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Domain Auction Service

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Domain names are seen as an asset that can be bought and sold for huge profits. If you possess a domain name that is of potential worth, you can later put your domains for sale at a domain auction. Alternatively, you can make use of domain broker services to market your domain for sale at the right audience.

Domain auction service

Domain auctions are a market place for buying and selling of domain names. Thousands of domains get listed at various Internet domain auction sites. Some domain auction services cater to a specialty sector. Signing up with a domain auction service is the first step towards listing your domain for sale. You can register as a buyer or seller at a domain auction site. Domain auction services allow you a host of services that help you manage your domain sale:

  • You can keep track of the status of your domains for sale
  • It is possible to set a maximum bid
  • You can even set a limit of an automatic increase on your behalf if the bid is raised.
  • You can specify the duration of the auction.

Domains for sale

Online domain auction sites sometimes offer escrow and domain transfer services. To conduct a domain sale through an online domain auction service, you will need to pay a flat listing price or a commission based on the final sale price. Take a few tips from the domain auction service provider to list your domain for sale appropriately so as to target the potential buyers. It is best to set up each domain as a separate account for sale at the auction.

Domain escrow services

In a manner similar to other escrow services, domain escrow services are offered by either the domain auction sites or neutral third parties who hold the money until the transfer has occurred. This ensures a reliable financial intermediary for the domain sale transaction. Since a domain name is an electronic record unlike other goods and services, domain escrow services provide a medium for the smooth transfer of ownership and money between the buyer and the seller.

With buyers and sellers from various parts of the world operating with different currencies, the services of a domain escrow cannot be overlooked. The domain escrow provider accepts payment from the buyer and holds it until the transfer of domain has taken place. The payment is then released to the seller on confirmation of actual transaction. Many a time, domain escrow services also extend to domain transfer too.

Domain broker

A domain broker helps you in the sale of your domain name to an interested buyer. These brokers of domain names act as sales agents for the sellers and charge a fee based on a percentage of sales price or a flat fee. A typical fee of about 5-10 % is charged by most domain broker agents. The domain broker seeks to get maximum exposure for the domains for sale so as to get the best possible sale price for his customers. Using a domain broker is an alternative to actively selling through a domain auction service.

Domain Auction Service

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Domain Auction Service