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Home Fragrance Diffuser

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Home Fragrance Diffuser
In a reed home fragrance diffuser, liquid fragrance seeps up through rattan and fills the room with a soothing calm and welcoming ambiance. Reed diffusers are popular with those who love to add fragrance to their living space; one that is environment friendly and incorporates the elements of aromatherapy.

Bring in the freshness of the Mediterranean or the invigorating scent of lemon grass or the tranquility of vanilla with fragrance diffusers, a decorative way to scent your home. Among the different diffusers available in the market, the reed diffuser is popular. A reed diffuser not only improves the aesthetics of a room but is also smoke, wax, mess and flame free. Reed diffusers are popular with those who love to add fragrance to their living space; one that is environment friendly and incorporates the elements of Aromatherapy.

Reed home fragrance diffuser

A simple wicking system of reeds delivers the fragrance in a distinct style. Liquid fragrance seeps up through the reeds in different diffusers and allows the scent to fill the room. Essential oils are used as the base in these diffusers.

Unlike a normal diffuser, in reed diffusers there is no flame or heat. The reed diffuser lasts day and night and doesn't depend on electricity or battery. However, it has to be monitored for turning of the reeds every week. The reed diffuser emits no smoke and there is just the wafting scent emanating from the incense.

Perhaps the best way to use a reed diffuser is to diffuse essential oils and ionize them into the air. Using heat to diffuse oils breaks down the molecular structure of the essential oils and the aromatic and therapeutic value is thus lost. The cold diffusion of a reed diffuser preserves the delicate balance of the oils and the chemical structure is not affected and hence it is effective. The reed diffuser, in addition, helps conserve the essential oils.

Using a reed diffuser

First remove the sticks that were originally placed in the bottle to absorb the essential oils. Flip sticks so that the dry side is placed into the bottle and the saturated end is in the air. Place the dry, unsaturated ends of the sticks into the bottle. Allow the reed diffuser to naturally permeate the space. The reed diffuser will continue to evaporate in the air and create subtle and luxurious scent. If you need to refresh the fragrance, repeat the steps listed above. Change the rattan reeds every couple of months.

Home fragrance oils

The market for home fragrances and candles was a whopping $ 8.4 billion as early as 2004 and it is steadily growing. In fact, statistics reveals that nearly 80 % adult Americans buy some kind of home fragrance products including candles and candle accessories, sprays, plug-ins, room fresheners, potpourris, air fresheners and air purifiers.

Essential fragrance oils come from plants, root and fruit through distillation. And these oils exhibit more aroma therapeutic properties as they are natural. Fragrance oils are derived from synthetic compounds but they tend to have longer staying power and cannot be distilled like essential oils. They do not dissipate rapidly and do not offer the therapeutic benefits that essential oils offer.

Home fragrance diffusers

  • A heated pad home fragrance oil diffuser uses a plastic ball with a plate. When a pad is placed on the plate, and treated with a few drops of essential oil, the diffuser, which is plugged diffuses aroma. These diffusers can be left plugged all the time with no safety hazard.

  • Steam home fragrance oil diffusers use steam to diffuse oils and ensure the purity of the fragrance.

  • In a burner home fragrance oil diffuser - a few drops of fragrance oil is added to the water-filled reservoir of the burner and a night-light candle is placed below. This when lit, gently heats the water and causes the oil to vaporize and scent the room.

  • Nowadays, easy to use plug-ins can be used Liquid is inserted in these models and small fans that are built-in help diffuse the scent even further.

  • A dashboard fragrance oil diffuser can be inserted into the cigarette lighter orifice of a car. It uses low level heat and is ideal for use in the car during travel. Basil and peppermint fragrances can keep one alert while driving.

  • A ceramic home fragrance oil diffuser does not involve heat and relies instead on the room temperature, sunlight or breeze to distribute the fragrance. Ceramic should be treated with compatible oils.

  • Even treating a piece of ribbon and then tying it on to a window or adding a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of very hot water can scent a room.

Scent diffusers

There is yet another kind of diffuser called scent diffuser. This device is used in treat a home with fragrance to enhance energy, reduce anxiety and alter moods. Scent diffusers have many variations but they release fragrance oils and essential oils in the air in a controlled manner.

Home diffusers can be made of smooth glass and balanced reeds to match the color and d├ęcor of a room. While slender reeds can create a Zen like effect, glass diffusers offer a variety of color choices. There are special aromas available for the seasons and you can mix and match the scent to create a theme that spreads through your home. For instance, winter months are ideal for winter birch wood and black fig fragrances. You can opt for vanilla musk and cashmere or imbibe the warm and rich notes of the sumptuous fig spiced with star fruit, allspice and cassia root. During summer, the favorite choices are ginger, patchouli, lavender, lemon and sweet orange.

Tips to using fragrance diffusers

Avoid diffusers that are strongly colored as this indicates that the product has high levels of water and alcohol. Choosing a fragrance can go a long way towards creating a particular ambience in a room. For instance, lemon grass scents calm and aids in relaxation and reducing anxiety. Experiment with different aromas and fragrances and with different product combinations. Create a soothing calm and welcoming ambience.

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