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What is feng shui decorating all about? It's all about using space in your home or office effectively in order to attract and keep the chi in. Feng shui interior decoration encompasses the golden and practical rules of housekeeping as well as feng shui beliefs. Read on to find out how to decorate your feng shui bedroom to add some zing to your love life! We take you through the feng shui garden and its positive effect on your home and health.

Feng shui decor

Every room of our house plays an important role in our lives. Feng shui interior decorating tips that can have a great impact on many aspects of your life:

  • Clutter and mess is anathema to the rules of feng shui interior decorating. A messy home or office can block and ward off positive chi.
  • Plants can be used to good advantage in home decoration.
  • It is best to avoid sharp cornered objects and excessive overhead lights when trying to incorporate feng shui in interior decorating.
  • Strong drafts are also not considered to have a positive influence.

When using feng shui decorating rules for the kitchen, ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated and safe. The kitchen plays an important role in your life, as 'you are what you eat'. Overhead and exposed beams should be avoided in a feng shui home. They are considered to bring oppressive chi and breed distrust and dishonesty. Sharp and protruding corners in a feng shui house can be softened with cascading plants or wind chimes or even furnishings with rounded edges.

Feng shui house

The first principle in any feng shui home is to allow space at the main door to be free and clear so as to allow chi to flow in. Avoid shoes near the door. A feng shui home should ideally have a water fountain positioned favorably so as to attract and trap the chi. Do not have a stove and refrigerator or washing machine in the kitchen together as this might cause disagreements on account of the fire and water crash.

Feng shui decorating - bedroom

A bedroom is a sanctuary for privacy, peace and intimacy. trying to get a balance of the five elements in a feng shui bedroom can be first step towards feng shui home decoration. Wooden beds are a better bet in your feng shui bedroom since metal beds can conduct electricity. A feng shui bedroom should have an ideal lighting level, not too dim yet not too harsh. A feng shui tip to apply to your bedroom decoration is to avoid large plants and mirrors.

The headboard for the bed placed against a solid wall of the bedroom makes for good feng shui. If you are seeking a new romantic partner, your feng shui bedroom must make space for that person in your home. Another feng shui tip for bedrooms is to avoid placing sports equipment here. Any paintings, imagery or sculpture of solitude, loneliness or aggression do not find place in a feng shui bedroom. Beautiful romantic artwork, fresh flowers and items in pairs are ideal for feng shui decoration of your bedroom.

Feng shui decorating - home office

The first step towards getting your feng shui office in place is to select the right site for the office or business. Circular and horseshoe shaped plots are preferred. Office sites on locations where they are exposed to the elements are not the right choice as per feng shui principles. Large monuments and sculptures in the immediate vicinity of your office can produce secret or poison arrows.

A feng shui office entrance should face an open area creating a bright hall effect. You can use mirrors to good effect in feng shui interior decoration of your office.

A mirror hanging by the cash register symbolizes a doubling effect and can be a harbinger of good fortune. The reception of a feng shui office should be ideally open and well lit to encourage the flow of chi. Having a desk with your back to the window is to be avoided. A desk in a feng shui office ideally faces the door at an angle with your back to a wall for support. Use objects of the five elements to energize your work desk. A feng shui decorating tip here is to balance light and dark colors as well as smooth and rough textures in the office space.

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