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Face Painting

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Face Painting
Face painting is popular at kids' parties, theme parties and fun events. Find out more about this fascinating art and pick up some face painting ideas.

Face painting has been in vogue since ancient days. War tribes of old painted their faces with colored clay to frighten enemies. Native Americans used roots, berries and tree bark to paint their face. Historical records reveal that face painting was used as a 'camouflage' for hunting, religious and military reasons.

Today, face painting is pure fun. It is seen as a common entertainment during festivals and fairs, family reunions, wedding functions and even corporate events. It enlivens birthday parties, circus and a class play. In fact a number of theme parks have booths for face painting free of cost.

Anybody and everybody can paint a face and anybody can turn oneself into anyone or anything. All it requires is a little imagination, a perceptive mind, patience, box of paints and brushes, and of course a willing subject. Read on to pick up some face painting ideas and face painting designs. Learn to enliven a party with kid face painting tips.

Face painting

The encyclopedia simply describes face painting as an artistic application of paint to a persons' face. Water color paints are ideal for face painting. They can be applied and removed easily. The most essential thing is to use 'non toxic' and 'non allergic' good quality paints that produce no side effects such as skin allergies. It is better to patch test the paint on your arm before applying on the face.

Simple face paints can be made at home using food coloring, corn starch and cold cream. It is economical. Home made paints are gentle and can easily wash off. A palette of six good quality paint cost about $ 12. This can be used for about 70 'cheek art designs'.

In olden times tribes used clay and natural pigments to paint themselves. It is always safe to use natural paints. Nowadays there are companies that produce paint for specific face painting purposes. Ensure that these paints are tested for safety and they comply with European and American FDA regulations. From solid shades to pearl finish and interesting color choices, there is wide range of paints that can be used for face painting ideas. Acrylic paints should never be used on the skin.

Face Painting idea

Face painting is a therapeutic and creative outlet. Amazing faces can be created by the imaginative skills painter on a receptive subject. The costume of the subject should complement the face paint. Only then disguises can be more effective and original. Face paints can be kept for a maximum of six hours. The skin becomes sore and itchy if paints are kept for too long.

Professional face painting is an expensive art. It cost $ 50 - $ 200 per hour. Complex face painting may need professional expertise. Nowadays 'do- it-yourself' detailed guides to face painting are available. They are simple, less expensive and suitable for kid face painting.

Face painting stamps are also available online. This makes the process even easier. The face painting design can be stamped on the face and painting can be done on it. Stencils of designs and shapes can be used by those who are not confident of free hand. Flowers, animals, stars and hearts can simply be stenciled on to the kids' cheek.

Face Painting Brush

The next essential supply for face painting is the brush and sponge. Brushes come in different shapes and sizes depending upon the user and the usage. Cheap brushes should never be used. A good quality brush should cost about $ 3.00 apiece and must be used just once. It is essential to have at least three to four brushes for simple face painting. Small paint brushes are for extremely detailed work; medium sized softer pointed brushes are for bolder strokes; whereas the larger brushes are for filling big face areas and outlines.

Professional face painters use specialized brushes to achieve their end result. Angled flat brush to blend two face paints together, fan shaped brushes for feathered edge effect are used with expertise. Sponges can also be used effectively in place of a brush. With couple of sponges, the whole face can be painted.

To cover large areas of the face, one particular color sponge can be used. Sponges are effective for smooth finish face painting. Sponges are available in plenty and are more economical than brushes. Another advantage is sponges can be cut into two, serving dual purpose. The sharp edge of the sponge can be used to produce lines and clean edges. Special sponges are also available to produce 'stipple effect'.

Face painting designs

With face painting being used popularly for kids, simple, cute, appealing, quick and fun designs are popular. Designs should be chosen according to the face contours of the subject. For example, a longish face will suit for a Dracula whereas a round face should be most suited for tiger. Since it is nearly impossible to get a kid to sit still for more than 10 minutes or so, simple face painting designs that dry fast should be chosen for kid face painting.

Simple designs are also easy to paint. For instance, a 'ghost' needs load of white paint, a dot on black eyes. 'Jack-O-Lantern' needs a circular or oval bright orange paint for face, with black color paint for the eyes and a green stem. Super heroes like Phantom, Superman, Spiderman, Animal faces like dog, tiger, cat, fairy tale characters like Prince, Princess, and Dracula, priest, pirate, clown, ghost are all popular 'faces' with children.

Butterflies, rabbits, flowers and human characters can also be tried. Sometimes, for a kid's party, something different as a bat, dragonfly, fish, owl that concentrate on the eye can also be tried. Popular designs for girls are heart, star, smiley faces, and dolphin.

Popular designs for boys are: spider, mustache, beard, snake, pirate, and dacoit. During Halloween, face painting takes on added popularity. Adults attending parties at night get disguised, getting their face painted by stylists. They also dye their hair in green, blue, orange and vivid colors. False nails, vampire teeth, glitter color with sparkly effect on the face are all sought after.

Face painting designs include emblems, favorite sports team and cartoons and human characters. The finished face should be visualized in mind before actual face painting starts. Never venture into face painting without deciding on the basic design. Special effects /touches can be added any time after basic painting is finished.

Kid Face painting

What better way to indulge a child?s fantasy to play a character than by kid face painting! A big mustache, a long beard, a black patch on one eye ... and the child becomes a famous dacoit of the high seas. From a ferocious lion or a fairy princess to a wicked witch, vampire or funny clown, kid face painting is a child?s dream come true.

It is best for the child to pick the face design idea. This helps to build creativity in the child. Children are happy to celebrate the occasion with simple design. There is no need for expensive professional face painting here. Only fancy, vibrant, bright colors matter to the kids. Perfection of the image does not matter much. Never attempt kid face painting when there are open wounds, cuts or rashes. Water based paints are best on kids as it can be washed off easily.

Patience is the essence of face painting. It is better to wait for the first color to dry before painting the second color. Apply thin layer of face paint rather than thick layers which tend to crack and look ugly. A perfect combination of attractive design, bright and subtle paint colors, special effects like bumpy noses, big raised eye brows, ideal warts and extreme ghostly effects and a lot of practice, imagination and creativity can make for interesting face painting ideas.

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