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Leading Women Directory - Targetwoman Targetwoman Directory now lists sites without any 302 redirection as part of our drive to keep our technology consistent with the demands of the leading search engines.

We aim to include only a handful of sites under each category.

We prefer quality to quantity.

Even if your site is small or just launched, we are ready to offer prime exposure subject to the condition that your site offers something of unique value to our visitors.
Targetwoman Women Directory lists thousands of high quality websites - carefully chosen by human editors exclusively for women. Combined with the painstakingly written articles from the Women Portal section, we strive hard to offer one of the most rewarding experiences on the Net.
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General Submission Guidelines:
The guidelines provided here are crucial to maintaining the avowed objective of listing quality sites of importance to Women. The information requested in the particular format helps us to present the listing in a coherent, consistent and intuitive way to our visitors.

We want to keep this site safe for children and adults alike. In keeping with the nature of the Internet, Targetwoman Directory lists sites from across the world and not just from the US and Canada. We list sites in other languages as well as long as there is an English description. As we have thousands of requests for inclusion in our directory, we are anxious that the workload for the voluntary individual editors is kept as low as possible. Unless the guidelines are followed exactly, the editors will have no choice except to reject the submissions.

If you have a quality website which will be of importance to women, then make sure that your site adheres to our standard of inclusion as given below:
The site does not:

  • Display Nudity or Pornography - in words or in any other form
  • Promote Violence, Hate or any illegal activities
  • Display profanity or hateful language
    And the site is not an affiliate website or a mirror site.

Please select the appropriate category to submit. Submission to directories involves a careful selection process of selecting the most appropriate subcategory. We may have a large backlog of listings to process, so be patient with us. All submissions are checked for accuracy and suitable contents by a team of editors. Whilst at it check your language and spelling. If you could not take the extra care and effort to verify your language, do not expect the editors to have the patience to correct them. Any duplicate or repeated submissions will be rejected. Only one URL will be allowed per submission. Enter your domain name alone. Deep linking will be a cause for immediate rejection.

Specific Guidelines in filling the submission form:

  • Title: Use the name of the Website or your business name
  • Category: Drill down to the level of the subcategory
  • Description: Brevity is the key here. Do not use marketing hype also. Objective description will help you to retain the same description in the final listing.
  • Keywords: A few keyword phrases in consonance with the theme of your site
  • Webmaster Email: Useful for us to send confirmation messages. A non-existent email address will disqualify the site from inclusion.

Submission of a website does not immediately translate into a listing in our directory. Equally it does not confer any right to seek entry in the directory listing. The decision of the individual editor in consultation with the webmaster regarding the inclusion or otherwise of a given site is final. We, the administrator and the webmaster of TargetWomen reserve the right to include or reject any submitted site at our sole discretion.

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Targetwoman Women Directory lists only sites in consonance with our avowed objective of listing quality sites of importance to Women. Despite our best intentions, some times it may be possible to find a defunct listing or a site not in tune with our guidelines. In such cases, we would be grateful to hear of such listings. Please use our Contact page to help us serve you better.

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