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Nail Art

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Nail Art
With decorative nail art, give your nails a wild and glamorous look. Find out more about this popular beauty trend.

Unkempt and dirty nails don't make for a pretty sight. There was a time when manicures were the only luxury that hand nails were subject to. The days of conservative neutral shaded nail polish are gone! These are the times of sleek and trendy shades with a variety of textures.

Wild funky colors embellished with rhinestones, beads, stickers and crystals; acrylic nails with unexpected designs and hoops pierced through; fancy nail colors studded with gold glitter - You can take your pick from a large nail art design gallery. A nail bar stylist can guide you with suitable nail art designs. You can get yourself a nail art kit and try out some of the designs yourself.

Nail Art

Manicures include shaping the nails, cuticle care, hand massage and polishing and buffing of the nails. Professionally manicured nails make for a well-groomed look. Nail art is a creative process wherein the nails are cared for and decorated with designs and colors that can range from simple prints to abstracts and crystal and glittering embellishment.

The nail is the canvas on which you can use delicate dried flowers or smiley stickers or diamantes. A nail stylist uses different techniques to achieve the desired effects. Acrylic nails are stuck to the nails to extend them. This is ideal for those who do not have long nails or have chipped nails. The nail is then polished and smoothened for a natural look. Nail art is a creative process - you can get your nails painted or stick gems or water based decals. Airbrushing techniques in nail art can lend your nails a wonderful finish.

Hand painted nail art involves painting on the nails with creative designs. Angular brushes are used to paint fine dots. Fine sharp lines are drawn in geometric patterns on the painted nails. A teardrop effect can also be achieved with the right pressure on the painting brush. Apply several coats of clear nail polish. Use a toothpick to make stripes or patterns. When the paint is slightly wet, fix hearts or stars on it. Air brushing involves use of an air gun that emits a fine spray. There is a wide range of stencil designs that aid in nail art practice. Use colored gems and silver or gold leaf to best advantage. For a grunge look, you can pierce studs and pins. Delicate strokes can give your nails graphic designs and decorative patterns. Bridal nail art involves delicate patterns and designs on a French manicure base - pearly whites and blushing pinks.

Nail Art Gallery

Nail art design galleries provide a repertoire of nail designs that you can choose from. Sometimes they come with easy to follow directions to aid readers. Nail art designs can be theme based - you can look for upcoming holiday seasons or festivals for inspiration. Some web sites offer nail art pictures by nail stylists in nail art galleries that are arranged category wise. A nail art gallery provides pictures of trained nail stylists and catalogs of various trends.

Acrylic Nail Art

Acrylic nails can be extremely durable, especially for those who work with their hands. It protects and supports weak natural nails. Sometimes the nails are subject to a minute of safe UV lamp exposure to strengthen the acrylic nails and provide greater flexibility. Another alternative is fiberglass nails that are applied over a plastic tip. There are different application techniques that can give your nails a sleek look.

Nail Art Kit

Have a party planned out and want to experiment with some funky nail art? Pick up a nail art kit and get your talons all set. Nail art kits come with different varnish colors that allow you to create your own patterns and styles. Look up designs from nail art galleries for inspiration. The kit comes with brushes and pens for detailed and intricate patterning. Some nail art kits provide glitter and nail jewelry too. If you are looking for a more advanced nail art kit, look for one that provides the acrylics and fiberglass for the artificial nails. metallic colors such as bronze and copper and silver can help you create magic on your nails.

Nail polish pens allow you to do your own custom nail art on. Give vent to your creative ideas with the brush and nib options and surprise everyone with your unique talons. Shading brushes are excellent for blending color into leaves and petals of flowers. Basic nail art kits cost about $3. A nail art kit containing about 50 nails, a buffer, a sheet of nail art designs and 3 sheets of stick-on decals costs around $5.

You can gift a friend a nail art kit with metal design plates that makes nail painting a breeze. A professional nail art stylist seeking nail art supplies would need to invest in some equipment to offer the customers the best service. A nail art kit costing about £450 contains airbrush and other equipment and materials to start a nail art salon.

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