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Tattoo Art

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Tattoo Art
Tattoo art is an expression of belief and individuality. Learn more about tribal tattoo and popular tattoo designs.

Since early times man has practiced the art of skin ornamentation. Be it early tribal tattoos that exhibited clan affiliation to modern day tattoos, tattoo art has been used as an expression of personal freedom and spirit. Today, tattoos range from the simple designs to elaborate and bold statements. What are temporary tattoos? Can tattoos be removed?

Tattoo art

Tattoo art can be traced back to ancient times in many a culture. The Ainu people of Japan used facial tattoos. Tattoos were used in some cultures to identify and brand criminals and wrongdoers. Tattoo art has been found on Egyptian and Nubian mummies dating back to 2000 B.C. The word tattoo finds its origin in the Tahitian word 'tattau' which means 'to mark'.

Before going in for a tattoo, you need to decide where you want it on your body. Consider aesthetics as well as the pain involved in the tattooing process. Typically male tattoos are created on arms, shoulders, upper back and chest. The male tattoo designs must be chosen so that they are big enough to fill the muscle area. Female tattoos are usually on ankles, feet, lower stomach, upper and lower back. You can choose from various tattoo designs, from the large tribal or Celtic tattoos or tattoos of stars, cross, butterfly or dragons - all popular tattoo designs.

Tattoos are created using a needle attached to a hand-held tool - electric tattooing machine. This needle is moved up and down in vibrations and it penetrates the skin by a millimeter. The pigment or ink intermingles with the cells in the dermis and shows through the epidermis. Tattoo art material such as inks, ink cups, needles and gloves are used only once to eliminate any lurking infection and contamination.

The area for the tattoo is washed and disinfected and shaved. The outline of the design is applied as a guide to the tattoo artist. After the procedure, the area is washed and a sterile dressing is applied. The cost of tattooing can start from around $80 to $100 an hour. You can also get a price for a complete tattoo design. Color tattoos are not much more expensive than black ones though they take longer.

The abdomen, spine and chest are probably the most painful areas for tattooing. The American Academy of Dermatology says that non-sterile tattooing practices have led to the transmission of syphilis, hepatitis B and other infectious organisms. Tattoo artists should be vaccinated for hepatitis B. Infection and allergic reactions can result from tattoos if proper care is not taken after the session. Most of the colors and pigments used for tattooing are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos are expressions of personal freedom and uniqueness. They can be expressions of religious, magical or spiritual beliefs. Many of the island cultures of the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia have their established ritual styles of permanent marking or tattooing. Most tribal tattoos are monochromatic -black and skin tone.

Some Indian tribes tattoo the body or face by pricking while in some Arctic tribes and in Siberia, needle punctures were made underneath the skin with a thread coated with pigment. Tribal tattoos inspired by Native American designs or tribes can be done with a contemporary touch. You could get a tribal tattoo, inspired by a seal or flag of a Native American flag clan or even a word or syllable of your name or that of your loved one. Polynesian tattoos are characterized by bold black abstracts or figurative designs

Tattoo design

You can pick up tattoo designs from Flash stock designs. These tattoo designs are easier to reproduce as compared to custom art designs. In cases where the customer wants a one-of-a-kind tattoo design, certain factors have to be taken into consideration such as design size, placement and price.

The Butterfly tattoo design: symbolizes freedom and beauty, with its symmetry, color and form and flight. Perhaps it is the infinite variety in pattern and color that makes them so popular. The grace with which they take flight is inspiration for many a tattoo pattern.

Cross tattoo design: The cross tattoo design is a revered and spiritual symbol. The Latin Cross tattoo design is by far the most popular though the Cross of Triumph is also chosen by many a follower. The Crucifix is a popular symbol in the Catholic faith and is another oft-chosen tattoo design. The Crusader's Cross and Maltese Cross are other popular Cross tattoo designs.

Star tattoo design: Choose from star tattoo designs that weave in the sun, shooting stars and crescent moons. The Jewish Star of David is another popular star tattoo design. The star design has emerged as a new popular favorite for the sexy and sensual tailbone (lower back) tattoo.

Dragon tattoo design: This is by far a very popular tattoo design to represent freedom and power. You can find a traditional dragon tattoo design or go in for one with a more contemporary image. Dragon tattoos flatter the body contours and with strong bold colors these tattoos are eye-catching.

Lower back tattoo

Well, if you have decided to go in for a sexy lower back tattoo, you can accentuate your hour glass shape with a tattoo design of an angel, butterfly or dolphin. Choose a tribal tattoo design for your tailbone or opt for one with deeper symbolism. In Celtic and Welsh mythology, animals symbolize fertility and vitality.

You can position a lion tattoo design on your lower back to make a statement about your courage and pride. An eagle tattoo design on your lower back speaks of your yearning to go beyond the ordinary. You can choose feminine and sensual tattoo designs such as flowers and dragonflies or birds.

Temporary tattoo

If you want the adventure of getting a tattoo design done but don't want to be stuck with it forever, temporary tattoos are just right for you! Stick on or rub on types of temporary tattoos come in a wide range of designs and colors. Ensure that you pick up a good quality temporary tattoo that is non-toxic.

This type of tattoo usually comes off in one washing or when exposed to friction. Other materials like glitter are also incorporated with some of the temporary tattoo stencils. Paint on tattoo is yet another kind of temporary tattoos. It involves use of airbrush and stencils. You can get one of this kind done at a country fair but it is more expensive than the stick on type.

Tattoo removal

Permanent removal of a tattoo is not possible though it depends on the size, location as well the individual's ability to heal. Older tattoos are easier to remove than newer injections. Laser treatment is the recommended method of tattoo removal as it involves low risk and can be done on outpatient basis. Black pigment tattoos are easiest to remove since black absorbs all laser wavelengths.

The laser beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by the ink. This causes the ink to break down so that it can be removed by the body's lymphatic system. Doctors prescribe use of non-Aspirin pain relievers and prescription anesthetic creams to reduce discomfort. Laser pulses are directed on to the tattoo and the pigment is broken up. Tattoo removal usually involves more than one sitting. Antibacterial creams and dressings are needed as aftercare.

The site of the tattoo might be red for a few days and form a scab. There may be side effects such as hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation. Very large tattoos cannot be removed with laser but might need surgical removal of the skin with the pigment. This area is either sutured or grafted with skin from another part of the body. Dermabrasion may rub off the tattooed skin with an abrasive instrument.

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