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LISS Cardio Training

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LISS Cardio Training
Maintaining the heart rate at around 70% of maximum heart rate, Low intensity steady state cardio offers many benefits to those seeking fitness and endurance.

LISS is Low Intensity Steady State or Low Intensity Sustained State

LISS Cardio gets the heart rate elevated like most form of cardio activities. It involves going at steady rate of repeating the same cardio activity. LISS can be done while going on a light jog, dancing, cycling or swimming. Other forms of LISS cardio activity include walking on a treadmill incline, walking up a set of stairs, steady rowing or elliptical machine. It works well for those starting to build stamina.

LISS Cardio seeks to maintain steadily at about 60 – 70% of max heart rate. Your max heart rate can be calculated as your age subtracted from 220.

LISS Cardio benefits

LISS cardio workouts burn fat too – but they take longer than HIIT. LISS workouts get the blood to circulate by ensuring fresh supply of oxygen to the body during the session. LISS cardio does not put the body into stressed levels. Instead it seeks to place the body into a lower level of exertion – one where it is more relaxed and not pushed to extremes.

Major Difference between LISS and HIIT

Low Intensity Steady State High intensive interval training
  • Low risk of injury

  • You won't get winded

  • You can work out longer

  • Ideal for those who are beginners to exercise

  • Works for those who have been suffering pain

  • Endorphin boost

  • Not stressful on the muscles, joints and bones

  • Ideal for recovery days

  • Improves endurance

  • Burns more body fat than sustained activity like the steady-state cardio

  • Related to EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, a process which occurs while doing HIIT thus burning additional calories for hours post-exercise.

  • improves speed, endurance and agility

  • helps preserves muscle mass

Since LISS cardio sessions are less taxing, there is lesser chance of beginners dropping out due to workout injuries and pains. Besides, it is good for improving your mood and cognition and helping to control blood sugar. LISS cardio aids in keeping metabolic activity steady and oxygen intake balanced. For a person recovering from an injury or surgery, LISS workouts might be a good way to start their exercise routine. It provides overall fitness and conditioning.

It can get repetitive and boring for some. You might need to switch activities if you are likely to get bored. It provides lesser challenges than HIIT. LISS cardio does not help build power and muscle.

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