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List of Shopping Articles for Women

Gadgets for Women

Air Purifier An exhaustive guide to different types of air purifiers and the features you must look. Look at how air purifiers can improve the quality of air you and your family breathes.

Baby Stroller Look up this informative baby stroller guide so as to choose the one with the right features and stroller accessory. Find out more about double baby strollers and twin strollers.

Brochure Holder A brief yet informative guide to brochure holders - different styles, materials and size options. They can help you place your publicity brochures to best advantage.

Device GPS Tracking GPS tracking devices can help in pinpointing your precise location on the Earth at any given time. Find out how this can be put to good use and beware of potential fallout too.

Lanyard Badge lanyards are popularly used in organizations, trade shows and group events. Custom lanyards can be embossed with the company name, message and logo for publicity.

Laptop accessory Check out some of the popular laptop accessories that are travel friendly and aimed at the mobile modern professional.

Lift Chair Lift chairs are handy for people who find it difficult to stand up from a seated position. This informative article gives you details on recliner lift chair, wheelchair lift and stair chair lift.

Pepper Spray Check out vital details on pepper spray, how to use it and how it can save you from a potential mugger or attacker. Read more on mace pepper spray, triple action pepper spray and pepper spray key chains.

Pet Carrier When pets are taken out on travel, it is essential to choose a carrier that is comfortable for them and easy for the owner. Find out what choices are available for traveling with pets.

Plasma Television Plasma television saves space, offers good digital clarity, with value for money. Read all information you ought to know before buying a flat screen plasma television set.

Polarized Sun Glasses Read up this informative guide to sunglasses, be it polarized or bifocal sunglasses.

Renewable Energy Gadgets Renewable energy gadgets use novel energy technologies which can help avert global warming caused by the astounding build up of gases and fumes. The most widely used alternative renewable technology source is solar power in the form of solar panels an

Gifts and Occasions

Baby Shower Gift Welcome the new born with umpteen number of gifts and presents. Baby shower gifts and ideas.

Gifts under $50 The monetary worth of the gift is not as important as the love and affection that accompanies the gift. Gifting can be an expensive affair and if you are looking for gifts under $ 50, look no further

Unique Wedding Favor Make your wedding truly memorable with unique wedding favor. Chocolate wedding favor, personalized wedding favor, put your creative talent to test.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Women Women love to receive unique and unusual gifts. When you choose an unusual gift for a woman, it reflects your love and affection for her. From naming a star after her to personalized jewelry, the options are vast.

Valentine Day Gift Shopping Valentines Day - the day to express your love and affection. With its origin in ancient Roman, this day is special for lovers all over the world.

Winter Wedding Ideas If you are looking for winter wedding ideas, look no further! From winter wedding favors and winter wedding flowers, we have them all here.

Holiday Shopping

Christmas Candy Recipe Christmas recipes bring to mind traditional dinners with roast turkey. The days leading to Christmas are busy ones with cookies and candies and cakes to be made.

Christmas Decoration Idea With the festive season around the corner, you will be looking for Christmas decoration ideas. Read up our simple tips on Christmas outdoor decoration.

Christmas Shopping Online Trip Read up this informative guide to online shopping trips for Christmas. Find out how you can use Christmas catalogs to make quick shopping decisions.

Holiday Shopping Tips Smart holiday shopping involves being planned, organized and disciplined. Taking into account the current economic slowdown, Christmas gift buying or shopping for Christmas decoration requires certain amendments.

Stocking Stuffers Traditionally stocking stuffers were hung over the fireplace but in houses without a fireplace they are hung on the Christmas tree. Look for interesting, innovative and inexpensive ways to fill up your stockings.

More on Apparel Shopping

Women's Fashion - Women's Apparel Covered in this section are articles on various facets of women's apparel, ranging from sports apparel to wedding apparel and maternity apparel. This article gives you a sneak preview into the topics that will be covered for lady apparel.

Athletic Apparel These days you need not compromise on your style when you are working out! Choose running and athletic apparel that provide comfort and yet make you look and feel good.

Beach Wedding Dress Choose your beach wedding dress to suit the ambience, sun and surf and swaying palms. You can go in for a beach wedding dress that is simple yet stylish.

Body Shapers for Women Body shapers are easy-to-wear shape wear garments that can instantly slim, flatten and enhance most areas of the body. They do not provide permanent benefits but a quick and easy way to look dramatically better.

Cashmere Sweater Team up a cashmere sweater with a pair of jeans and accessorize with a jute rope belt. Learn to shop for a cashmere sweater and how to maintain it.

Baby Christening Gown Choose a new baby christening gown or get your little one to wear a family heirloom. Look up various style options and how to care for your baby's christening gown.

Cocktail Dress Selecting a cocktail dress involves understanding of what flatters your body shape and personality. Explore different options for cocktail dresses from the classic black dress to varying hemlines and styles.

Corset Corsets have made a comeback not merely as waist shapers but also as a fashion statement. Learn how to select and care for corsets.

Dress for Bride's Mother Select a dress for the mother of the bride that flatters her style and grace. Plus size dresses for the bride's mother are stylish and comfortable.

Fall Wedding Colors Fall is that time of the year when the foliage turns into rich shades of burgundy, copper, rust and gold. Find out how to incorporate fall wedding colors into your gown and wedding décor.

Fall Fashion Trend Check out fashion trends for Fall 2006. Find out what fall fashion is all about.

Fashion Apparel for Women Teen apparel is trendy and chic - short skirts, low-rise jeans and casuals such as cargoes and tees. Fashion apparel should be chosen in such a manner so as to bring out the best in you.

Halloween Costume Revel in the Halloween spirit with the right Halloween costume. Check out adult Halloween costumes and Halloween costume ideas for kids and couples.

Jogging Clothes A shopper's guide to buying jogging clothes - Pick up tips on looking for well made jogging clothes that are durable and easy to maintain.

Leather Apparel for Women Fascinated by the leather apparel in stores? Planning to invest in one? Read up our guide on leather apparel and tips on storing it right.

Leggings Womens leggings not only keep them warm but also make a fashion statement.

Little Black Dress Stitch the little black dress in a simple style to make it fashion staple of the wardrobe for a long time to come. Plus sized dresses enhance the figure of women with extra weight and help minimize her figure flaws.

Maternity Apparel Being an expectant mother doesn't mean that you must be dressed in oversized and baggy clothes. Look up the new range of maternity apparel. Plus size apparel is created for larger women and youth who don't fit into the regular sizes.

Mohair Sweater Choose mohair for its strength, beauty and durability. Read on to find out about the interesting history of mohair and how you can take care of your mohair sweater.

Nylon Stockings Take a brief look at why nylon stockings are so popular with women. They have become an important accessory in a woman's closet.

Parka Take a look at various aspects that need to be considered while buying a parka.

Pashmina Scarves Pashmina shawl and scarves are wonderful gift for a loved one. You can pick Pashmina wraps that are classic and timeless yet modern and fashionable.

Prom Dress Check out how to select a prom dress that works its wonder on you. Read up the guidelines on buying a prom dress and adding a special touch to it.

Indian Saree Shopping An informative guide to online saree shopping. Indian sarees range from simple and elegant cottons to intricate Kanchipuram silk sarees.

Semi Formal Dress Selecting a semi formal dress can be tricky. Look up options for semi formal dressing.

Sheer Lingerie Lingerie shopping is not about just picking up what you find. Find out how to buy sheer lingerie and bridal lingerie.

Shopping Guide The shopping section holds promise of online shopping catalogs and bargain shopping sprees. Read on to glean more about shopping for yourself, your family and your home

Silk Scarf A silk scarf or cashmere scarf makes for an ideal gift for a special woman. This versatile fashion accessory can be donned round the neck, along the hips or as a bandana.

Summer Clothes Get ready to face the advent of summer. Look your best; spruce your wardrobe with cool, trendy summer clothes. Look up this guide to selecting apparels and materials for the stifling summer months.

Summer Dress With summer round the corner, beat the heat with a casual summer dress. Fashion your summer wedding dress with chiffon, voile or crepe and team them with simple accessories.

Tank Tops Going for a party and not sure what to wear? You can consider a simple tank top. Mix and match to create your own outfits.

Tights Tights can be worn for dance or running, ballet or aerobics. Take a look at different varieties of womens tights that are available.

How to wear a Saree Simple tips on how to wear a saree. A step-by-step pictorial guide to draping the sari gracefully.

Wedding Veil Look up this guide to choosing the right wedding veil, one that will complement your wedding ensemble. From shimmering chiffon to lace and tulle, wedding veils come in many a style.

Winter Boots Winter boots offer enough protection and warmth to your legs and body during winter. A variety of winter boot brands are available in the market.

Winter Coat Gone are the days of bulky coats that did nothing for your figure and style quotient. Trendy winter coats have replaced layers of clothing and oversized sweaters.

Winter Wedding Dress Put together a winter wedding gown that will make you look your best as well as keep you warm and comfortable. Look up our guide to choosing your winter wedding ensemble.

Women Designer Jeans Tips and tricks to choosing the right pair of women?s jeans. Look up this guide to women?s designer jeans.

Women's Hosiery Women's hosiery must be selected with care - the right fit, the right style and the right color. Compression hosiery provides relief to those suffering from aching and tired legs and varicose veins.

Women's Skirt Pick up valuable tips on selecting women's skirts, ones that flatter your figure and yet make a fashion statement. Choose your skirt style - from flowing peasant skirts to chic pleated skirts or casual denim skirts.

More on Automobile

American Automobile Association This article throws light on the early years and subsequent growth of the AAA. This Automobile Association of America has several regional chapters, prominent among them being the Automobile Association of California State.

Automobile Safety Rating Articles on automobiles will be of informative and educative support to the consumer. Learn about everything ranging from automobile purchase to used cars to automobile insurance and automobile reviews.

Automobile Blue Book The automobile blue book has been an auto value guide to the American consumers and automotive market. Automobile comparison is critical to the buying process.

Automobile Extended Warranty Judge the pros of automobile extended warranty. Find out how to avoid paying for repairs that might crop up over the life of the vehicle.

Automobile Lemon Law Automobile lemon law seeks to safeguard the interests of auto consumers faced with defective vehicles. This state law defines the conditions under which a consumer can seek redress.

Automobile Recall Automobile Recall system works at protecting the interests of auto consumers and preventing safety hazards. It is reflective of a mature consumer-oriented society.

Automobile Shopping Guide Peruse this automobile shopping guide for tips on the buying process. Arm yourself adequately to take an informed decision.

Automobile Resale Value The increase in the average price of new cars every year has fuelled the rise of the used car market. Read up pertinent information on checking up automobile resale values.

Donate Automobile Donation of automobiles can serve the dual purposes of philanthropy and tax deduction. Learn more about car donation procedures.

Hybrid Vehicle Take a look at what hybrid vehicles are all about. Check the popular hybrid vehicles of 2006 and what is in store for the year ahead.

Mobile Car Wash Take a look at the convenience and care that mobile car washes offer to your vehicle. Bid goodbye to long waits at car washes and get set to enjoy a car wash at the location of your convenience.

Used Car Loan Calculator Take a look at how used car loan calculator can help in weighing different options and taking an astute decision on buying the right used car. An auto loan calculator makes light work of tackling various possibilities.

More on Shopping

Frugal Shopping Tips Frugal shopping is not about making sacrifices and feeling deprived. On the other hand, it is about smart shopping.

Gym Bag Look cool and stylish with gym bags and gym apparel that are chic and versatile. Look up our tips on choosing gym bags to carry your gym clothes and equipment.

Rolling Bags for Shopping Rolling shopping bags provide for ease of use on long shopping expeditions. Be sure to buy one that is durable and suited to your requirements.

Shopping Bags While some shopping bags are designed to portray a very contemporary image, others exude sophistication and true elegance. Imaginative colors, attractive logos, solid construction and a variety of handle sizes come together to please clients and custo

More on Gifts

Animal Lover Gift Animal lovers can be gifted with sweatshirts, figurines and home furnishing material to remind them of their furry friends. You can select collars, bowls and more for cats and dogs.

Baptism Gift Look up ideas on selecting baby baptism gifts. Commemorate the occasion with personalized gifts for the infant.

Bridal Shower Gift Look up ideas for bridal shower gifts. Select a gift that would help the couple in setting up home or pamper the bride on her special day.

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Look for unique bridesmaid gift ideas. Gift them a token of your appreciation to show them how much you care.

Cheap Christmas Gift Personal touch and loving gesture can make any inexpensive Christmas gift the most priceless gift ever. Look for ideas for cheap Christmas gifts.

Christmas Gift Gadget You can personalize your Christmas gifts to add the special touch. Christmas is also the season for corporate gifts. Explore many of the trendy gadgets for the special occasion.

Corporate Christmas Gift Idea You can personalize your Christmas gifts to add the special touch. Christmas is also the season for corporate gifts.

Printable Gift Certificate Gift certificates allow you to let the recipient have fun in choosing his/her own gift. Printable gift certificates can give your loved ones lots of happy moments.

Gift Wrapping With the right gift wrapping paper, you can convert a simple gift into a piece of art. Look up simple gift wrapping ideas.

Golf gift Idea Look for unique golf gift ideas that are sure to find favor with golf enthusiasts. From golf gift certificates to engraved golf gifts, the choice is wide.

College Graduation Gift This informative article is packed with ideas for graduation gifts. Be it college graduation or high school graduation; pick up tips for unique gifts.

Holiday Gift Basket Take a look at holiday gift basket options - gourmet baskets brimming with cheese, cookies and chocolates, elegant baskets with fine wine and cheese or the goodness of hand-picked fresh fruits.

Homemade Christmas Gift Innovative ideas for homemade Christmas gifts - from homemade goodies and personalized stationary to homemade Christmas ornaments and potpourri.

Mother Day Gift Mothers Day 2005 is on May 8 and what perfect day to tell your mother how much she means to you. Take some tips for Mothers day gift shopping.

Porcelain Doll Check out information on porcelain dolls. Find out how to select a porcelain vase and porcelain figurines.

Potpourri Gift Potpourri in delicate sweet floral fragrance or rich spicy tones is ideal for gifts. Potpourri in attractive arrangements enlivens your home décor too.

Unusual Gift Any unique idea that sounds special and great to you and the person who receives it is an unusual gift. Look up tips to select unusual gifts.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Wedding anniversary gift choices are aplenty. You can choose from traditional wedding anniversary gifts or personalize them to speak of the depth of your love.

Personalized Christmas Card Gift your friends a personalized expression of your warm wishes with handmade Christmas cards. You can also play around with software packages to come up with a batch of personalized Christmas cards.

More on Jewelry

Coral Jewelry Learn about coral jewelry and how to care for it. Acquaint yourself with different types of corals - black, fiery red, salmon pink and unusual blue.

Replica Watch Valuable guide for those looking for replica watches. Tips on selecting watch straps and caring for antique watches.

Amethyst Jewelry Amethyst jewelry has been much coveted since ancient times and was favored by monarchs and monasteries. This informative guide to amethyst jewelry acquaints you with various styles, be it antique classic or chic modern.

Ballerina Jewelry Box A jewelry box is not just a place to leave your valuables but also a beautiful gift to be passed over for generations to come. Ballerina jewelry boxes are attractive and elegant as are leather jewelry boxes.

Belly Chain A belly chain is a popular fashion accessory with swimwear, low rise jeans or just about any outfit. Take a look at the various styles available.

Birthstone Colors Birthstones are various gemstones in vibrant colors. Find out your birthstone based on the birthstone chart. Select birthstone jewelry that is just right for you!

Bridesmaid Jewelry Select bridesmaid jewelry that is in keeping with the look for the new millennium. You can try faux jewelry in elegant and trendy designs to express your heartfelt wishes.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Think crystal jewelry and what comes to mind is Swarovski crystal jewelry - exquisite and well crafted. Learn more about fine Austrian crystal jewelry.

Caring for Diamond Jewelry Diamond jewelry - the sparkling stones that are used to express love. Read up this informative guide to diamond jewelry, its features and how to care for it.

Earring Guide With the fascinating array of earring styles available today, making a choice can be rather confusing. Look up our earring guide to help you make the right choice.

Egyptian Jewelry Ancient Egyptian jewelry is rich with symbolism, reverence to the Gods and early crafting techniques. Take a look at modern Egyptian jewelry styles.

Garnet Jewelry Garnet jewelry can be traced back to ancient times when it was believed to have healing powers. Today garnet jewelry is not merely restricted to the characteristic red colored gemstone but other varieties from the garnet family.

Gemstone Jewelry A peek into the colorful and glittering world of gemstone jewelry. Look up your birthstone to select your next piece of gem stone jewelry.

Gold Bangles Gorgeous gold bangles with tinkling sound in exquisite artistic designs have a timeless allure. Read up on how bangles form an intrinsic part of the jewelry of Indian women.

Caring for Gold Jewelry This informative article on gold jewelry throws light on gold jewelry and familiarizes you with carats and purity and various hues of gold. Find out how to care for your gold jewelry. Learn more about baby jewelry and the significance of jewelry rings

Hawaiian Jewelry Hawaiian jewelry designs are rich with floral and vine patterns as well as those representing marine life. Corals and shells, enamel work and personalized jewelry, you can find it all.

Italian Charm Bracelet Italian charm bracelets are hot on the fashion accessory scene. Be it gold charm bracelets with gemstones and enamel or sterling silver charm bracelets in Disney shapes, be sure to include them in your style statement.

Jade Jewelry Chinese jade jewelry is very popular the world over. Jade is an extremely precious gemstone that is exquisite in color and luminescence.

Fashion Trends - Fashion Jewelry This article opens up a virtually dazzling array of jewelry. You will find interesting snippets and informative tips on all types of jewelry, be it gold jewelry or diamond jewelry. Read up on the fashion trends in jewelry, what's in and what's not!

Necklace From the classic elegance of the pearl necklace to the sophistication of a diamond necklace, this jewelry item can be a great accessory. Learn how to choose necklaces, be it bead necklaces or Tiffany necklaces.

Opal Jewelry Opal 'queen of gems' can transform dreams into reality. Opal jewelry is said to inspire creativity, promotes good health. Of the different types, black opal, fire opal is famous and valuable.

Cultured Pearl Jewelry Cultured pearl jewelry is available in a stunning range of designs - bridal pearl jewelry or Tahitian pearl jewelry items. Find out how to care for these exquisite items.

Platinum Jewelry An informative guide to buying and looking after platinum jewelry. Look at new trends in titanium body jewelry.

Religious Jewelry Religious jewelry items such as prayer beads, charms and pendants are found in traditional and modern designs. Christian jewelry - crucifixes, crosses and rosary beads can be bought in silver or gold.

Ruby Jewelry Ruby jewelry has been popular since early times and still continues to hold sway with contemporary and modern designs.

Caring For Silver Jewelry Caring for silver jewelry involves proper storage and cleaning. Sterling silver comes in a wide range of simple yet sophisticated designs.

Turquoise Jewelry Turquoise jewelry has a huge market, be it for traditional Native American silver jewelry or contemporary patterns. Learn more about turquoise stones.

Titanium Wedding Band Wedding bands come in a wide range of style and design options. Chose wedding bands in gold or titanium, engraved or simple.

Wedding Tiara Walk down the aisle with an elegant wedding tiara that complements your bridal ensemble. Select a wedding tiara to offset your gown, hairstyle and face shape to best advantage.

Women Personal Care

Laptop Backpack Ideal for a picnic or hiking trip backpacks come in a variety of styles and features. Check out more on laptop backpacks, school backpacks and backpack coolers.

Batik Fabric Follow the process of creating exquisite batik fabrics, rich with vibrant color, intricate design and distinctive style. From the island of Java, batik art is now seen on walls as paintings and over windows as drapes and in wardrobes too.

Belt Buckles For everything you wanted to know about belt shopping and belt buckles, be it leather belts, rhinestone belts or silver belt buckles.

Bridal Shoes An important journey in the life of a woman is probably strolling down the aisle during her wedding. Choose the right bridal shoes for this walk of your life.

Women's Briefcase Look up our guide to choosing a women's briefcase. You can choose from classy leather briefcases to sturdy aluminum briefcases.

Designer Handbag Designer handbags are classic fashion statements. Women's handbags come in different styles and materials. This article takes you through a quick look at the available options.

High Heels Though high heels are known to cause knee and back pain, they still remain popular on account of their glamorous and stylish effect. Read up on different kinds of heels, from stiletto high heels and platform high heels to wedge heels and high heel boo

Outdoor Clothing If you are the outdoors kind of person, not passing by opportunities to go hiking or camping, you surely need comfortable and appropriate outdoor clothing to keep you safe and comfortable. Check out how to look for outdoor clothing for various weather

Sarong Sarongs may find their origins in Southeast Asia but now they have become popular fashion wear, be it Hawaiian sarongs or wedding sarongs. Batik sarongs and plus size sarongs are a favorite with shoppers.

Sleeping Eye Mask Whether you want to combat dark circles or the stress of continuous desk work, check out eye masks to soothe the eyes. Sleeping eye masks and travel eye masks relieve you from jet-travel fatigue.

Slippers for Women Whatever be your choice, a satin ballerina slipper or a quilted scuff or a microsuede clog, casual or fancy, the world of women's slippers offers infinite variety in design and style.

Summer Shoes Choosing the right pair of summer shoes goes a long way in ensuring that you stay cool yet stylish all through the summer months. From casual and laidback to elegant and stylish, summer shoes come in a range of options.

Plus Size Swim Wear Plus size swim wear can be chosen with care to camouflage bulges and unflattering curves. You will be dazzled by the range of designer swim wear and kid swim wear that line the shelves of stores.

Tie Dye Fabric Tie dye patterns are characterized by free flowing colorful designs that look casual and chic. With tie dye instructions, you can carry on this in your backyard and come up with exciting tie dye fabrics.

Women's Jacket An informative guide to choosing a woman's jacket. From casual denims to formal leathers, jackets come in different styles, lengths and fabric options.

Women's Shoes Womens shoes come in a mind-boggling range of styles, colors and shapes. Take a few tips on selecting athletic shoes, bowling shoes and dance shoes.

Women's Wallet Take a look at women's wallets, be it in classic leather styles or sporty nylon ones

Swimming Pool Safty Your swimming pool can become a potential threat to your family, friends and neighbors. Read this article and follow the mentioned safety measures and convert your pool into what it should be - a place for fun and entertainment.


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