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Reseller Hosting

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For those seeking hosting services, reseller hosting is a viable option. What does this involve? Read on to find out what reseller hosting is all about.

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting involves splitting bandwidth and disk space given to you from a web hosting company with other domains or clients. In this way, you can carry on a reseller web hosting service and offer services that would be typically offered by the major web hosting companies. As a reseller you can offer multiple domain names and other flexible packages that may not be available from the major web hosting companies.

In short, reseller hosting involves re-selling web hosting services given to you by a web hosting company. The reseller host draws on the technical backup and services provided by the hosting server company. Some web hosting service providers allow private label reseller hosting option so that the reseller can work much like a web hosting service provider of his own.

In fact unless you inform your customers, they may not even be aware that you are a reseller hosting service. The reseller host can then create and manage sub-accounts. Space can be allocated and emails can be allocated to sub account users. But finally your service is only as good as what you get from your upstream provider. So it is essential to get a reliable web hosting company in the first place.

Reseller hosting

Web developers and designers typically offer this reseller hosting facility. A reseller host can set his own pricing. Other services can be offered along with reseller web hosting. For a fixed cost, you can avail substantial package of space and bandwidth. As far as the reseller customer goes, the reseller web host is the service provider. This works well for those who are just starting out or don't have the necessary skills for server maintenance.

If your web hosting needs involve relatively smaller amount of space and bandwidth, reseller hosting option might be just what you are looking for. When you grow out of this reseller hosting option, you can then move on to partially dedicated server or dedicated server. The web hosting provider benefits as distribution, advertising and billing expenses are restricted to fewer customers.

The onus of billing the customers who have availed the reselling host lies on the re-seller. He needs to keep track of individual clients, their usage and charges. As a reseller host, you can build a strong business with online promotions such as email and newsgroups.

Reseller Hosting

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Reseller Hosting