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List of Managing Money Articles for Women

More on Budget

Saving Money This is an introduction to the budgeting section - A repertoire of articles specially created for you. It will help you understand personal and household budgets and their advantages in managing your cash flow.

Budgeting worksheets Understand how personal budgeting software and budgeting worksheets can help you chalk out your expenses and income - the first step in prudent financial management. Find out more on zero based budgeting.

Budget Vacation Tips Budget vacations can be fun filled and enjoyable. Take a few tips from our budget travel guide to save on costs.

Decorating on a Budget Decorating on a budget involves skillful use of creativity, ingenuity and ideas. Look at practical ways to spruce up your house without breaking the bank.

Managing Money The money section contains in-depth articles that will be of immense help and guidance to women seeking information on money matters. Find out how to earn and save money. Learn to manage your money effectively.

Personal Budget Personal budgets are an excellent financial planning tool. Adhering to the drawn household budget can ensure relatively smooth money management as well as a reasonably secure financial future.

Wedding Budget Calculator An informative guide to planning a wedding on a low budget. Find out how wedding budget calculators can aid your planning task.

More on Insurance

AAA Auto Insurance AAA auto insurance is very popular with motorists on account of its long history of reputed service and additional services. Get the lowdown on different facets of AAA car insurance.

Affordable Health Insurance Look up pertinent details that need to be checked so that you can secure affordable health insurance plan. Ensure that your family health insurance plan is affordable and yet offers sufficient coverage.

Automobile Insurance Automobile insurance requirements vary from state to state. This article seeks to clarify important facets of auto insurance and simplifies the process of seeking an auto insurance quote.

Backpacker Travel Insurance There are many backpacker travel insurance providers in the market. Though the basic covers are the same, the additional covers vary from company to company. Hence, read the guidelines thoroughly before you attempt to finalize your insurance provider.

Car Insurance for Women Most surveys indicate that claims made by women on their vehicles cost lower than the ones made by men of the same age. Hence, females are considered safer drivers than men and are offered competitive premiums with good range of benefits.

Dental Insurance Plan Apart from the traditional health insurances, today there are many dental insurance plans that help you save money on your dental care.

Disability Insurance Quote With suitable disability insurance, you can secure yourself and your family in case of any disability or ill health preventing you from continuing your current job. Check out how to collect disability insurance quotes so as to get protection that is j

Holiday Travel Insurance Holiday travel insurance provides the right kind of cover for any kind of traveler, be it an adventure tourist, a sport enthusiast or even a globe trotter. Whether it is for business or leisure, it is better to insure the trip to enable travel with sa

Homeowner Insurance Homeowners insurance is essential in these days of rising crime and uncertainties. Learn more about homeowner insurance quotes and private mortgage insurance.

Identity Theft Insurance Identity theft insurance cannot repair a victim's credit rating nor repay the monetary losses caused by identity theft. It covers expenses such as attorney fees, telephone bills and lost wages.

Liability Insurance Rate Liability insurance is critical when running a business or setting up professional practice. We take a bird's eye view at professional liability insurance, in particular medical liability.

Makeup Artist Insurance Don't end up in a financial mess due to legal action from celebrities and others you have done beauty services and makeup for. With the right makeup artist's insurance, you can secure your business.

Money Saver Car Insurance The cost of car insurance is on the rise, probably in keeping with the rising number of car accidents as well. Such circumstances warrant that one gets the best insurance rate deals and save money in the bargain. Look for money save car insurance.

Online Insurance Quote Guide Collect online insurance quotes and make a well-informed and prudent decision. After all, you need to protect yourself, your family and your home.

Renters Insurance Renters insurance provides property coverage, liability coverage and protection against calamities. Take renters insurance quote online to find out how much it would cost you.

Short term medical insurance Learn about various types of short term medical insurance options. While temporary medical insurance can cover you till you receive a complete health insurance, critical illness insurance pays for the high medical expenditure if diagnosed.

Ski Insurance Those who are planning a skiing holiday inside or outside the country must seriously consider ski insurance cover as this sport could be as dangerous as it is exhilarating.

Travel Accident Insurance With suitable travel accident insurance you can reduce the financial burden during odd situations such as sudden medical emergency or medical evacuation or even accidental death during travel.

Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women The most common concern amongst traveling pregnant women is financial backup for emergency maternity care. Check out factors that decide the travel insurance for pregnant women.

Travel Insurance This article examines the need and prudence of taking suitable travel insurance. An unforeseen event such as illness, natural disasters, terrorism and cancellations of the trip can be suitably reimbursed if the right travel insurance policy was availe

Whole Life Insurance Policy Check out the pros and cons of a whole life insurance policy. Weigh its cash accrual advantage with its higher premiums.

More on Loan

Bad Credit Loan Mortgage Bad credit loan mortgages are a boon to people with poor credit ratings - it helps them to repay their bills, avoid bankruptcy and restore their tarnished credit.

Balloon Mortgage A balloon mortgage allows a homebuyer to pay for a home mortgage with low initial payments and a larger lump-sum payment later. Find out if this short-term loan will suit your financial needs.

Bankruptcy Car Loan Bankruptcy loans help a person reestablish credit and gain financial independence. Bankruptcy car loans and bankruptcy home loans are available from sub prime lenders.

Boat Loan Boat loans are given based on the credit worthiness of the borrower as well as the condition of the boat and its value. You can also use your house or property as security for a boat loan.

Car Title Loan Find out pertinent information on car title loans so that you can beware of predatory lenders who might tempt you with fast loans when you are cash strapped. Understand the ramifications of an auto title loan.

College Loan Repayment Not many students with loans realize that they have a burden to offload before they set off to reach their goal. Careful planning and following the plan meticulously can help students pay off their student loans quickly.

Construction Loan A construction loan can be automatically converted into a long-term mortgage on completion of construction of the house. This article takes you through various aspects of construction loans and throws light on the loan application procedure.

Direct Loan Servicing Take a look at direct student loans and how you can service them. Check out details on federal direct student loans and direct loan servicing.

Emergency Cash Loan Consider the pros and cons of taking emergency cash loan when you face a crisis. Pause and evaluate the various avenues that you can tap for cash during an emergency.

FHA Loan Guidelines FHA loans are a blessing for those who cannot put down the payments that conventional loan lenders require. This program by the HUD has helped millions of Americans realize their dream of buying a home.

Foreclosure Home Check out alternatives to stop home foreclosure. Find out whether investing in foreclosure homes for sale is a worthwhile proposition.

Home Equity Loan A home equity loan can offer leverage between the ownership of your house and immediate cash needs, either for new investment opportunities or paying off high-interest debts. This article is an informative guide to securing the best home equity loan r

Home Improvement Loan Financing Home improvement loans help you carry out renovations and remodeling work to add to the value of your home. There are special home improvement grants that assist those in need of financial support.

Interest only Mortgage loan Are interest only mortgage loans suitable for regular wage earners and those with regular incomes? Check out the facts and how they differ from traditional mortgages.

Lawsuit Loan Are you an injured plaintiff struggling to meet your day to day expenses? Check out details on lawsuit loans and lawsuit advances.

Loan Articles This introductory article gives a peek into the various issues that will be covered under loans. It will throw light on different kinds of loans and weigh their pros and cons.

Mortgage Bridge Loan While a mortgage bridge loan helps in tiding the period between a sale and purchase, it comes at higher fees and interest rates. Find out more about this loan option.

Online Loan Amortization Calculator Loan amortization involves payment of a long-term loan over a fixed period of time with equal monthly payments. Make use of home loan calculators found online to aid your home loan decisions.

Payday Loan Find out how payday loans work. Examine their pros and cons.

Personal Loan Personal loans are being increasingly availed by borrowers. Typically, they are used for reasons such as emergencies, debt consolidation or sudden expenses. Find out how you can avail a personal loan with bad credit.

Refinancing Auto Loan Refinance auto loans allow consumers to take advantage of falling interest rates. You can apply for online auto loans for your vehicle financing needs - be it used car loan or bad credit auto loan.

Reverse Mortgage Information Arm yourself with vital information on reverse mortgage and its financial implications. Take a look at how reverse mortgages work.

Short Term Money Loan Short time money loans are loans for people who need immediate cash and will repay the same within a short term. The applicant can avail an amount based on the requirement and repayment capacity.

Small Business Loans for Women Loans for women entrepreneurs are granted for business enterprises where women are majority shareholders, and also where the business is run by one or more women. Small business loans for minority women are granted for women who belong to a racial min

Student Loan Consolidation This detailed guide on student loan consolidation acquaints you with various financing options for college education. Find outmore on Federal student loan consolidation.

Unsecured Business Loan Look at various options for unsecured business loans. This guide to unsecured small business loans gives you a brief look at documents needed and finance sources.

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Consolidate your unsecured debt with an unsecured debt consolidation loan. There is no collateral against property.

VA Home Loan Guide VA mortgage loans are partly guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. These type of loans offer considerable advantage over conventional loans.

More on Loans and Investments

Automated Teller Machine ATM Automated Teller Machine ATM facilitates comfortable and convenient banking operations. Follow these tips to safeguard yourself from ATM frauds.

Bad Debt Credit Card There are adequate amount of small credit card providers that offer credit cards to persons like you with poor credit limit. Also referred as bad debt credit card, these cards are similar to the normal ones save for the interest charges, which is usua

Consumer Debt Counseling Consumer debt counseling agencies undertake debt management and debt reduction. You can opt for debt consolidation strategy or refinancing to reduce debt. Read the informative guide to debt help for consumers.

Credit Card Debt Elimination Mounting credit card debt can push you over the financial edge. Seek credit card debt management advice so as to consolidate your debt effectively. Effective credit card debt elimination tips are provided.

Credit Card Reward Program Credit card rewards programs are competing with each other in luring their best customers. Find out more about the online credit card application process.

Personal Debt Consolidation Loan Examine the pros and cons of taking a personal debt consolidation loan. What are the ramifications of resorting to debt consolidation? How can a debt consolidation service help you?

Grants for Women Starting a Business Women entrepreneurs seeking funds to finance their ventures can receive money by way of grants. In fact the US government grants $ 350 billion in free government grants each year to small business enterprises and personal grants.

Identity Theft Prevention Identity theft is a serious crime that causes losses to individuals and society. It is essential that you protect yourself from identity theft of social security number, credit card information and bank details.

Money Saving Tips Small changes can work out as effective money saving tips. Look up this guide to saving money in various aspect of home and money management.

Money Transfer Overseas Transferring money overseas can be easily and safely conducted through international money transfer services. Alternatively you can use electronic money wire transfer through your bank. Check out the various options for online money transfer.

Offshore Banking Significant tax savings and benefits, competitive returns, diverse range of investments, access to world's major markets and above all security and confidentiality are the luring factors for offshore banking accounts.

Prepaid credit card Short yet informative article on prepaid credit cards and how they work. Gift them to your teenage kids.

Prepaid Travel Money Card Prepaid cards are cards similar to debit cards in that you can only spend the money that is already loaded in your card. These cards can be used instead of a traveler's cheque and they also give the traveler the freedom of not carrying cash.

Repair Credit Score Setting about to repair your credit score? Arm yourself with the necessary tips to going about it.

Retirement Planning Calculator A retirement planning calculator aids in better understanding of one's savings potentials and requirements. Retirement financial planning involves setting aside enough money during one's working years to provide adequate income during retirement

Secured Credit Card Secured credit cards are ideal for those seeking to establish credit history or those wanting to reestablish credit. Fixed deposits are used as security or collateral.

Travel Reward Credit Card A travel reward credit card helps a card holder to gain the benefit of free travel-based on the frequency of credit card usage. Airline miles credit card offer loyalty programs that reward customers who fly frequently with them.

1031 Exchange 1031 exchange allows a person to defer capital gain taxes by reinvesting in another like-kind property. This informative guide to 1031 tax deferred exchange highlights the main features of this investment process.

Fraud Investment Fraud investment schemes are often difficult to spot. Take the help of a reliable fraud investment lawyer to settle legal issues pertaining to fraudulent practices by investment brokers and agencies.

Gold Investment Tips Look up this informative guide that gives you many a gold investment tip. Find out more on investing in this precious metal.

Investment Bank This article takes a look at the investment banking sector and its trends in the current global market. Find out what services are offered by an investment bank.

Personal Investment A layman's guide to investments - The investment section offers plenty of sound advice. We carry articles that sieve through the investment options and give you investment tips, sans any technical jargon.

Registered Investment Advisor If you have not a clue as to how to go about your future financial planning, consider using the services of an investment advisor. Be sure to find a registered investment advisor whom you can trust with your finances.

Investment Club An investment club seeks to educate its members on financial investment decisions. Collective investments are undertaken so that members benefit from the club's strategy.

Investment Fundamentals An informative guide to investment beginners. Check out the investment fundamentals before you set out to make your money work for you.

Investment Valuation Valuation of investment is necessary not only at the time of considering an investment opportunity but also when you want to sell or disinvest. Periodic investment valuation helps you keep track of current value of investments.

No Load Mutual Funds Check out what is the load on a mutual fund. Find out why no load mutual funds are preferred over those with loads either at the front end or the backend.

Pension Investment This pension investment guide outlines the important principles to look into while deciding on various investment options for a secure retirement.

Real Estate Investment Loans Investment in real estate can give good returns and capital growth. A real estate investment trust helps small investors with opportunities to invest in professionally managed real estate investment schemes.

Managing Money

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