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Digital Photo Organization

Digital cameras have become ubiquitous these days. The number of digital photographs in a typical household has increased dramatically in meteoric proportion. How many times have you spent hours looking for the great picture you had shot during the last summer vacation ? Learn a few tips and traps to organize your digital images here.

Are you an avid shutterbug who has been accumulating loads of digital images? It's about time you organized your digital photos for easier management, safer storage and faster retrieval. Digital photo management software helps you do that and more! Most digital photo organizer software programs have simple user interfaces that allow you to manage your digital photo collection easily. You can organize and maintain your digital photos in catalogs for easier retrieval. Store them by year, place, event, category or CD or hierarchical categories. Such digital photo organizers are a boon while handling large number of photos.

Benefits of organizing your digital photos:

  • Easier to locate any digital photo with features for speedy searching and sorting by captions and keywords
  • Keep track of multiple versions of same digital photo
  • Edit, print, preserve and share your digital photo collection
  • Store digital photos online or offline
  • View thumbnails of offline photos without inserting CD
  • Create digital photo albums
  • Annotate your digital photos for easier reference
  • Easier editing, printing and sharing of photos
  • Maintain detailed information about all digital pictures and photos
  • Create reports of your digital photo collection

Organizing Digital Images

  • Start with saving the images in a clearly defined folders or directories. This helps you to group your images on the basis of time, occasion or event.
  • Follow a naming convention when saving your images. Many Digital cameras have a habit of using some form of mechanical identification tags when they save the images to disk. It would be prudent to rename them at the time of saving them to your hard drive.
  • Use a software like Picasa, a free software download from Google ( all trademarks and copyrights associated with companies and products mentioned in these pages belong to the respective companies.) which can help organizing your digital images from your disk.

There are commercial software available by the dozens to help you do this too. ( You will find a few hand picked links to some of the software under the directory section on the left pane) These software help to search for the images using keywords or a time scale. No software can read your image and identify the persons from your digital collection. This is another reason why you should follow clearly defined naming convention for your images.

Digital Photo Organizer

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Digital Photo Organizer