apricot, lavender, clove, lemongrass, chamomile and rose. Natural deodorant body powders deliver soothing dryness and protection. They are created with rice and corn starches and lavender extracts. Natural liquid deodorants contain the goodness of Shea butter, apricot oil and corn starch.

Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel are regularly used in natural deodorant products. The fragrance of wild roses or lemon keeps you smelling good. Try out sage-scented natural deodorants that lend a natural and unique scent. Choose natural deodorants made with rosemary or grapefruit extracts. Herbal extracts are usually non-irritating and mild on the skin. The anti-microbial properties of herbal and natural ingredients go a long way in neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. Natural deodorants are environmentally safe and usually hypoallergenic.

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