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Eager to see what the day will bring? Take a look at your daily horoscope. Find out what is in store for each zodiac sign. Get a fresh start to the day with our free horoscope.

Not many of us can escape the fascination of finding out what the stars hold for us. Each one of us falls under a particular zodiac sign that indicates the sign in which the sun was at the time of our birth. The sun is at the core of our universe and plays an important role in determining direction and focus in life. Astrology is the study of the cycles of the sun, moon and other planets and understanding their influence on our lives. Your personal astrological chart or natal chart is indicative of the exact locations of the Sun, Moon and the planets at the time of your birth, relative to your birth location. Zodiac horoscope predictions are made in general for a particular zodiac sign. Look up your daily horoscope and see what the stars foretell.

Before you go on to take a peek at your daily horoscope, take a look at how each planet affects your life. The 12 zodiac signs classify persons according to some common traits that are shared by them. Zodiac signs are classified as Fire signs, Earth signs, Air signs and water signs:

Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Acquarius
Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Influence of the Sun, Moon and nine Planets

Sun: Since it is the core of the universe, it rules will power and ego. It represents your determination and the direction you want your life to take.

Moon: The moon plays a role in the way you handle relationships and respond to situations and experiences. The moon rules your domestic front - from babies to young children, from your mother to other important women in your life.

Mercury: This planet holds sway over your mental and intellectual powers. It affects your communication and ideas. Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini and Virgo.

Venus: Venus is the planet for aesthetics and artistic inclinations. It also rules over romance, marriage and pursuit of pleasure. Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus and Libra.

Mars: Mars is the planet ruling over physical energy and endeavors. It plays a role in your male associations as well as your ego and risk taking potential. Mars is the ruling planet for Aries and co-ruler for Scorpio.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet that rules expansion and growth. Jupiter represents your power and status as well as your physical and intellectual progress. Jupiter is the ruling sign for Sagittarius and Pisces.

Saturn: Saturn is the demanding planet that oversees your responsibilities and lays limitations and restrictions so as to teach some important lessons. But it can also be the harbinger of good fortune. Saturn rules Capricorn and Acquarius.

Uranus: Uranus is the planet that rules freedom of thought and expression. It is responsible for revolutionary and new ideas. Uranus is the astrological ruler of Aquarius.

Neptune: Neptune is the ruler for the underdogs and the misfits of society. Neptune is the astrological ruler of Pisces.

Pluto: Pluto is also linked to your karmic responsibility. Pluto is the astrological ruler of Scorpio.

Daily Horoscope