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List of Career Articles for Women

Career Opportunity

Airline Careers The airline industry offers a varied set of jobs, ranging from desk jobs and maintenance staff to the marketing personnel and crew. Read up on some airline careers and find out what it takes to become a pilot or flight attendant.

Animal Care Career For a career in animal career, you must enjoy working with animals and be sensitive to their needs and requirements. Check out various options when you decide to take up an animal care career.

Bartending Job This article takes a look at the non-traditional bartending job and what goes into becoming a popular bartender. Check out more on bartending flair and bartending schools.

Career in Botany With the threat of environmental disasters looming large over us, it is imperative that we take active steps to understand and propagate different plant species. Read more to learn about taking up a career in botany.

Home Caregiver Home caregivers provide essential help to seniors and those needed special assistance. This article familiarizes you with the skills required for caregiver jobs and throws light on how to go about choosing a home caregiver.

Chiropractor Read up on chiropractic medicine - healing sans drugs and surgery. Learn more about this holistic approach to wellbeing.

Cruise Ship Jobs Career prospects are extremely bright and positive for those with a passion to work on sea. Cruise ship jobs offer the opportunity to travel to new lands, meet exciting people and make cruise travelers have an enjoyable experience.

Event Management Jobs Flexi-timing, part-time or a full-time career, event management jobs work well for students and homemakers. Event management is serious business.

Family Counselor Marriage counselor, licensed counselor, mental health counselor, grief counselor, family counselor, counselors offer specialty services in these modern times of stress and strife. Find out if you have it in you to become a family counselor.

Fashion Design Career A fashion design career is not for those seeking a regular office job as it involves creativity and keen understanding of color, texture and style.

Fitness Career Fitness sector has opened up many career opportunities for professionals who want to impart fitness exercise education and training. Read up on different fitness careers, the prospects and remuneration.

Foreign Language Interpreter With globalization and increasing needs of interacting with foreign companies, the need for foreign language interpreters and translators is on the rise. If you have a way with languages, check out this wonderful career opportunity.

Fraud investment Lawyer An investment fraud is more than just a bad dream for the investor; it affects the investors' savings, retirement plans and much more. A skilled fraud investment lawyer can help distressed investors.

Freelance Writing Opportunity Gain insight into the freelance writing opportunities, the skill sets required for a prolific freelance writer and how to market freelance writing.

Gemology Career Gemologists are taught to classify natural gemstones and check for damage to these stones. Growing demand for precious stone jewelry has created the need for more gemologists.

Graphic Arts Career For a successful career in graphic arts, one has to be combine artistic, realistic and enterprising skills. Graphic artists develop design plans most of the times for CD ROMs, websites, logos, stationery, print ads, films and video presentations, post

Hair Stylist Hairstylist jobs are no casual affair but skilled and coveted careers. With the right skills and training, you can choose to work in a prestigious salon or even start a hairstyle salon or training school on your own.

Hospitality Career An informative guide to hospitality careers - various options, necessary qualifications and job profiles. Good reading for incumbents seeking a career in the hospitality industry.

Human Resources Jobs Find why human resources jobs are unaffected by economic downturn. With economic globalization, human resources job opportunities are available in a gamut of industries.

Interior Design Career Guide Interior Designing has become one of the most lucrative careers today thanks to the growing awareness of aesthetic interiors amongst corporates and common men. A career in interior designing is ideal for those with a creative streak.

Investment Banker Check out how an investment banker plays a key role in personal finances as well as organizational debt plans, refinancing debts and raising fresh debts.

Landscape Architect Architects design buildings and other structures. A landscape architect creates aesthetically pleasing environments at the same time ensuring that the changes to the natural environments are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable.

Law Enforcement Career Look at various openings that open up for women in law enforcement careers. Find out how you can look for them.

Loan Officer Training Loan officer jobs involve thorough understanding of the loan application, review and disbursement process. Find how to become a loan officer and what kind of loan officer training programs is offered.

Mesothelioma-Attorney A mesothelioma attorney is a specialized legal counsel who can guide persons suffering from this asbestos related cancer with class action lawsuits. Find out how mesothelioma manifests and its possible treatment options.

Modeling Career Grease paint, fashionable clothes and the glare of the arc lights - a modeling career is made of these. A modeling agency takes care of a model's interests when landing up contracts with advertising clients.

Museum Curator A museum curator acquires displays, cares for, organizes, develops and oversees collections of artifacts or works of art and valuable historical items. Gain insight into the educational and skills needed for this career option.

Nursing Career Guide A comprehensive nursing career guide that throws light on the educational and training needs as well examines various specialty nursing segments.

Psychology Degree Career Check out the options for careers after completing psychology degrees. The need for psychologists is on the rise due to increasing awareness of understanding people's psyche at the workplace, school, hospital or sales and marketing.

Real Estate Career Opportunity This article takes a bird's eye view of career opportunities in the area of real estate. It examines the kind of professional skills and personality traits that go into making a successful career in real estate.

Registered Dietitian Dietitian career lets you help others use food to prevent and treat disease and maintain good health. Attractive earnings, avenue to make significant contributions to community health, job satisfaction and employment stability.

Restaurant Management Restaurant management is a profession poised for about 30% growth in the next two years. Find out if you have it in you to take on a restaurant management job.

Retailing Management Growing number of consumers and the proliferation of shopping malls and supermarkets has thrown up new avenues for students of retail management. Check out various career options if you want to pursue retailing management.

Screenplay Writing The script serves as the blueprint for the movie. Screenplay writing is probably one of the most remunerative among the writing careers.

Secretarial career This article takes a look at the growth prospects of a secretarial career and how it has evolved with times and technology. Find out more if you are seeking to become an office assistant.

Summer Internship Program Summer internship programs have a plethora of benefits. Summer internship opportunities are aplenty, be it engineering or fashion or law. Summer internship program in any field opens your world to a professional, real work environment.

Summer Jobs for 13 year olds Summer jobs couple fun with opportunity for growth. It is also a source of extra cash for the discerning teenager. Look up this guide to summer jobs for teenagers and youth, where to look for them and what are the various options.

Summer Teaching Jobs Online teaching jobs offer teachers the flexibility of working from home. Summer teaching jobs and physical education teaching jobs involve imparting education in varied extra-curricular spheres.

Wedding Coordinator If you thrive on the excitement and thrill of planning and coordinating a social event, a wedding coordinator career is just the one for you! Take a look at the skill sets needed to become a successful bridal consultant.

Career Planning

Career Assessment Career assessment tests allow job seekers to choose careers that suit their profiles and skills. Such career aptitude tests are also used by organizations to match employees with jobs that they are best suited for.

Career Aptitude Test Career aptitude tests and online career tests are tools that are increasingly used to guide career choices. They evaluate various aspects of a candidate to provide indicators as to possible career avenues.

Career Counseling Career counseling can help you with some soul searching so as to make the right career choice. Find out how a career counselor can give you valuable advice on the kind of career that is best suited for your personality and interests.

Culinary Art School Careers in culinary arts in US on the rise till 2010. Information resource on best culinary arts school, program, costs, duration etc. California School of Culinary Arts is a prestigious culinary school in US.

Ecommerce Consultant Ecommerce consultants help in effectively planning a strategy to make a success of your web site. Find out the essentials that go into successful ecommerce consulting services.

Franchise Consultant Utilize the services of a franchise consultant to weigh different franchise options. Select the one that best suits your goals and experience.

IQ Score This article on IQ Score examines how IQ tests came to be created and how they measure a person's intelligence. Find out the various factors of a person's skill, knowledge and innate reasoning and abilities that go into computing the IQ test score.

Professional Makeup Artist Take a peek into the exciting world of a professional makeup artist. Do you have what it takes to play around with skin and hair to bring out the best in a person or transform the actor into the role he is playing?

Midlife Career Change You are probably experiencing an earnest desire to reinvent yourself and rise to new horizons. Find out how to emerge victorious from a midlife career change.

Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal plays a key role in helping an employee understand the organizational goals and his role in the scheme of things. It also helps understand the developmental possibities for the employee.

Pet Sitting Service A career in pet sitting is ideal for one who loves animals and the ability to be patient, loving and genuinely concerned for pets. Check out pet sitting services and pet sitting and boarding options.

Telecommuting Telecommuting jobs have revolutionized the work force. The benefits of telecommuting have led to its increasing popularity.

Telemarketing Services Examine the telemarketing services industry - inbound telemarketing, outbound telemarketing and telemarketing jobs. Check out how telemarketing lists work.

Transcription Services Transcription services conducted over the Internet have given rise to large-scale outsourcing opportunities. Check out what a career in medical transcription services or legal transcription services entails.

Managing Work Stress This article looks at work stress for women and ways to tackle it. Understand ways to managing work stress effectively.

Natural Language Navigation Learn how our LogicalProgression Engine can help you to navigate using natural language processing in our portal.

Phishing Learn to protect yourself from phishing scams so as to avoid giving out personal details such as bank or credit card PINS and other sensitive information.

More on Home Jobs

Home Jobs for Moms Home jobs for moms offer an excellent opportunity to earn an additional income. Jobs for stay at home moms can range from telemarketing to transcription, freelance writing to affiliate programs.

Work at Home Medical Billing With the healthcare industry growing in leaps and bounds, the need for medical billing jobs and medical coding jobs is on the increase. Medical billing work from home is a rewarding career opportunity.

Home Typing Jobs A lucid guide to sieving through the morass of home typing job schemes that are offered on the Internet. Do not fall prey to scams that ask you to cough up money to start an assignment.

More on Women Careers

Career for Women An introduction to the career section - this is a guide to the kind of career issues that will be tackled in our articles on career information and guidance.

Employee Satisfaction Survey An employee satisfaction survey evaluates, maximizes and helps in the growth the human capital, the employees who are the backbone of an organization. Find out how this survey can benefit the employer and employee.

Free Career Aptitude Test Career aptitude tests and online career tests are tools that are increasingly used to guide career choices. They evaluate various aspects of a candidate to provide indicators as to possible career avenues.

Resume Builder A good resume is indispensable in today's competitive job market. Free resume builder services provide you with resume templates that can be customized as well as tips and tricks to grab the attention of potential recruiters.

Women Entrepreneur Qualities Learn about the skills required for any successful woman entrepreneur to take on the challenges and responsibilities that come with self-enterprise.

Working Women The work section will focus on different aspects of the workplace - work ethic, team spirit and work opportunities. It will carry in-depth information for women who are striving to balance work and home.

Internet History Check out the History of the Internet. This series of interesting articles on different facets of the Internet throw light on its increasing impact on our lives.

Telecommuting Jobs Telecommuting jobs redefine the way you live and work. Select full time telecommuting jobs or half-in half-out telecommute jobs that match your skills and potential.

Telecommuting Tips Pick up useful telecommuting tips - on getting a right work at home job and setting up a good home office routine. Check out if you have the necessary skills to succeed as a good telecommuter.

More on Work and Career

Behavioral Interview Technique With cutthroat competition, job interviews can be crucial in clinching the job in your favor. Read up various interviewing tips and techniques. Find out more on behavioral interview technique.

Brain Injury Attorney Brain injury lawsuits are generally filed on contingency fee basis. Find out the skills required by a prospective lawyer seeking to specialize in brain injury cases.

Business Etiquette Business etiquette is a means of maximizing one's business potential by presenting oneself favorably. During business meetings poor etiquette can have negative results.

Corporate Training Jobs While business houses derive improved productivity and increased efficiency with corporate training, employees benefit from improved self worth. Trace the future of training jobs.

Growing Mushroom Growing mushrooms commercially is a lucrative business as it has a prospective yield and it brings in substantial profit too. Find out more about different varieties of edible mushrooms, Japanese mushrooms and mushroom kits.

International Women's Day Celebrations Join Targetwoman in celebrating the International Women's Day

Medical Transcription Job Medical transcription jobs from home are gaining in popularity. Take a bird's eye view of this avenue of earning a considerable income from your home-office.

Personality Quiz Online personality quiz can reveal facets of your personality that were hitherto hidden even from you. But remember not to take the results too seriously as they might be skewed.

More on Writing job

Effective Web Content Writing Effective web content writing involves preparing articles based on keywords supplied. A website content writer needs to focus on the target audience and at the same time remain search engine friendly.

Freelance Writing Jobs Freelance writing jobs are regularly outsourced by companies and those seeking work from home opportunities can take this up as a rewarding profession. Technical writing is another niche area that offers plenty of opportunities.


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