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Advertisement Policy of Targetwoman

All our pages use at least 80 % of the space for editorial content with only about 20 % of the space reserved for the advertisement. Targetwoman accepts advertising material for publication in any of its portals under the following terms :

  1. Targetwoman accepts advertisements subject to our general editorial policy and the advertisement policy enumerated below.

  2. All ads MUST NOT Contain in words, content or images any of the following:

    Sexual Act(s)
    Content Promoting Violence, Extremism, Illegal Content or any unlawful content

  3. All ads contracted directly by the TargetWoman will be clearly marked as "advertisement" or "Sponsored Link" so that our editorial contents and ads are clearly delineated.

  4. Ads by third parties such as Google or its subsidiaries may normally contain the word 'Ads' or 'AdChoices' to differentiate the Advertisements from the editorial content. But this may not be applicable across all the Ads displayed by them. We do not control the Google ads content.

  5. All ads will be published in consonance with our design layout.

For any other details or clarifications, please send your queries here to contact us.
We will reply within 24 hours under most circumstances.

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