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Bilateral Mastectomy

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Bilateral Mastectomy
A mastectomy bra is a boon for women who have had breast removal surgery. Mastectomy swimsuits and breast prosthesis bought at a mastectomy boutique help in reviving positive body image and enduring healthy lifestyle.

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure to treat breast cancer. Depending on whether it is a simple or bilateral mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy, partial or segmental mastectomy, a woman's breast is removed entirely or partially.

A woman faces a challenging task to accept and accommodate altered body changes. All she needs and deserves is care and support and reassurance about her femininity. Post mastectomy, it is natural and realistic for a woman to feel less comfortable in sleeveless or short sleeved dresses and outfits with low necklines. There is a need for special consideration in choosing outfits that replicate the normal form, feel and outward appearance.

Gone are the days when a woman was deprived of these specific accessories such as mastectomy bra and mastectomy swimsuit. Find valuable information specifically addressing post- mastectomy clothing requirements that provide excellent body support and shape. Shop in mastectomy boutique for positive body image and enduring healthy lifestyle.

Prophylactic mastectomy

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, there are many options that are offered for surgery. Mastectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a breast. The appropriate mastectomy procedure is decided after considering the woman's age and general health along with the tumor size, stage and grade. In early stages of breast cancer, partial mastectomy is performed and followed with radiation therapy on remaining breast tissues.

Lumpectomy involves removal of only the tumor along with a small portion of surrounding tissue. This tissue along with nearby lymph nodes are examined for guiding future treatment course. While unilateral mastectomy involves surgical removal of one breast, bilateral mastectomy means removal of both breasts. When this is done, the breast tissue is also removed so as to reduce the chances of breast cancer from recurring.

Prophylactic mastectomy means removing healthy breasts of a woman so as to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. This is done in high-risk women after consultation with a specialist in cancer genetics. Women who have already had breast cancer or have a family history of breast cancer may consider this procedure to reduce their risks.

This procedure is also referred to as preventive mastectomy. With existing data it is noticed that prophylactic mastectomy reduces the risk of breast cancer by 90% in moderate and high-risk women.

Breast Prosthesis

Otherwise known as breast form, breast prosthesis is an artificial breast that can be worn inside mastectomy bra. With the help of a special adhesive, breast prosthesis can be attached to the body too. The weight of breast prosthesis simulates natural breast and body shape and makes you feel quite natural and comfortable. Breast prosthesis comes in a variety of materials such as silicone, foam or fiberfill.

  • Simulates natural breast. Feels normal and natural
  • Adapts to body temperature
  • Protects chest and hides scars
  • Helps full body to remain in balance
  • Prevents developing of muscle-skeletal problems
  • Both the shoulders are evenly balanced
  • Keeps bra in place, restricts shifting
  • Enables freedom of body movement
  • Improves self-confidence

Mastectomy Bra

Having selected breast prosthesis, you require mastectomy bra that provides ultimate support and comfort in your chest area. Women who have undergone mastectomy surgery have revealed and shared their feelings on using mastectomy bra. According to these women, a mastectomy bra is the best alternative to fill the imbalance, an unavoidable outcome after mastectomy surgery.

There is hardly any difference between a regular bra and a mastectomy bra. The only element that differentiates a mastectomy bra from a regular bra is the stretch pockets. Located inside the mastectomy bra, these pockets are ideal to hold and keep the breast prosthesis in place. You can be sure of giving a befitting shape that unseemingly resembles a natural breast.

Advantages of mastectomy bra

  • Helps to balance body posture
  • Protects chest and covers scars post surgery
  • Extends extra support, comfort and secured feeling
  • Mastectomy specialty shops make shopping easier
  • Traditional as well as tailor made options available
  • Certified mastectomy fitters ensure meeting individual needs
  • Better results with well-fitting prosthesis

Choosing mastectomy bra

Keep these points in mind while selecting a mastectomy bra:

  • Prefer wide, padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Choose mastectomy bra with good separation between the cups
  • Check if pockets are soft cotton fabric
  • Look if bra cups have elastic edging to hold breast form neatly
  • Check for hook fasteners at the back of the bra to give required support
  • Try before you purchase. Suggest alterations if required
  • Make sure it provides support and covers surgical area neatly

There is no prescribed or scheduled time to start wearing mastectomy bra. It depends on the type of surgery and the time taken for healing. This varies from woman to woman. It is best to adhere to physician's advice. However, past records suggest that most women feel comfortable to wear mastectomy bra and prosthesis within 2-8 weeks after breast surgery.

Mastectomy swimsuit

Mastectomy swimsuits help you to relax or unwind at your favorite beach or swimming pool just the way you did earlier, with total confidence. Just like the mastectomy bra, a mastectomy swimsuit includes pockets for holding a breast form. Thus, your figure looks fuller. Mastectomy swimsuits come in a range of styles. Select longer torso swimsuits with high neck as it would make you feel totally comfortable and natural.

Mastectomy Boutique

Catering to the needs of breast surgery women, mastectomy boutique stocks mastectomy bra, mastectomy swimsuits, breast prosthesis and other post-mastectomy garments. Mostly owned by women, these boutiques extend immense empathetic support and professionalized services. Combined with a caring attitude, you benefit consulting a certified mastectomy fitter who understands the fitting problems. The mastectomy fitter is well trained and experienced to help you select comfortable, perfect fitting clothes.

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