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Feng Shui Symbols

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Feng Shui SymbolsFeng Shui SymbolsFeng Shui Symbols
Feng shui cures in the forms of various charms, products and symbols are carefully placed in the appropriate bagua to bring positive energy and dispel negative energy. Online feng shui stores offer a mind-boggling range of such products, ranging from crystals and wind chimes to bagua mirrors and dragons.

An online feng shui store functions not just as a catalog of products but also offers specialist advice, tips and newsletters to its customers. Scientific studies have proved the relationship between colors and human moods and feelings.

Feng shui colors and symbols are placed in appropriate locations in the right gua so as to bring about harmony and balance. If you have been curious about the significance of various feng shui products, this article will shed light on some of the popular feng shui cures.

Feng shui product

Bamboo flutes emit melodious sounds that can captivate you. Being a feng shui symbol of strength, endurance and power, this feng shui product is found at various feng shui stores. The Bagua mirror is one of the most popular feng shui products. You can find hand painted bagua mirrors and pendants that have longevity knots that invite good health and long life. The lilting and delightful sound of a wooden or metal wind chime can enthrall one and all.

Crystal cascades are feng shui symbols of positive energy that are often used to deflate negative energy. Hung at a window, these cascades can bring in positive chi and fill the space with rainbow-hued colors. The lucky bamboo is recommended by many practitioners as it is considered a harbinger of good luck. This lucky bamboo is a feng shui symbol that grows for years with minimal care. Wealth charms such as good luck coins and wealth calling balls are popular feng shui cures.

Using fountains effectively

Check out the array of unique tabletop feng shui fountains found at online stores selling feng shui products. The soothing sound of gently flowing water works as a relaxant and calms you. This can be very helpful for those seeking to enter a state of meditation. A feng shui fountain moves water and thereby disperses energy and balances it. These fountains are sometimes enhanced with plants and stones.

A water pump duplicates the natural flow of water and recreates the sound of a gurgling brook. A feng shui fountain in the wealth area is a feng shui cure that will contribute to your personal wealth situation. An alternative feng shui cure is an aquarium or fish bowl. The career gua of the house can be enhanced with such feng shui symbols.

Feng shui symbols

Feng shui symbols or products when placed correctly help in directing the flow of energy into your space. Using imagery and paintings and statues and such feng shui symbols, you can block negative chi. The carp fish is a Chinese feng shui symbol of great wealth. Legend has it that a Carp turns into a Celestial Dragon on its last leap and attracts great riches for the inmates of the house. The beaming and benevolent Buddha can be found at any feng shui store.

Play with colors for luck

It is known that colors affect us physically, emotionally and psychologically. If you use the feng shui colors appropriately, you can seek to achieve balance in your living space. Since the Chinese believe that red brings luck, most Chinese brides wear scarlet. Most of the front doors are painted red to invite happiness. This holds good for all colors in the same range such as pink, plum and violet. Let us take a look at the interpretations of various feng shui colors.

  • Black symbolizes money and incomes and is particularly powerful when combined with metal.
  • White has been the traditional color of purity and goodness and works best when combined with gold or silver.
  • Purple is representative of spiritual awareness and is an excellent feng shui cure of physical and mental healing.
  • Blue creates a feeling of relaxation and trust and is also associated with intellect and wisdom.
  • Yellow is indicative of communication, health and friendliness. An overdose of it can lead to anxiety.
  • Orange is the color of creativity and organization.
  • Red is the color of good fortune and infuses confidence.
  • Green is a refreshing and nurturing color that brings along harmony and balance and is excellent for growth and expansion.

Set them right

Believers in feng shui make use of consultants to provide them with a feng shui cure in case of recurrent problems and adverse situations. A feng shui cure is an amalgamation of various design elements such as color, furniture placement, landscaping and lighting. Any feng shui cure seeks to balance the subtle energy and weave harmony, happiness and prosperity. Such cures seek to redirect harmful energy.

A feng shui plant can work as a cure. Having a large plant in your wealth gua with coins buried in the mud can have a positive effect on your finances. Feng shui cures placed in the relationship gua can activate the relationship chi. Online feng shui stores offer a variety of wind chimes, bagua mirrors, crystals and charms.

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