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Body Painting

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Body Painting
Body painting art uses the human body as a canvas for expression. Read more on various forms of body painting.

Of all the various forms of body art, body painting is probably the most temporary. One wash and you are back to the person you were. Unlike tattoos and body piercing, body painting gives you a temporary change in look - for theme parties, fundraiser or just for the fun of it! While body painting enthusiasts consider it an art form, others find it obscene and risqué. Read up this brief and informative piece on body painting art.

Body painting

From early times, body painting has been practiced by primitive and aboriginal tribes in adherence to conventions, laws and religion. War paint on the face was commonly used by the natives of New Guinea and Indians of North America. Face painting of clowns has been regularly done to create an exaggerated and comical expression. Since the past few years, the art of body painting has taken on new dimensions.

Body painting art is considered by enthusiasts as a visual artistic expression. This unique and colorful painting form has a sensuous and erotic undertone. The human body is seen the canvas for visual aesthetics. The body painting art can involve painting small designs on some parts of the body or painting the complete body for best effect. Some models get their bodies painted in the nude while others wear body suits.

Body painting can be effectively used in theatre, dance and pantomime presentations. Look up some body painting galleries online and you will notice various forms of body painting, from snakeskin-like appearance to complete formal dress and even fake painted jewelry.

While smaller patterns can be easily painted, complete body painting with intricate detailing can take many hours of painstaking work. The World Body Painting Association holds the Annual Body Painting Festival and conducts special effects workshops. Body painting artists from all over the world can participate in the styling workshops and seminars. While some are body painters by profession, others take to it as a hobby.

Body Painting Art

You can use grease paint for body painting as against watercolors. Grease paint gives a smooth surface and glides easily on the body. Watercolors dry quickly and give a cracked finish. But they can be washed off easily. Some body painting artists use gold, silver and bronze for a metallic look. Body paint is applied with sponges and large brushes. Sometimes airbrushing is also done.

But ensure that the paints don't go inside the person's eyes or nose. Some people develop allergic reactions to the body paint. You must ensure that the paints are non-toxic and the makeup used is FDA approved. Do not use wet brushes that transfer bacteria easily from one person to another. These days people get their faces and bodies painted for parties and theme parties. Body painting is done for special effects at grand openings and fun raisers. You can look up online body painting directories to locate a body painting artist near you.

For those who don't want to use chemical paints on their bodies and yet want to go in for body imaging, henna painting is the best alternative. Henna paint is made of herbal compounds and is relatively safer to use. Henna paste is squeezed onto the skin with an applicator. The henna artist wields the applicator with ease to create intricate whorls, lines and curves.

When the dried paste is flaked off, it leaves red tint that is characteristic of henna. The color can range from deep burgundy to bright orange. Women get their backs and stomachs painted with intricate henna designs. It is not uncommon to see delicate henna circlets around the necks and arms of many women.

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