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Targetwoman is one of the leading women information portals on the Net. This portal looks at issues of importance to women, be it beauty, health, recreation or home and family. We understand women, their needs and aspirations. We have something for all women of all age groups - teens, career women, homemakers and mothers.

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Targetwoman has over 10 clearly defined categories under which we continue to add well researched articles of lasting value. We are growing at a fast pace. We have over 85 % of visitors from the US though we have a global reach.

All our pages use at least 80 % of the space for editorial content with only about 20 % of the space reserved for the advertisement. In other words, your advertisement material does not jostle for space with countless others.

Whether you are a mega corporate client or working from home business client, we have an ideal medium to reach your target audience - Targetwoman Women Portal.

Consumers amongst all demographic groups are spending increasing amounts of time online. You will realize there is no one size which fits all when it comes to online Advertising. We offer many kinds of advertising and sponsorship opportunities in our Women Portal. Use the form below to contact us and take the first step in positioning your product/service to the most influential women audience.

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