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Feng Shui 2010

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Hailed as the art of positioning, feng shui can also be called the art of flow. Find out how more about Feng Shui 2010. Learn how a feng shui frog is used as a symbol of wealth. Place it in the right corner and watch your luck unfold before you!

Positive energy attracts positive energy
Emotional and physical environs deeply affect our day to day lives. Feng shui establishes that living in accord with nature rather than against it benefits us. Harmony to the environment as per feng shui guidelines is tantamount to the right placement of the objects in our surroundings. With adequate knowledge of feng shui, we can deal with our environment in a friendly manner. Feng shui teaches how to act with honesty and respect to the earth and to work with the flow of nature.

To scrutinize and correct the flow of energy into and through our space, feng shui provides a set of rules and tools. Furniture in rooms is arranged in a fashion to create a smooth passage for chi. Any negative flow of vital energy or chi is counter acted upon and only positive energy is let to flow within and through a dwelling. Opportunities and advancement knock at your doors once feng shui is adopted within your home. You can observe a new aspect to your surroundings once you begin looking at your possessions with a feng shui eye.

Feng shui 2010

Every year has it's own energy according to feng shui and 2010 is yin fire year. Happy and faithful relationships ring the keynote in feng shui for the year 2010. Prosperity knocks at your door with the right feng shui in 2010. Economic recovery, confidence and much more will materialize with the right feng shui in 2010. Watch out as the spring season in 2010 is up - you are to yield on all your honest efforts if you have tailored to fengshui. Our homes have both strong and weak areas and these areas keep varying every year. Let us exploit feng shui to its fullest by making small worthwhile changes in our homes.

Feng shui 2010 - adapt and profit

Profit from this guidance to feng shui 2010, using the eight direction principle. The most trusted method to derive at feng shui as it uses a four cardinal compass and the calculations are very accurate. Welcome positive energy and drive away the negative energy. Each of the eight directions has a different effect, make the best of them.

Since 2010 is the Metal Tiger year, it is a good idea to place earth elements and their colors in the East feng shui area. This is because earth elements support metal. But steer clear of any fire elements such as candles or colors like orange or purple in this area for Feng shui 2010. The center feng shui area is of prime focus during feng shui 2010. Place colors such as purple, orange and yellow. As part of Feng shui 2010 cures, place a vibrant green plant in the north to balance the effects of negative energy in this area. Do not go in for any fire or metal element. Each Feng shui area is likely to be beneficial with its auspicious energy. South: Use a lamp to weaken the disturbing force of this area that is associated with inter-personal conflict.

West: Add metal and water in colors of silver and blue to improve general health.

North West: Keep a water fountain, aquarium or a fresh bowl of water in blue or black to improve on relationships.

North: By using positive energy levels fame, wealth and romance can be strengthened. You can use a plant to enhance this area.

East: Water and plants in blue and green can build good relationships and romance.

South east: Candles, lamps with red shade can help improve on health and family difficulties.

Feng shui frog

Surprised as to how a frog can bring wealth! According to Feng shui, a three-legged toad can work wonders. According to feng shui, the money frog is a symbol of prosperity and is associated with monetary gains. 'Chan chu' as the money frog is called in Chinese is associated with the moon. This is because it is believed that the frog transforms with the moon. The feng shui money frog represents wealth, good health and is the wife of one of the eight immortals.

Punished for having stolen money from the Heaven, the money frog always craves for money. Feng shui money frog is always seen with a bed of money. Money frog is also believed to be one among the five holy creatures who guard against misfortune and bless the home with wealth and prosperity. Feng shui money frog can bring salary and position, good fortune, happiness, longevity and good health.

Where to place the Feng shui frog

The money frog can be placed in the living room or garden to invite more wealth and good fortune. It can also be placed under the sofa or table or in any isolated place. The feng shui money frog can also help you identify additional sources of income and better career growth. Bring home luck, prosperity, good health and much more through a feng shui money frog.

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Feng Shui 2010

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