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List of Home and Garden Articles for Women


Bath Safety for Seniors The most frequented room of the house, bathroom, is believed to be the most dangerous too. Bath safety is an integral part of general home safety, be it for seniors or kids and everyone around.

Bath Tub Restoration Bath tub restoration is a cost effective alternative to replacing the bath tub altogether. Bath tub liners give your bathtub a totally new look in a matter of hours.

Inground Swimming Pool A comprehensive guide to different types of swimming pools. Look at the various features of inground swimming pools. Consider different options such as fiberglass inground swimming pools and infinity pools.

Jacuzzi Tub Jacuzzi tubs allow you to soak your worries and aches away and enjoy the soothing relaxation of a spa treatment. Peruse this informative guide to choosing jacuzzi bath tubs, whirlpool baths and jacuzzi spas.

Replacing Bathroom Fixtures Bathroom fixtures come in a variety of styles and options. Look up tips on replacing bathroom fixtures.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Are you sure that your swimming pool is hygienic and clean for use? Get the lowdown on swimming pool maintenance. Find out how to maintain the chemical balance of water and keep it free from debris.


Adjustable Bed Adjustable beds are ideal for those suffering from a host of ailments, be it back pain and asthma. Electric adjustable beds offer remote handsets and programmable features to aid the user.

Childrens Bunk Beds Bunk beds can convert a bedroom into a flexible, multi functional living environment that can grow and adapt.

Luxury Bed linen Luxury bed linen makes a world of difference between mere resting and sleeping. Luxury bed linen come in a range of styles and prints.

Memory Foam Mattress Mattress can make a difference between sweet dreams and sleep deprivation. Check out the relative features of memory foam mattress, latex mattress, tempur-pedic mattress, latex mattress and adjustable bed mattress.

Neck Pillow Choosing the right pillow can ensure adequate rest and comfort. A neck pillow is helpful while lying down and traveling.

Water Bed Mattress Waterbed mattress can be rightly phrase as a conventional flotation sleep structure with a perfect combination of elegant looks, hygienic mattress, total body and back support offering minimal surface pressure and hard to believe resilience. Read this


Antique Furniture Antique furniture commands respect and attention and is worth a high price. Look for tips on buying antique furniture and maintaining it.

Bar Stool The bar stools of today are a far cry from the staid ones of yore. Go in for sleek bar stools that come in a bewildering array of colors, styles and material options.

Bedroom Furniture Big or tiny bedrooms, appropriate bedroom furniture can set the mood or feeling you would like to elicit each time you step into your bedroom.

Contemporary Furniture Guide Contemporary furniture is usually made of glass and chrome and can add a modern touch to your interiors. Often these pieces of furniture are designed ergonomically and with space saving in mind.

Furniture Restoration Simple techniques of furniture restoration revive your furniture, bring back its original charm and shine and make them last a lifetime. Our step-by-step home-based furniture restoration guide can help you accomplish the task successfully.

Storage Ottoman The ottoman is versatile in that it can transform any living space by doubling up as storage space or a footrest or additional seating space. Read more on storage ottomans

Picnic Table Picnic tables are perfect for outdoor gatherings, parties, camping or going to the beach with friends or family. Learn how to choose the right picnic table and be able to store it too.

Rustic Furniture Bring in the natural look of a country home with rustic furniture. Rustic furniture is appealing and lends a relaxed ambience to the surroundings.

Space Saving Furniture Specialize in the art of creating an illusion of more space. With a little work, you can optimize home space with stylish and smart space saving furniture.

Wood Furniture Care This article outlines ways in which you can care for your wooden furniture. Find tips and tricks to keep your wood furniture in all its grandeur.

Writing Desk Whether for home or office, the right writing desk should be both fashionable and functional. Learn to identify popular antique writing desk styles.


Bonsai Tree Bonsai trees are elegant and aesthetic, be it conifers or beech, maple of junipers. Learn more about this plant art and how to care for bonsai plants.

Butterfly Garden The Painted Lady, the Red Admiral and the Common Buckeye butterfly are looking for an attractive garden in your neighborhood. You may soon find it difficult to set your feet out of your beautiful butterfly garden.

Cactus Plant If you want a low maintenance garden, opt for a cactus garden with a profusion of different types of cactus plants. Cactus plants come in myriad shapes and hues.

Container Garden Container gardens are increasingly getting popular as they provide you with greenery options on your windowsill, balcony, roof, patio or deck. This guide to container gardens gives you tips on selecting containers and plants.

Electric Lawn Mower Choosing the right lawn mower can transform your lawn into an emerald splendor. Enjoy the therapeutic advantages of lawn mowing with electric lawn mowers or riding lawn mowers.

Feng Shui Garden Like in any other area, feng shui garden is based on the art of placement such that life energy or chi moves in a harmonious manner to bring about balance in the environment.

Garden Fountain An informative guide to garden fountains - be it stone garden fountains or wall mounted ones or even an oriental Japanese garden fountain.

Garden Maintenance For the garden to become an enjoyable extension of one's home, impeccable garden maintenance is imperative. Pick up valuable tips to maintaining your garden so that it remains a source of joy.

Garden Pond A garden pond can enliven your garden and serve as a spot of beauty and tranquility. Check out more on selecting garden ponds and what their maintenance entails.

Herb Garden Design An informative article on herb gardens, especially indoor herb gardens. You can plan your herb garden design to suit your needs.

Hydroponics Gardening Unravel the working of hydroponics gardening where you eliminate the mess of traditional gardening. Learn to grow certain terrestrial plants in inert mediums like mineral wool, gravel and perlite.

Landscape Design Idea A cohesive landscape design idea blends your exterior elements with the house to give a sense of balance and unity. Play around with color, texture, foliage and structural elements to arrive at a landscape design that makes you proud.

Lawn Maintenance Tips Safeguard lawn from problems such as weed growth, insect attacks and disease-spread. A conscientious lawn maintenance program promises great results. Your lawn is an object of admiration, owner's pride and neighbor's envy.

Lawn Mowing Learn the basics of proper lawn mowing. Pick up valuable tips on lawn mowing and selecting lawn mowing supplies.

Lawn Sprinkler System Bring home the experience of a lush lawn by way of lawn sprinkler system. Enjoy the green carpet of your lawn with least effort by choosing the right lawn sprinklers.

Leaf Blower The leaf blower can make light work of cleaning yards and lawns of leaves and debris. But they are noisy and some versions can emit extremely high levels of pollution.

Orchid Care Read up this exhaustive guide on orchid plants and how to care for them. Look at various issues related to growing orchids and interesting trivia on black orchids and other species.

Organic Gardening Harness the eco system and practice organic gardening. Make use of the rich compost and natural insect repellants to garden the healthy way.

Ornamental Plant Blend grasses, shrubs and flowers with ornamental plants for a beautiful breathtaking Eden right at your doorstep. Check out how you can care for your indoor plants.

Outdoor Garden Furniture Selecting the most appropriate outdoor garden furniture is the best way to get the most out of your garden area.

Patio Design Take care to decorate your patio, as it is part of your living space. Read up on various patio covering options - vinyl or aluminum awnings, canopies, pergolas and lattices.

Rock Garden A rock garden is aesthetically appealing and horticulturally stimulating. Look at the features that characterize a Japanese rock garden. Find out the basic design principles in a rock garden.

Solar Bird Bath Consider installing a bird bath fountain in your garden or backyard and watch it come alive with the chatter of birds and their playful antics. A solar bird bath is energy saving.

Vegetable Garden Layout Sprawling acres of land or just a deck or patio or containers, you can fulfill vegetable gardening desires. Here is comprehensive information for making a successful vegetable garden.

Window Garden Bring spice into your life, literally! A few basic shelves and spare containers are all that you need to turn your sunny window ledge or your kitchen corner into a garden spot.

Home Appliance Maintenance

Dishwasher Maintenance Keep your dishwasher clean and efficient. With a few simple maintenance tips, you can use this kitchen appliance for years on end, saving you lots of time and effort.

Appliance Maintenance - Refrigerator This guide to refrigerator maintenance serves as an excellent manual to efficient usage and handling. Check out how you can trouble shoot minor problems with refrigerators.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Vacuum cleaners, like other household appliances need to be regularly maintained. Take a few tips to keeping the vacuum cleaner in good condition.

Washing Machine Maintenance A few simple steps can go long way in efficient washing machine maintenance. Check out our guide to washing machine appliance maintenance.

Home Electronics

Clothes Dryer Pick up valuable tips on selecting the right clothes dryer. Outdoor clothes dryer allows you to make use of sunlight to dry your clothes without subjecting them to continual tumbling.

Dehumidifier Soaring temperatures, rising humidity levels, dank and wet basements are all common problems during the summer months. Buy a dehumidifier and put an end to all these woes.

Driveway Gates Look up this guide to different types of driveways and check out the relative features of gravel driveways, concrete driveways and driveway pavers.

Electronic Pest Control Find out the efficacy of electronic pest control devices in keeping rodents and other pests at bay. They work on ultrasonic or electromagnetic technology to repel insects, birds, rodents and termites.

RFID Technology - RFID Application RFID (Radio frequency identification) has been around since a few decades but the prohibitive cost of RFID tags and systems prevented it from being widely used. Wal-mart, the world's largest retailer has embarked on a phased implementation of RFID sys

Vacuum Cleaner Review An exhaustive vacuum cleaner review that gives you the edge to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. This article also covers various vacuum cleaner features like bags, HEPA filters and more.

Home Security

Burglar Alarm System Burglar alarm systems come in various models - from the simple alarm to sophisticated electronic circuitry that can be monitored from afar.

CCTV Cameras This page, part of the series on security cameras, discusses tips and techniques of installing a Wireless CCTV camera.

Driveway Alarm Driveway alarms are also called driveway monitors or driveway sensors and are used to alert homeowners about visitors. Driveway sensors usually work on measurement of temperature, sound, pressure or intensity of light.

Security cameras This page is part of the series on security camera systems and takes a detailed view on the types of security cameras available today.

Video Surveillance Camera Take a look at various features of video surveillance cameras before you buy one for your home. Enjoy peace of mind while you are away with remote viewing facilities.

Web Security Cameras A detailed view on web security cameras whether they are wired or wireless and installation tips. Find a perimeter security solution with readily available camera components in this page.

Kitchen Appliances

Barbecue Smoker Take a few pointers to selecting a barbecue smoker that works well for your needs. Get equipped to become the neighborhood barbecue expert with your barbecue smoking skills.

Bedside Table Design A bedside table can be the repository for your personal things like medications, bedside reading, spectacles et al. Look for unique bedside table designs to suit your personal and space requirements.

Crepe Maker Make perfect crisp crepes with a suitable crepe maker. Choose from an electric crepe maker or gas stove crepe maker based on your requirements.

Garment Steamer The garment steamer works with steam to iron out the wrinkles in fabric. Unlike traditional irons, garment steamers relax the fabric and are milder on delicate fabrics.

Gas Grill Grilling can work for all kinds of food from shrimps to back ribs. This guide to natural gas grills and outdoor gas grills gives you important tips on choosing an appropriate gas grill.

Juicer Purchasing a juicer may perhaps be one of the most important health decisions and therefore choose one that suits your specific needs. This guide to fruit and vegetable juicers looks at various options and their relative functions.

Kitchen Blender Kitchen blender is an indispensable kitchen tool. With the right kitchen blender, preparing healthy, tasty, favorites can easily become order of the day.

Meat Grinder A meat grinder helps you to manage your own diet in that you can control what you are eating. Tastier, healthier meat loaves, sausages and hamburgers are now yours for the taking.

Waffle Iron Waffle irons come in handy for family breakfast times. Check out various features of waffle irons so that you can come up with delicious waffles.

Kitchen Improvement

Barbecue Grilling Tip This article lists out pertinent barbecue grilling tips that will go a long way in enhancing your barbecuing experience. Get set for an aromatic, succulent and tantalizing pieces of meat and poultry.

Crockery Crockery enhances your dining experience and makes food appealing. Find out the difference between porcelain, China and bone china.

Custom Kitchen Island Custom kitchen island can be planned to suit your kitchen plan and specific requirements. Portable kitchen islands allow versatility and are a godsend in a space-strapped kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Shiny and showy, glassy and glittery, the kitchen of today has indeed come a long way to suit the needs of today's woman and her lifestyle. Read on to learn more about kitchen backsplash tiles and how to make your own personal fashion statement.

Kitchen Cabinet Cabinets are integral to any kitchen décor. The kitchen cabinet guide gives you tips and pointers to selecting cabinets that are best suited for your needs.

Kitchen Canister Kitchen canisters go a long way in efficient and hygienic storage of food items. Choosing the right kitchen canisters is vital to a well planned kitchen.

Kitchen Faucet Kitchen faucets come in a variety of materials, distinctive styles and designs. Read this informative guide to selecting the right kitchen sink faucet.

Kitchen Furniture Use of right kitchen furniture can transform your kitchen into a functional and aesthetic hub. Learn more about kitchen island furniture and how to put it to best use.

Kitchen Knife This informative article on different types of kitchen knives and their specific uses throws light on storage and maintenance of knives too.

Kitchen Lighting Idea Look at various aspects of a good kitchen lighting design so that the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen are enhanced. Plan out the kitchen lighting idea to suit the size and shape of the kitchen.

Kitchen Pantry Organize your kitchen pantry so that it serves all your storage needs, for dishes, food, canisters and linen. A functional kitchen pantry goes a long way in efficient home management.

Metal Bread Box Bread boxes came made of wood or pottery in the past, whereas nowadays metal bread boxes are becoming popular. Wooden and metal bread boxes are finished to complement many styles of home décor.

New Kitchen Countertops Kitchen countertops and sinks come in a fascinating array of materials and colors. This informative guide gives you an overall picture of the options available.

Stainless Steel Tableware This guide to stainless steel tableware throws light on various kinds of tableware and how to care for them. Gleaming lustrous stainless steel tableware can add a special touch to the table setting.


Feng Shui This is an introduction to the World of Feng Shui section that will contain informative articles about this ancient Chinese art of placement. It is widely practiced today and Feng shui products have gained popularity worldwide.

Garage Plan Handy guide to garage plans. Tips on choosing garage door openers and flooring and storage options.

Landscape Lighting The essence of landscape lighting is that the light effect should only be seen and not the source of light. Outdoor lighting should be unique personal mixture of design, comfort, effectiveness and versatility.

Landscaping Done efficiently, landscaping idea can offer cost saving by improving the home energy efficiency by cutting down heating and cooling costs. Landscaping design involves syncing existing features so as to bring out the best.


Chandelier Lighting A guide to chandelier lighting - tips to help you get the right chandelier for your home.

Home Lighting Fixture Home lighting fixtures must be chosen carefully to suit the needs of the room. Select decorative home lighting to complement your decor.

Lamp Shade Lamp shades come in myriad shapes, colors and styles. Peruse creative tips on selecting lamp shades that will complement your décor.

More on Home Decor

Apartment Decor Your apartment speaks volumes about you to your visitors. Generate positive energy in your apartment with a soothing décor and style.

Armoire An armoire is a versatile combination of open and closed spaces that show off some contents while revealing the others. Each armoire has its own character, be it elegant or rugged, antique or contemporary.

Artificial Christmas Tree Artificial Christmas trees come in attractive shapes, styles and lifelike foliage. Pre lit artificial Christmas trees take the hassle out of Christmas lighting.

Christmas Centerpiece Ring in the festive spirit with colorful Christmas centerpieces and decorative candles. Hang up Christmas wreaths and let the entire house soak in the magic of the holiday season.

Christmas Ornament Innovative ideas for your Christmas tree ornaments - be it glass ornaments or homemade ornaments to enliven your Christmas décor. Pick up tips on selecting Christmas ornaments.

Country Home Décor Find out how to transform your house with country home décor, colorful quilts, rustic accessories, earthy shades and all.

Home Improvement Catalog LA home improvement catalog serves as a guide to the kind of products and services available for giving your old home a makeover. Use home improvement software to plan, visualize and estimate your home improvement needs.

Decorating Small Space This small space decorating guide to combat space challenge aids in creating more living and storage per square foot.

Do it yourself Home Improvement A home improvement project can be assigned to a contractor or undertaken by you as different do it yourself projects. In either case, you need to consider your remodeling and repair needs realistically and plan ahead.

Door Knocker Door knockers lend a classic look to your main door. Be it a personalized door knocker or antique door knocker, choose one that arrests attention.

Dresser A dresser adds the right accent to your bedroom and provides storage facility. Be it an antique dresser or kid dresser, look up our tips to selecting one that suits your needs best!

Floor Decor Find out ways in which you can enliven your floor decor. Try interesting ways to break large expanses of space without making it cluttered.

Footstool Check out how you can turn a simple footstool into a utilitarian piece. Find out the advantages of storage footstools.

Halloween Decoration It's Halloween time once again; time to create the spookiest house on the block to scare away the visitors and treaters. Read on to find out how you can decorate your home with the Halloween spirit.

Hammock Hammocks bring to mind visions of lazy afternoons and sleepy holidays. Our informative article on portable hammocks, camping hammocks and hammock chairs throws light on the various options available.

Home Improvement Tips Home improvement can either be undertaken by a home improvement contractor or with a do-it-yourself home improvement scheme. Catalogs provide ideas, guidance and tips. This article introduces the reader to the home improvement section.

Home Bar Bring home the décor, ambience and experience of your favorite bar. Unfold ideas, blend features and create a theme. Try sports home bar, music home bar, Irish or English pub. Spend leisure time without leaving home.

Home Improvement Contractor Read up this informative guide on choosing a home improvement contractor. We give you home improvement advice on remodeling your kitchen and bathroom.

Home Furnishing Idea Home furnishing ideas can be confusing and bewildering. This article outlines the principles on which you can base your home furnishing style.

Home Furnishing Intro Home-furnishing ideas can be confusing and bewildering. This article outlines the principles on which you can base your home furnishing style.

Home and Garden The home section takes you through the entire dream home process - buying a home, home finance, home decoration and home security. These articles will provide you with tips and tricks on all aspects of your own citadel - your home.

Home Garden Design Home garden landscaping reflects the homeowners' needs - be it a quaint kitchen garden or formal garden or Mediterranean style of garden. You can make use of software packages to help you with the home garden design.

Interior Decorating Idea Find respite from the soaring temperatures and bring an amazing cool effect with our interior decorating ideas. Get your home set for the coming summer.

Japanese Décor Look up tips on incorporating Japanese décor into a room. You can bring in tranquility and quiet elegance into your decorating style.

Kid Room Décor Interesting ideas for kid room décor - how to plan for your child room decoration.

Kitchen Remodeling Idea Look up kitchen remodeling ideas to perk up your drab kitchen. Small kitchens can be suitably remodeled to provide adequate storage. Choose cabinets to suit the overall style of the house.

Laminate flooring The laminate flooring guide is an informative article on various features of laminate flooring - buying, installation and maintenance.

Laminate Wood Floor Find out why laminate wood floors are so popular as a flooring option. Pick up simple yet effective tips on cleaning wood laminate floors.

Laundry Room Decor Don't ignore your laundry room décor. Take simple tips to make it a functional and pleasing part of your home.

Leather Sofa Leather sofas add elegance, richness and comfort. Look up this informative guide to sectional leather sofas and leather sleeper sofas and how to care for them.

Lodge Décor Lodge decor reflects the wilderness of American outdoors. Learn to incorporate it into your indoors.

Lower Energy Bills Building an energy efficient home can go a long way in reducing your energy bills as well as lowering the burden on the eco system. This article takes a look at various design tips that can ensure an energy efficient home.

Moroccan Decor Check out the elements that go into incorporating Moroccan décor in your home. Go in for rich metalwork, richly colored cushions, vibrant colors and exotic charm.

Nautical Home Décor Nautical home décor is all about getting the look and feel of the seas and ships into your living space. Pick up ideas for incorporating the nautical look for your home décor.

Rattan Furniture Add a touch of Asian décor into your room with rattan furniture and bamboo furniture. These pieces made with Eco-friendly materials are elegant and simple.

Steel entry door Steel entry doors ensure maximum security. Find out how you can choose a safe and attractive exterior door for your home.

Table Decoration A well decorated table sets the right mood and ambience for any kind of celebration. Check out specific Christmas table decorations and wedding table decoration.

Thanksgiving Decoration Look at simple yet fun ways to decorate the house for Thanksgiving so that you create an ambience of bonhomie and fun.

Wood Bookcase Bookcases though primarily designed to hold books can also be used to display other things of interest like photographs, curios, and collectibles. Look up different options such as wood bookcase, bookcase headboard, corner bookcase and folding bookcas

Wood Paneling Wood paneling can transform a simple room into one of understated elegance and old-world charm. Wood wall paneling is a preferred and long-lasting wall treatment.

More on Home Improvement

Ceiling Texture Bid goodbye to old ceilings and welcome the trendy, modern ceilings of today. Ceiling texture, color and style transforms the look and feel of your home.

Closet Organizer Reduce armories, dressers and furniture by shifting to closet organizer system. Streamline your closet with the right closet organizer and rid goodbye to clutter.

Dining Room Design With a few simple tips, you can enliven your dining room décor. Plan the furniture, lighting and accessories based on your dining room design.

Faux Painting Endow your dreary walls with a facelift and pep them up with faux painting finish. Take a look at various faux painting techniques and their suitability for your walls.

Fireplace Mantel Redefine the looks of your living room by choosing the right mantel for your fireplace. Use simple tips to enliven the fireplace mantel décor.

Fish Tank Aquarium Relax and unwind by watching the marine activity in a fish tank aquarium. Read up interesting tidbits on buying and maintaining fish tank aquariums.

Antique Glassware This exhaustive guide to different types of glassware throws light on various beverage and cocktail glassware. Learn to identify antique glassware.

Handyman Services Choosing the right handyman can mean getting all your repair work done to your satisfaction without breaking the bank. Look up handyman services in your locality and attend to your home improvement needs.

Hardwood Floor This guide to hardwood floors deals with a wonderful flooring option for your home. Check out how to maintain hardwood floors so that you enjoy the rich classic look for years.

House Painting Tip Valuable house painting tips to get your exteriors and interior all spruced up and looking like new. Look up various house painting ideas before you get started.

Indoor Fountain An indoor fountain serves more than a decorative element in your home. Do not overlook the soothing power the gurgling sounds have on your mind and frazzled nerves.

Laundry Hamper A laundry hamper is an essential though most-overlooked item that can make wonders for good housekeeping. Take a look at the types of laundry hampers available.

Linen Cabinet This article on Linen Cabinet discusses about various options available in designing and installing a linen cabinet. Take care to tailor your linen cabinet to suit your requirements as well as make best use of space.

Replace Home Window Replacing home windows is a daunting task - what with the wide range of options available today. Look up this informative guide to choosing windows for your home.

Silk Floral Arrangement Silk floral arrangements are fast becoming a replacement for fresh cut flowers. Learn how to choose quality silk flowers and care for them.

Stain Removal Stains are the bane of any housekeeper. With the right stain removal agent, you can get your fabrics, carpets and furnishings looking bright and clean.

Vinyl Siding Vinyl home sidings are a popular option over painting, brickwork or stucco. Ensure that vinyl sidings are well installed so that they serve you well for a long time.

Waterproofing Check out this waterproofing guide - a brief look at various aspects of basement waterproofing and foundation waterproofing.

Wood Furnace Essential tips on choosing a furnace for your home, from different types of furnace to options of furnace filters. Look at various alternatives to keeping yourself warm this winter.

Beveled Mirror Use decorative wall mirrors to best advantage by choosing frames and styles that enhance the décor of any room. Place beveled mirrors to play around with light.

Coffee Table The range of coffee table options available is wide and varied, from glass coffee tables to contemporary coffee tables. Blend your coffee table with the décor or make a style statement with a lift top coffee table or aquarium coffee table.

Discount Home Furnishing Tips Cheap home furnishing hinges on simple and effective creative ideas. Do up your home furnishing at discount rates by picking up the right items from thrift sales, auctions and bargain stores.

Drape Fabric Drape fabrics must be selected to suit the decor and use of the room. Weigh the pros and cons of different fabrics and their features.

Home Office Furniture This article looks at home office furniture options and how you can set up a functional and productive home office. Plan your home office design to make for an efficient setup.

Kitchen Curtain Kitchen curtains can transform your entire kitchen ambience. You can choose to make it cozy and reminiscent of a country cottage or sleek and modern.

Rug Carpet Liven up a room with a colorful rug carpet. Pick up important tips on carpet care and choosing carpet flooring.

Shower Curtain Find out how you can enliven your boring bathroom with striking shower curtains. Read up on shower curtain rods and different fabric options.

Slipcover Slipcovers for furniture are ideal for a makeover sans expensive upholstery changes. Choose them as per as your budget, décor and seasons.

Table Linen Take a tour of various aspects of table linen, from fabric options to prints and instructions to caring for your fine table linen.

Upholstery Fabric Jacquard and damask, silk or sheer velvet - the range of upholstery fabric is wide and varied. Arm yourself with useful tips to selecting the right upholstery material for your furniture.

Venetian Blinds Venetian blinds not only keep out the sun's glare and offer privacy, but also aid in reducing air-conditioning costs. Wooden venetian blinds are elegant and fit elegantly into your home décor.

Wallpaper Mural Recreate a serene landscape in your bedroom with a wallpaper mural or brighten up your son's room with a baseball wallpaper mural.

Window Curtain A little creativity and careful play of fabric and color can make for attractive window curtains. Read up on the factors that are to be considered while choosing kitchen curtains.

Wrought Iron Furniture The elegance of wrought iron furniture with its ornate designs and shapely patterns is timeless. For patios, wrought iron furniture can be combined with gaily-colored cushions to add pizzazz to your lawn.


Bay Window Bay windows are specially designed windows that create a niche in a home filled with light. Let us explore various bay window treatments and look at bay window curtain styles.

Casement Window Casement windows allow for a lot of light and provide a wide open view of the outdoors. Check out various features of casement windows and their suitability.

French Window French windows act as a lens that captures the exterior beauty of your home. French windows provide ample ventilation and light for any room.

Retractable Awning Earlier awnings were used primarily to shade the patio in any house but in modern days the usage of awnings has increased and diversified. Check out more on retractable awnings, window awnings, patio awnings and choosing awning fabric.

Home and Garden

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