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Power Saving Calculator

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Usage - Short form:

Please enter your energy consumption of each electrical appliance in this tool. Enter your utility charges per unit at the beginning. This energy calculator will tell you the total units consumed per month and the cost of energy every time you hit the 'Go' button.

Usage - Long form:

If you use a mobile to view this calculator you will see only 3 columns. The device and description columns will be hidden. Enter the consumption of the electrical device in the column under consumption. If you don't know about the consumption check the backside of the device or check the user manual. Enter the number of hours the device stays connected or the number of hours the device is used. If you want to know the cost in terms of money, enter the cost per unit at the top. Just hit the Go button to see the results. You can print out the full tool after you complete the calculation. In case your calculated amount works out to less than a dollar, it will show zero. It is all a matter of rounding the value. Details on how to save electric power

Power Saver Calculator

Cost per Unit:

Device Description Consumption Hours Units
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