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Infertility Counseling

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Infertile couples face a range of emotions from guilt and helplessness to shame and loss of self worth. Going through various infertility treatments brings it own set of anxieties, raised expectations and grief. Going through various infertility treatments brings it own set of anxieties, raised expectations and grief. Infertility counseling is a kind of talk therapy; this therapy will help couple deal different fertility issues. Infertile couple can seek the help of psychologists or sex therapists; sex therapists have more experience in counseling infertile couples.

When do you need infertility counseling?

Infertile couple may undergo depression and this in turn affects their relationship with people around them. Infertility can change a person's perception to life. Few face it courageously while others may not be able to come to terms with it. As a result, partners begin blaming each other, furthering the tension between them.

  • Depression
  • Nervous feeling
  • Dejected feeling
  • Obsessed by your infertility problem
  • Apprehension and annoyance
  • Severe mood swings
  • Sudden increase in alcohol or drug consumption
  • A feeling of aloofness
  • Friction with partner
  • Sudden change in weight, sleep, and appetite
  • Loss of interest in common activities
  • Difficulty in intercourse
  • Frequent suicidal tendencies or thoughts

Infertility counselor

Infertility counselors help infertile couple by offering them emotional and psychological guidance.

  • People can express their feelings and discuss with a qualified person about their feelings on diagnosis and treatment of infertility.
  • It helps in reducing stress and helps seek solutions to problems.
  • Information about various infertility treatments can be sought.
  • Helps you handle success and failure of infertility treatments.
  • Decision making with various infertility treatment options such as IVF, adoption, surrogate pregnancy etc)
  • The couple can express their anxieties about infertility treatments and concerns about the costs.
  • Couples can shake off the isolation that they might feel. Meeting and interacting with other couples facing similar anxieties is a therapeutic experience.

How to choose an infertility counselor?

  • You should feel comfortable and relaxed with your infertility counselor.
  • Check with your health care provider for people whom he/she knows in this field.
  • Prepare a list of counselors in your area and visit them before you select one for yourself.
  • Infertility counselors may be psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychologists or marriage counselors.

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Infertility Counseling