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List of Diet and Fitness Articles for Women

Exercises for Women

Abdominal Exercise This article is a must-read for all those seeking a flat stomach or a six-pack abdomen. Everything you wanted to know about abdominal exercises, postpartum ab exercise and getting rid of unsightly love handles.

Anti Aging Exercise Anti aging exercises for the facial muscles, eyes and toning up the entire body can go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy, mentally and physically. Feel good about yourself as you get older.

Arm Exercise Let flabby shapeless arms be a thing of the past. With effective arm exercises, you can sport well-toned arms.

Butt Exercise Tone up your butt with cardiovascular exercises such as walking, bicycling and swimming. Lunges and squats can firm up your rear muscles and put you in better shape.

Carpal Tunnel Exercises Carpel tunnel syndrome occurs commonly among people who perform hand-intensive jobs of a repetitive nature. Exercises can help in preventing the painful effects of this syndrome.

Chest Exercise for Women Right exercises combined with the right posture and balance can chisel a woman's chest in the most natural way. Look for chest exercises with dumbbells that you can get done at home.

Double Chin Exercise Try these simple exercises to reduce double chin and watch your jaw line sculpt itself. Incorporate these exercises into your regular fitness regimen.

Dumbbell Exercise Dumbbell exercise strengthens muscles and burns calories effectively. Make it a priority so as to improve bone strength and protect yourself from osteoporosis.

Resistance Exercise Band Combine the exercise resistance band with weights and you have an efficient exercise workout right at home. Portable and convenient, the exercise band is popular for those seeking a simple workout at home or while traveling.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Comfortable, low impact, safe to use and affordable, stationary exercise bikes are all these and more! Check out the features of recumbent exercise bikes and upright exercise bikes.

Home Exercise Equipment The range of exercise equipment available these days is bewildering. Check our tips on selecting the right home exercise equipment, be it the exercise treadmill or the exercise ball or exercise bicycle.

Eye Exercise Benefit Eye exercise benefits are many - from relieving tired eyes to helping conditions such as lazy eye and computer vision syndrome. Eye exercises are simple yet vital to keeping the eye muscles well toned.

Face Exercises Benefits Face exercises can give you glowing facial skin on account of better blood circulation as well as well-toned muscles. These simple exercises can keep wrinkles, crows' feet and double chins at bay.

Gym Safety Tips Pick a few vital tips to maintain gym safety. Use equipment correctly and watch out for any symptoms of distress or discomfort.

Isometric Exercise The benefits of isometric exercise are many. But they must be combined with a regular exercise regimen for best results.

Jogging Exercise Jogging is an ideal aerobic activity that helps people burn a lot of calories within a short span of time. Check out the pros and cons of jogging exercise.

Kegel Exercises Kegel exercises were initially developed to help women after childbirth to strengthen their pelvic muscles. But these exercises have been seen to provide many more benefits.

Knee Exercise Including knee exercises in your fitness regimen goes a long way in keeping your knee joint in fit condition.

Leg Exercise Check out the benefits of leg exercises that promise to give you healthier, stronger and better-looking legs.

Lower Back Exercise Exercises for the back and lower back when carefully planned and repeated can go a long way in strengthening your spine. Alleviate back pain by following a controlled gradual back exercise regimen.

Pilates Exercise Pilates is an exercise system that Pilates focuses on quality of movement rather than quantity and offer nearly 500 controlled activities that engage the mind and condition the total body.

Rebounder Exercise Rebounder exercise done on a trampoline is said to enable removal of toxins and absorption of nutrients at the cellular level to convert them into energy. Check out details on this form of exercise that gives you a feeling of weightless and lots of fu

Rotator Cuff Exercises Rotator cuff exercises help prevent injuries to the shoulder joint by increasing strength and flexibility. Learn more about the rotator cuff group of muscles.

Flat Stomach Exercise These simple yet effective stomach exercises can go a long way in tightening your stomach muscles and over time you will notice a smaller waistline.

Stretching Exercise Stretching exercises are often given their due credit as they are thought to be restricted only for women and seniors. Find out how stretching exercises and flexibility exercise can go a long way in improved fitness and agility.

Thigh Exercises Get rid of the excess fat on your thighs with exercises that are tailored to target the major thigh muscles. Regular brisk walking, swimming, cycling or skipping are also excellent exercises for the thighs.

Weight Exercises for Women Weight exercises allow your muscles to apply a force against resistance. Weight exercises for women can also improve bone and ligament strength and blood circulation.

Weight Lifting Exercise Find out how weight lifting exercises can become a part of your fitness regimen. Read up the safety precautions before you embark on a weight training exercise routine.

More on Aerobics

Benefit of Aerobic Exercise Aerobic exercise aids efficient functioning of the heart and lungs. Low impact aerobics sustained over a period of time can bring about positive effects on your weight, health and overall well-being. Learn to calculate your target heart rate.

Aerobics Aerobic activities like swimming, dancing and running are now popularly fashioned into exercise schedules. Aerobic dancing and water aerobics are extremely popular with women.

Aerobic Water Exercise Give yourself a cool workout with a water aerobic routine. Benefit from water resistance to build on your stamina and cardio vascular fitness.

Diet and Fitness More and more people are becoming aware of the need for a regular fitness schedule. Read up our introduction for the fitness section that will take readers through fitness equipment, fitness exercises, fitness clothing, fitness nutrition and much more

Guide to Swimming Exercise Swimming exercise - Wonderful aerobic activity that has minimal risk of injury and helps build most major muscle groups.

Step Aerobic Routine Step aerobic routine offers a sustained cardiovascular workout. Find out how the warm ups and cool downs are essential to any step aerobic session that is performed to fast paced aerobic music.

More on Diet

BMI Calculator Use the free BMI calculator to check your weight status vis--vis your height. Your BMI calculation is one of the indicators to your overall well being.

Body Toning Body toning exercises involve firming up muscle groups. You can be assured of more muscle mass, stronger muscles and improved bone density.

Boost Metabolism Read up this informative guide that outlines factors that affect body metabolism. Find out ways to perk up your sluggish metabolism.

Cardio Workout Cardio workouts are integral to the fitness regimen of anyone seeking a healthier and fitter body. Check out tips on working on cardiovascular exercises at home.

Diet Cancer Patient An informative and educative guide to cancer diets. Look up the anti cancer diet table to keep the carcinogens at bay.

Fitness Exercise Articles The exercise section will offer well-researched and topical articles on various aspects of exercising and their pros and cons. It will cover topics as diverse as cardiovascular exercise to yoga exercise to even Kegel's exercise and Pilates exercise.

Food Articles Whether you are looking for a mystical sauce that accompanies your Italian salad or the exotic Thai gourmet recipe,you will find plenty of information in this series of articles on Food.

Gout Diet Information on low purine foods that constitute gout diets. Limit the purines to keep uric acid levels low.

Low Fat Dessert A few simple changes and you can enjoy low fat desserts even on a diet. Shed the pounds and add to the health with fresh fruit and low fat substitutes.

Rotation Diet The rotation diet works on the theory of not restricting a person's cravings but keeping the body metabolism levels on even keel. It has worked for people with allergies too.

Salad Dressing A salad dressing lifts a dreary boring salad into a tasty accompaniment. You can find simple salad dressing recipes that are quick to make and easy to store. Look for low fat salad dressing options.

Whey Protein Whey protein is packed with the goodness of essential amino acids, sans fat and carbohydrates. Whey protein shakes and powders are ideal for those on rigorous training or seeking to lose weight.

Yoga Attain beauty fitness through a yoga regimen- Get into shape and calm your mind. Let yoga relieve you of stress and help you look young and fit.

Calisthenics Calisthenics exercise involves numerous simple movements that are generally performed without weights or other equipments. The body is used as resistance during a calisthenics workout.

Circuit Training Circuit training is kind of training helps bring out the contour, shape and feature of the muscle; a type of exercise that involves both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in a single exercise session.

Exercise for Seniors It is often wrongly assumed that senior persons should not or need not exercise. In fact a simple and regular exercise regimen can go a long way in enhancing overall feeling of goodness and keeping some diseases at bay.

Fitness Center for Women Women-only fitness centers are for those women desiring privacy out of personal preference or religious choice. Women of all ages and fitness levels can join these all inclusive fitness centers and get into shape.

Fitness Weight Loss in women Fitness weight loss programs must involve healthy blend of exercise and nutrition. Check out more on waist-hip ratio and losing inches with right exercise regimen.

Home Fitness Equipment With the increasing popularity of home gyms, this article is a must-read for all those who are seeking to buy home fitness equipment. Read up the FTC guidelines on the same. Body building is more specialized and involves weight training and high physi

Interval Training Interval training is suitable for almost everyone who enjoys stable, good health as it provides a workout with steep peaks and valleys for quick weight loss. To improve fitness level, combine interval training with continuous training.

Karate For Women Karate aids to build a strong personality and promotes a sense of respect towards fellow humans. Traditional karate involves strikes and kicks and does not use weapons. Learn more about karate training for women.

Kid Fitness Teaching young children the importance of fitness and proper nutritional practices as vital to maintaining health should be the motto of every discerning parent.

Self Defense for Women A woman should be mentally prepared to react even in the worst of situations. It is this kind of situation with increasing crime levels that warrants self defense for women.

Strapless Heart Rate Monitor A heart rate monitor aids in judging the efficiency of any cardiovascular activity and helps in planning out an exercise regimen that suits you best. Be it athletes, fitness enthusiasts or those recovering from cardiac surgery, strapless heart rate mo

Learn Tai Chi Learn more about Tai Chi - an ancient Chinese practice that works on the musculoskeletal structure as well as internal organs and the mind.

Weight Loss Calculator Weight loss calculators and charts help you track your progress in your bid to knock off the extra pounds. Simple weight loss tips can make a big difference in your fitness levels.

Popular Diet Plans

3 Day Diet Strategy A 3 day diet strategy involves a calorie-restricted diet to bring about quick loss of weight. The effectiveness of these diets is much debated

Acid Reflux Diet An acid reflux diet is more about lifestyle changes in your food pattern, so that you avoid symptoms such as heartburn and acidity. This guide can aid your search for foods that alleviate acid reflux and provide relief.

Blood Group Diet Dr. Peter D Adamo a naturopath discovered that people with different blood groups responded in different ways to certain diet patterns. Hollywood stars like Liz Hurley, Courtney Cox-Arquette and others have taken to the blood group diet.

Low Cholesterol Diet Diet tips for reducing cholesterol. Look up this informative guide for cholesterol diet plans that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

Dash Diet The DASH diet aims at reducing elevated blood pressure with dietary modifications. This hypertension diet is not a fixed menu but a guideline towards reducing sodium and fats in the diet.

Detox Diet Take a look at detox diets and how they are said to work on cleansing the body of toxins and allergens. Find out what goes into a typical detox diet.

Diabetic Diet Plan Diabetes diet plans are more about understanding dietary requirements and making suitable adaptations to your lifestyle and diet so as to achieve health goals. Diabetic diets are not the rigid diets that they were once made out to be.

Diet Plateau Diet plateau is a stage when you are neither losing nor gaining weight, not an uncommon occurrence. You can conquer diet plateau. Find tricks to keep the weight scale moving in the right direction for the desired results.

Diverticulitis Diet Look at the benefits of a high fiber diet in keeping diverticulitis at bay.

Fad Diet Fad diets are characterized by extremely low caloric intake and elimination of certain food groups. They are nutritionally skewed and may not help in weight loss in the long run.

Gall Bladder Diet A short yet informative article on gall bladder diet - diet to be followed by those suffering from gall bladder disease or post gall bladder surgery.

Gluten Free Diet A gluten free diet is one that excludes any form of gluten and is followed by persons suffering from Celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Glycemic Index Diet Glycemic index diet is one where food items with low GI are consumed, thereby making it suitable for those suffering from type-2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Hay Diet Check out the principles of Hay diet and understand how it seeks to provide the right food for the body and lets the body heal itself.

Heart Attack Diet Studies prove that a good, balanced and nutritious diet can prevent heart attacks to a large extent. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels within acceptable limits with the heart attack diet.

High Protein Diet Find out why high protein diets are sought after by body builders and those seeking to lose weight. Also check out the nutritional imbalance that high protein diets cause.

Ketogenic Diet A ketogenic diet has been around since around 80 years though there has been a revived interest in the recent years. This high-fat low carbohydrate diet is found to be useful in treating epilepsy.

Liver Cleansing Diet A liver cleansing diet can go a long way in boosting your metabolism and improving overall health. A sluggish liver can lead to weight gain, sluggish feeling, developing allergies, headaches, high blood pressure and other symptoms.

Low Carb Diet Low carb diet primarily ensures minimizing carbohydrate intake. Adopting low carb diet plan involves bidding goodbye to old eating habits. High protein low carb diet can make extra pounds disappear and promote an elegant silhouette.

Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet Low fat low cholesterol diet plans need not be boring and bland. Learn ways to incorporate reduced fat and cholesterol food into your meals to remain healthy.

Low Sodium Diet Learn how you can incorporate a low sodium diet into your lifestyle. Limit the consumption of processed and convenience foods that are high in salt.

Macrobiotic Diet A macrobiotic diet is one that is primarily based on Eastern philosophy of yin and yang. Read more about this concept of harmonizing the diet to achieve holistic approach.

Montignac Diet The Montignac diet aims at changing the way people choose the right food combination rather than limiting what they eat. It encourages eating foods with low Glycemic Index.

Negative Calorie Diet While there are no foods with negative calories, a negative calorie diet seeks to rev up the body metabolic processes. Look up this guide to some foods that form part of the negative calorie diet.

Ornish Diet The Ornish diet plan was conceived for patients suffering from heart disease. Today it is also being followed as a weight loss strategy though its extreme nature makes it difficult to follow over a long period of time.

Raw Food Diet Proponents of raw food diet try to eliminate any form of cooking so as to get the maximum benefits from food. Learn more on how raw food can be suitably included in your daily diet.

Rice Diet The rice diet propagated by the Duke University has shown considerable results in persons suffering from obesity and heart disease. Find out more about the rice diet program.

Sacred Heart Diet Take a look at the Sacred heart diet- one that claims to help you lose weight and yet not suffer pangs of hunger.

Scarsdale Diet Plan The Scarsdale diet is yet another fad diet that is severely calorie restrictive. A two-week diet plan, the Scarsdale diet menu does not allow many items.

Sonoma Diet The Sonoma diet encapsulates the goodness of the Mediterranean diet. The emphasis is on wholesome nutrient-rich food sans too many deprivations.

South Beach Diet Propagated by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, the South Beach diet plan is aimed at shedding off weight and keeping it off. Learn about the three phases of this popular diet plan. Pick up a few South Beach diet recipes.

Vegan Diet Plan Find out how a vegan diet plan offers many an advantage to those following it, either for health, ethical or religious reasons. It need not involve compromise on taste, flavor and aroma.

Zone Diet Plan Understand the underlying principles of the Zone diet plan. Look up some simple recipes that can help you rustle a zone diet meal.

More on Yoga:

Ashtanga Yoga Focus of Ashtanga yoga is on strength as against other yoga forms where the emphasis in on breathing, relaxation and flexibility.

Benefits of Yoga This article outlines the various advantages that yoga asanas offer. It takes a bird's eye view of various disciplines of yoga - hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, tantric yoga and Bikram yoga.

Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is the most widely recognized and practiced form of yoga and is known as a forceful yogic style.

Kundalini Yoga Kundalini yoga goes beyond the physical poses and the strong emphasis is on breathing, meditation and chanting. This type of yoga is therefore only for those who are willing to undergo both mental and physical challenges.

Power Yoga Power Yoga connects the body, mind and spirit at their deepest levels and helps the practitioner with many physical and mental benefits.

Prenatal Yoga Embarking on a regular prenatal yoga regime is a big plus not just for you, the soon-to-be mother, but for your baby-to-be too. In fact, there are specific yoga postures especially ear-marked for pregnant women.

Yoga Therapy Yoga therapy, an ancient Indian practice has significant followers the world over for its holistic benefits. You can develop a fit body in a calm mind that can stand the rigors of modern day stress.

Diet and Fitness

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